Saturday, June 23, 2007


We have such wonderful memories of our cruise to the Baltic. I still remember how I felt when I stepped foot in Russia. All of my growing up years, we learned about our enemy--Russia, and I never dreamed I would ever be in that country. It was so different then I thought it would be. Going to Berlin was another place I never thought I would visit. I must say when we were in Berlin, I felt like I was in an old movie that switched from black and white to color, depending on where you were. I'm not sure why Wyoma wasn't in this picture because I'm taking the picture, but it was nice to have her along with us and have an opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Here we are as we left the port in Southampton. A funny story was as we stood on the deck and watched them load the luggage, someone's luggage went into the water. Sure glad it wasn't any of ours!!!!

When we visited The Hermitage, it was incredible to see all that is there. It is absolutely amazing--I really wanted to sit on this throne, (which was the throne of Peter the Great), but knew they would come and take me away!!! One of the funny things about being here was they wouldn't allow any flash photography and yet there were only kinds of windows and the sun was beating in on some of the artwork???

Peterhof Palace: This was a truly spectacular sight--the fountains and grounds were incredible. I guess they call this the Russain Versailles. I could see why. Personally, I didn't know anything like this existed in Russia.

As a young girl, one of my favorite books was "The Diary of Anne Frank" so it was such an incredible privilege to go to Amsterdam and see where she lived and wrote her diary. What an amazing girl she must have been.

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