Thursday, July 26, 2007


It may seem like there are a lot of pictures of this--but hey, there was a whole lot going on and a lot of people involved.
We went out to Strawberry for the Robison Reunion over the 4th of July 1986. I don't remember where we stayed--I think maybe it was the little hotel in Ely where Heidi had her screaming fit (that was a horrible experience!!!) This was a huge gathering and it was so much fun.

We all met up in Reno and had dinner together out on the patio--gosh, it seems like a lifetime ago. What fun memories. Anyway, we gave Grandpa this pair of pants and jacket for his next cruise. Can't you just see Grandma letting him go to dinner in it--better yet, can you see HIM wearing it????

I absolutely love this picture. We all had t-shirts that said "N J Robison Family". It was so fun to be together. I just wish Heidi and Brent had turned around.

Such a great picture. They are just the best. We have all been so lucky to have them as our examples--could you find any better people to look up to. I remember when we went on the cruise to Alaska in 1989 to celebrate their 50th anniversary. People sent letters about them and WOW are they ever loved and admired!!!

Allan and his dad preparing the chicken--there were others helping, too--obviously. I can't believe how they did everything they did with so many people to feed. The food was fantastic.

Uncle Melvin adding oil to the pan. I know there was some dutch oven cooking going on, but can't find a good picture. I hope dutch oven cooking is not an art that is lost in our family. I know David has tried really hard to keep it going, and I sure hope he can.

I should have Chris and Heidi write about this picture. I'm sure each of them would have something funny to say about the other. I do have to comment on the dress Heidi is wearing--I made her and Brent outfits for the 4th of July. I loved them!!!

Grandma holding Brent who is wearing the little outfit I made for him. What a cutie!!! When he was about a year he was smiling most of the time.

I love this picture--what a life. To just sit there and have someone carry you every where you want to go. I don't know if people even use backpacks like this for babies--they all seem to put them in the packs in the front.

Chris on one of the ATV's. I think he and Heidi would have loved it if they could have taken off and had a ride all over!!!

I wish I had gotten a picture of the two of them side by side. Really don't know why I didn't do that. I'm sure they would have loved to race each other. Can you imagine???

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Neal said...

Wow - I totally remember that trip. I think Jenn was pregnant and Chris had so much fun hanging out with Heidi.