Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I had a group of sisters over today to say goodbye to Glenna who is moving to BC with her family. They have been in the ward longer than we have, but not sure how long in total they have been here. I have taught one of their daughters, Emma, in Young Women, and one of their boys, Brendan, in Seminary. It was a lot of fun having these women over. Glenna even brought her daughter, Katie, who was one of Heidi's friends and is currently living with her husband in Oman. So wonderful to have her relate some of her experiences. We had some good laughs--something we all need, unfortunately, more than we usually get. (When I looked at the picture after I posted it I realized there is now evidence that I put the chips out in their original bags--how tacky!!!)

I fixed Kim's delicious chocolate cake and I had found a wonderful recipe on someone's blog for a berry trifle. It was delicious. I had made the cake as a back-up because I was worried about the trifle not being very good. Some of us had both. I'm so mad at myself. I leave for China in less than 3 months and if I don't get it together I will not fit into anything!!! AND I REFUSE TO GO OUT AND BUY NEW CLOTHES--the trip will be expensive enough.

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