Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finding a New Doctor

Several months ago our doctor retired. When he spoke about retiring he mentioned that the Clinic would probably bring someone new in to replace him. When he had his last day we found out there would not be anyone coming to take his place. They had found a couple of doctors downtown who would take us in. Yikes! I didn't want to go downtown, so I resisted the change. Lot of good it did me--I called around and could not find anyone who is taking new patients. So, I bit the bullet and made an appointment for Kyle and I to go and visit this doctor. The amazing thing was our first appointment was an "interview" to see if he would be willing to take us on as patients. He was nice enough, but both Kyle and I were suprised at the way he dressed. I'm terrible at guessing men's ages and would guess him to be in his late 30's to mid 40's. He came in with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel--no it really wasn't that bad!!! But we both walked out laughing.

We finally had our appointments for our physicals today and both agreed he is a pretty nice guy. I had a fairly decent conversation with him and he has a very good "bedside manner". The older I get I realize what an important part this guy will play in my life in the coming years--so I better like him!!!

I guess I was spoiled having our previous doctor about 5 minutes away. I will dread going downtown in the winter, but who knows maybe I won't get sick and will never have to go when it's snowing. IT CAN HAPPEN.

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heidi said...

This is awesome mom!!! I love reading your 100 things about yourself. We should all take the time to do that--I think we would learn a lot about ourselves. I love ya tons--you are the bestest:)