Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I took my guys to the airport this morning for a 9:15 flight to Montreal. As I got into the car, I thought "O.K. NOW WHAT DO I DO???? Lots of ideas are running through my head. I have an easy life. Kyle is very self-sustaining--other than cooking dinner and doing his laundry there isn't much I do for him. (An occasional ride somewhere, but other than that he rides the bus or bikes). As far as Allan is concerned, goodness knows I am the luckiest woman there is--he is so easy going and has NEVER BEEN DEMANDING. In fact, I can't even imagine... But, just knowing I can do anything and no one will interrupt me is wonderful. I could:

--Go home and go back to bed and stay there as LONG AS I WANT!!!
--Go home and pick up my Harry Potter Book and not put it down until I'm done!!!
--Get out my scrapbooking stuff, rummage through photos all over the bed and scrapbook as
long as I want.
--Cook if I feel like it or just grab toast, cereal, yogurt, whatever.
--Basically, do whatever I want.

I do know that the house will be too quiet--especially now that Bashful is not here. At least when Bashful was alive, if there was a noise I could always tell myself it was him. Now, I can only imagine what the noises might be ; )

One thing is for sure, I will miss these guys!!! I hope they have a wonderful time in Montreal and that poor Allan's back gets better. I wonder what Kyle will do without the piano, keyboard or guitar for 9 days--not to mention his cell phone or iPod!!!

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