Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I had been pretty sick most of the beginning of 1985. Thank goodness Doc Crockett and Priscilla were back from their mission. Richard was great to come and give me B6 shots when I needed them. Finally we went on a trip and headed up to North Star over the 4th of July in 1985. Nancy brought along Lauren W. and Stephen brought Kenny L. It was a great few days. I still remember Bev bringing her Video camera which was huge and she had to carry a pack along--it was like it had a VCR attached. (Can you imagine--how times have changed when you think how small they are today!!!) We're not sure if it was on this trip that Heidi was bitten in the face by some huge flying insect--after that, she would have a fit when any insect came flying hear her face.

I always love being with Grandma over the 4th of July because it means we get to celebrate her birthday--which we did while at NorthStar.

It was so refreshing to go to the pool--here is Heidi wearing her water wings and having her hero help her swim.

Nancy and Lauren at the top of the tram with Heidi. Funny thing, I don't remember Nancy and Lauren riding the tram down, but they must have.

You always have to ride the Alpine Slide down the mountain. Here are Heidi, Aunt Gerry, and Allan waiting (I think) at the top for the slide.

Heidi had a ball riding the slide down the mountain with her dad. Maybe that's where she got the desire to drive so fast--after FLYING down the mountain. Just think, if she'd come down the mountain with me she might not have all the speeding tickets...

All of us in the house that we rented. It was a beautiful home with a loft and it was so fun. I think Heidi's looking at Bev because she had set the timer on her camera and probably ran to her spot for the picture. We had such a great time being together. North Star was one of my favorite places to visit--and I would love to go back someday.

And, shortly after we arrived home, Brent James was born.

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