Saturday, July 28, 2007


After Brent and Allan's birthday we went up to NorthStar for a few days.

Here we all are at the front steps of the house we rented. (I'm assuming that Bev is taking the picture)--although, sorry Bev, I have no pictures of you on this trip. And yet, I'm in a picture. What a shock!!!

Nancy and Wendy took Heidi and Brent to the pool and they had fun. I really can't remember a time we were up at NorthStar that we didn't have good weather!!!

Brent got this little turtle sandbox for his birthday and we took it with us. We managed to plug the hole and fill it with water and he and Heidi had a great time splashing around in it. A great and easy way for them to cool off.

I guess watching Heidi "drive" all those times, Brent figured it was his turn to give it a try. I wanted to tell him not to be in such a hurry to drive--it would come soon enough. And as always, time flew by.

It was fun to celebrate Brent's 1st birthday and Allan's (well, it wasn't his 1st birthday ; ) It was always so fun that they could celebrate their birthdays together.

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