Saturday, July 28, 2007


Doc and Priscilla were going on a river rafting trip down the Rogue River and invited us to go. It sounded like great fun. We would drive up to Grant's Pass and then there were guides that would take us down the Rogue River. Each night we would stop at a lodge and have dinner--family style. It was such an amazing and fun trip. Bev ended up going with us and Dave and Brynn from CV I Ward went with us. We stopped in Grant's Pass and visited some friends. It was great to see Mike and Deanna. I hadn't seem then since I worked with Mike at the seed company.

Here we are before we got ready to get into our boats. Hadn't spent much time around Dave, but he and Brynn were so much fun. It's nice that Allan still keeps in touch with Dave today.

Bev and I on the shore. The weather was perfect and the group was great. We would stop on the shore at noon time for lunch and wow did the food taste great.

It was great to just get on a tube and float on the river. I loved the whitewater spots, too, We have a few pictures of that, but they're not the greatest. I would love to go back and do this trip again with the kids. I think all of them would love it.

If there was a hoop to be found, Allan would have found it. I must admit, I am surprised he and Richard weren't out there playing ball together.

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