Saturday, July 14, 2007


We took Nancy, Neal and Stephen down to Southern California for a family vacation before Neal left for BYU. (Wendy had already moved to her mother's in Indiana) It was a memorable trip--just ask Nancy about having her suitcase with her clothes stolen from the trunk of our car while we were in Universal Studios!!! The most amazing thing about this trip--I only used 1 roll of film!!! We were there several days--normally I take about 25 pictures at least at each place we visit. Goodness, how did that ever happen?

First stop on our whirlwind trip was Universal where we saw the Knight Rider car--Kit. I guess the kids were REALLY IMPRESSED!!! Still am not sure what Stephen has in his mouth?

And all this time I thought it was "Happiest Place on Earth". Sure doesn't look like it here??? We all really did have a great time--at least I did!!!

Stephen convinced Dad and Nancy to ride The Colossus:
"We're talking serious size. Spanning over 10 acres, Colossus is 1,608 feet from end to end. There are 14 hills, two gut-wrenching drops of more than 100 feet each, and a climactic triple jump. It's a colossal blast." I should have taken a picture of Allan AFTER the ride. Compared to roller coasters today, it is probably fairly mild to moderate as opposed to thrilling!!!

Honestly, I think this is Disneyland, but it could very well be Magic Mountain. Unfortunately, my memory isn't very good. Daphne's the one who could probably tell you exactly where the picture was taken--if it is Disneyland!!!! However, if you notice Stephen and Nancy have the same things on as they did on roller coaster, you could only assume...

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