Friday, July 13, 2007


While Allan and I were dating we went up to Herrington's over Labor Day--sometime ask him about when he went back to his room and David and Stephen were asleep in the bed and left him the cot--which collapsed when he got in it!!! It truly is a fun place to go, and I'm so glad that everyone in the family has been there (except Garrett--but if I know his mom and dad, they'll take him there one day!!!)

It's always a tradition to have a cookout when we're up at Herrington's. Here Grandma and Grandpa are cooking--can't see what it is, but I can only imagine it's steak, fried potatoes, and probably scones and maybe even corn on the cob!!! Yum.

I think the picture says it all. Not very many people could do that without ending up in the water--I know I couldn't!!!

Stephen enjoyed fishing in the pond. Honestly can't remember whether they cooked the fish for him to eat.

I tried to adjust the lightness of this picture because it was so dark. It's amazing how much our family has grown in 25 years.

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