Monday, July 30, 2007


There were lots of mini trips in 1987--which was the year we left Castro Valley and moved to Laguna Niguel. My first BIG MOVE. (Little did I know that would be the beginning of many more!!!)

Allan had actually started working in So. California, so he was living in an apartment in Downey and every weekend would make that LONG drive back home. Over Presidents weekend, Stephen, Heidi, Brent, and I drove to Los Angeles so we could see Allan and I could do a little looking for a house. And, as we were going over the Grapevine, there was a snowstorm. They were actually escorting cars over. And I had ZERO experience in driving in the snow. Thank goodness Stephen knew how to drive in it. He took over and away we went. First stop (well, second stop) was Disneyland.

Not sure if this was the first character Brent met, but when you consider how much he loved watching Pinocchio, I wouldn't be surprised.

Stephen was such a good big brother. He was willing to ride the Alice in Wonderland ride--I really don't know what it was called.

Not sure if it's Chip or if it's Dale, but the kids sure enjoyed seeing him.

Brent was not a fan of Peter Pan, so I don't know why he was excited to see Mr. Smee, but I think he was fascinated with him. I'm sure it was he just didn't see people like him walking around everyday!!!!

Heidi was quite happy to meet Pinocchio and especially to get a hug from him.

Whenever I think of this trip to Reno, I am reminded about the stop at Burger King--I highly doubt if Chris will ever forget. I don't think he actually remembers it, I think he has just heard the story so many times about Heidi and the Burger Bundles!!!

Heidi was quite excited with her basket--especially that the Easter bunny had managed to find her all the way up in Reno!!!!

I love this picture of Chris "enjoying???" his candy.

What a cute group of kids!!! I wish you could see Brent's little tie--it had a green dinosaur on it. We all couldn't get over Amanda's Easter bonnet!!!


At Christmas, Nancy and Evan came out to spend the holidays with us. It was so fun to have them there. That little Evan was such a cutie. Neal, Jen, Chris and Amanda came down for New Years and brought Daphne with them. We went to Disneyland on New Years Eve and then on New Years Day we went to the beach. (Now, living here in Winnipeg, the idea of going to the Beach on New Years Day seems absolutely impossible!!!)

When I figure out how to add video to my blog, I will include the little segment of these two dancing here in Orleans Square. Oh my--who could possibly forget Chris doing his Frankenstein dance!!!

Evan was so increidbly darling in this little hoodie. I can't help but think of Nancy doing the whole dialogue from "Throw Momma From the Train"--which I also have on video!!!

Daphne rescuing Brent from Goofy. Not sure how he ended up there on his own???

Part of the group as we were getting ready to leave The Magic Kingdom. This is where we stood when Nancy did her infamous dialogue--I don't think I stopped laughing. Still as I sit here and type, I laugh all over again!!!

A great way to start 1988--a day at the beach. It was a beautiful day--not incredibly warm, but it was bright and sunny and everyone had a great time being together--especially the kids!!!

The littlest ones enjoy the sunshine. I was glad Evan kept his pacifier in his mouth because there is nothing worse then when they fall in the sand!!!

Stephen and Daphne relax on the beach. What amazes me about all these pictures, is that we're all in tennis shoes and socks--I guess these were the days before flip-flops!!!

It ALMOST looks like Neal is going to push Nancy down, but THAT CAN'T BE??? I'd have to blow the picture up and see if there was a little gleam in his eye!!!

It was wonderful to have New Years Day dinner together. I LOVED having everyone in our home. Of course, I loved my Laguna Niguel home--it's right up there with my Charlotte home as one of my favorites. Then again, most people don't have a bunch of homes that they've lived in. Living here in Winnipeg has been tough--I want to keep moving the furniture around so the place doesn't get boring!!!

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