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1988 Trips

1988 was an interesting year. In the fall of 1987 we made several trips to the Bay Area to attend Stephen's football games; and in the spring of 1988 we made a few trips to attend track meets. Of course, the Meet of Champs at the Unversity of California at Berkeley will always stand out. Wendy, Nancy and Evan came out to visit--which meant a trip to Disneyland. We also had a family reunion at Mammoth which was tons of fun, as well as a couple of other trips. I wonder how much time we spent at home--as you look at these pictures, you would think we were away every weekend.

In February we were up in the Bay Area and took the kids to Knowland Zoo. I used to love going to the zoo--as long as it wasn't not too warm and the smell isn't too strong. Knowland was fun because it had animals, rides, and things for the kids to do. I used to take Stephen there when he was little.

Stephen and Daphne help Heidi across the water while Neal is ready to save them in case anyone goes into the water. He didn't need to use his lifesaving skills this time.

Chris found a friend--like I said that was one of the things I loved about this zoo, they had a great petting zoo and the kids were right there with the animals. Of course, all of them had to watch out for the goats.

It's funny I never realized how much taller Chris was than his Aunt Heidi--of course, that is so true today.

One of the rides at the zoo--brent had a great time "driving" the car.

Amanda was such a quiet little thing.

Here's a shot of everyone. As I looked at the pictures I wondered where Allan was and then I figured out he had to be there because he had to be the one taking the picture.


Neal and Jen brought Chris and Amanda down for a visit. The kids always had such a great time together. I wish I could put the video of Heidi and Chris competing over pushing the stroller. It is hysterical. They are fighting over which stroller gets to be "ahead" of the other one--WE ARE TALKING INCHES AHEAD!!!!

We had a ball at the San Diego Zoo. The kids all got matching sweatshirts.

When we lived in Laguna Niguel we spent a lot of time at the beach--still don't think I could ever have a sandwich without some sand in it!!! The kids loved the water and I loved being by the ocean.

There was a great park not to far from the house, so we would go there in the late afternoon. The kids loved to run around at the park which had a pretty good play structure.

The kids and grandkids knew they had silly grandparents who had no problem with public displays of affection!!!!


The kids took off and went to Disneyland and Brent and I stayed home. I knew that Heidi would have a ball with them--she and Nancy always had so much fun when Heidi was growing up. We never knew where we'd find Heidi--in a box, in the hamper, in a cupboard--figure there had to have been a time Nancy put her somewhere with a toy shark--otherwise, how can we explain the whole Jaws problem!!!

My gosh she is gorgeous!!! I'm always a chicken when I'm somewhere to put on a hat--I'm afraid someone will yell at me for doing something wrong!!!

What a cutie. Heidi loved Mickey and Minnie--I don't think we ever bought her one of those hats!

The lovely Wendy loved being with her little Evan, and he certainly loved and still loves his Aunt Wendy.

Here the gang is with Donald.


Of course, a new grandson, meant a trip to the Bay Area to see the new addition, so we all piled into the van and made the trip to the Bay Area. While we there we also had a family picture taken--don't worry, Daph, I will not post it here. (Daphne was released from the hospital after having a C-section and was quite puffy. Being the kind mother-in-law that I am, we had our family picture taken that evening and we put poor Daph in the front. It was pure torture for her to know that picture was on the wall in my house for a year until we had the next one taken!!!)
This is another one of those "my favorite pictures"!!! Such cute little men. Like I've said before--I'd love to go and have these three guys do this photo again today.


If I can ever figure out how to post the clip "I'm not jumping on the bed, I was just kidding!!!", I will put it up for all to enjoy.

Eating cake out on the deck.

Looks like the kids went out for a hike and maybe they stopped for a break, although it looks like Amanda is ready to get up and go!!!

Brent must have needed a break while on the hike so his dad put him on his shoulders. He did enjoy being up on his dad's shoulders--I don't ever remember him being afraid, he obviously trust his dad!!!

We all had our Smiser overalls--and all the little kids had their osh-kosh ones. I can't remember how many pictures we took before everyone was looking in the right direction. Unfortunately, we took this before Stephen, Daphne and Jason arrived--and I don't think anyone was up to trying again.

We celebrated Grandma and Daphne's birthdays.


I always loved this little outfit on Brent. It was a gift from Grandma and Grandp, and his Aunt Bebee just wants to make sure it fits him.

We made another trip to Disneyland in October when Stephen, Daphne, Jason, and Kevin came down to celebrate Heidi's birthday. That's when we became aware of Daphne's artistic talents when she took a dinosaur pinata and transformed it into a "My Little Pony" pinata. Such talent!!!

Brent driving the boat in Disneyland.

This has always been one picture of the two of them that I absolutely love--you can almost hear Brent giggling.


We drove up to Reno to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Besides seeing everyone, one of the highlights was eating Grandma's rolls--particularly the orange rolls. I guess in reality it's a good thing I don't live near her--I'm afraid I'd be as big as a house because when it comes to them I have no self-control.

On our way to Reno we stopped at Grandpa Les's. It was wonderful to see him. I always loved how he was with little children--so patient, loving and kind. What a great man.

I can't even imagine kids playing with sewing cards anymore. I always loved those--I don't even know if kids really color in color books--WOW DO I EVER SOUND LIKE AN OLD LADY. If I'm not mistaken, Chris, those ARE My Little Pony cards!!!

Allan always loved to see if he could do this with the kids--and amazingly enough all of them were pretty willing participants.

Could there be anything better than having a good snuggle with your Grandma.

I've looked all over and can't find pictures of Neal and the kids out in the snow, but maybe that's where Stephen and Heidi are throwing the snowsballs--at them ; )

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