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1989 TRIPS

1989 brought some new adventures--In July we made our big move across the United States. This California girl never thought she'd be an East Coast girl, but when Allan took a job in Charlotte, NC, we made the move. I had experienced lots of earthquakes, but never thought I'd find myself going through a hurricane. I still remember when we knew it was coming and saying something to my Visiting Teaching companion, and she commented, "Oh, we don't have a thing to worry about. We're too far inland!!!" Right! And, of course, the East Coast meant a trip to Disneyworld!!!

In February we went to the Bay Area to celebrate my anniversary with my sisters of going to live with Helen and Les. Bonus, we got to visit the kids. We made a trip to Berkeley to the Lawrence Hall of Science where they had a dinosaur exhibit. (Of course, by now I have gotten over my fear of dinosaurs!!!!)

Maybe they had no idea what they were seeing??? Anyway, I really think they were more interested than it looks in this picture. We all know grade 1 or 2 always includes the study of dinosaurs, so they will learn soon enough.

Chris let his Uncle Brent borrow the dinosaur raincoat and Brent loved it!!!

In March, the kids came down for a visit and, of course, where did we go--Disneyland.
Heidi and I rode Dumbo.

Each of the kids took a turn trying to pull the sword from the stone while Grandpa and Grandma cheered them on.

Chris, Amanda and Jen on the merry-go-round as well. That was such a fun trip.

You have to look close to see that Allan and Brent are on the merry-go-round with Heidi and me.

Evan and Nancy came to visit--and, of course, we celebrated his birthday. Bev and Homer were also there, so we all celebrated together. Such great fun.

We made a trip down to the San Diego Zoo and Bev, Nancy, Heidi, Brent, and Evan rode the elephant.

Had to have an ice cream break--sure looks good.

Unfortunately, I lost a baby in the late Spring right before Wendy's high school graduation. We needed to get out to Charlotte to look for a house so the company where Allan was going to work flew us out via private plane to go to Charlotte, via Washington, D.C. and Indiana.

Oops! I guess you need the magnifying glass to see the Washington Monument way, way, way off in the distance. I had never been to Washington D.C. before, so this was a great trip for me. I got to see The White House--from the outside!!! Also, we went to Arlington National Cemetery which was so moving. What a great trip.

Allan took me around to where he had served his mission--no, not at Churchill Downs, but he did serve in Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia--and also parts of Indiana. I loved watching him talk about his mission--and still love to hear him talk about it today.

We were excited to be there when Wendy graduated from high school. Of course, little did we know we would also have the opportunity to see our future son-in-law graduate as well.

We also spent a lot of time in Charlotte looking for houses, and we ended up buying The Money Pit. The saddest part of all is that I LOVED THAT HOUSE. It may have been such a pain, but we learned some valuable lessons living in Charlotte--lessons perhaps we couldn't have learned in any other way!!!

See, it is such a beautiful home--too bad the guy that built it didn't do a better job. Also, too bad we didn't understand the laws in North Carolina. Like, I said...great learning experience, hopefully never to be repeated.

Before we headed out for our first Alaskan cruise, we went up to the Bay Area for Daphne's high school graduation. We were so proud of her. She is absolutely gorgeous--and I don't think she looks very different 18 years later.

While we were up in the Bay Area we made a trip out to Manteca to go to Oakwood Lake. Such a fun place. The kids had a ball. When we went back to Laguna Niguel we took Nancy, Danny and Evan to Sea World. It was our first time there and we all had a ball. (Nancy had come out to take care of the kids while we went on the cruise to Alaska)

I don't think you'll find many pictures of Evan without a smile on his face. He had a lot of fun digging in the sand!!!

Jason, Stephen and Brent enjoying the sunshine.

Nancy could always make all of us laugh. Of course, one of our favorites was when Evan was really little and she would have him make his "cheeseburger" face!!!

Why in the world do we have Heidi in a stroller???? Can't figure out what is up with that--anyway, they were cute strollers.

After Alaska and before we made the big move to North Carolina, we all went to North Star for one last trip. It was great to have all the little kids there--I think they had a great time.

Nancy helps Evan in the pool. He really loved the little Mickey Mouse floatie.

Daphne helps baby Jason in the water--he's just a year old.

Everyone enjoying the beautiful pool. It was crowded, but because we always went on during a holiday period, what do you expect???

Out on the deck. Could there be a prettier setting. I think Grandma and Grandpa even came up for a day while we were there. (But, no picture!!!)

In the condo at Northstar, Jason is making friends with his Aunt Heidi.


in the year we were there, we had quite a few visitors, so it was great fun. I think our first visitors were Nancy and Evan. We really hadn't scoped out enough to know where to take them. Heck, it was such an adjustment and I had never made such a big move before. While they were there, Brent got bit on the head by a huge horsefly, hornet or something. Nancy and I were screaming and trying to get the thing off his head.

We tried to make a joke out of it later, by giving Brent a little Charlotte Hornet. Fortunately, he didn't seem to have any major issues after that.

In September Hurricane Hugo hit. EVERYONE told us Charlotte is too far inland the hurricane will never reach, so we went to bed (after watching the news) thinking all was well and we were safe and sound. During the night we could hear wind, and heavy rain, and then we thought we heard water in the house. When the power went out, we got flashlights and looked and could see we did have water coming in. Around 6:00 a.m. Heidi was all concerned about not getting out to catch her bus for school (the bus came a little before 7:00 a.m. We assured her there would be NO SCHOOl!!! We couldn't believe all the trees that were down. When Allan opened the front door to show Heidi what was going on a tree fell smack dab near the front entry. We are VERY lucky it didn't hit the house or go through the huge window in the living room or dining room. I think we lost something like 14 trees in our backyard and part of our roof. But, we were VERY LUCKY. Thank goodness for food storage and being prepared because the lines at the stores were incredible. NOTE: NEVER buy a generator during the clean-up stages of an emergency (or a chain-saw).

One of my favorite stories during this time, is Allan going to work that morning--or should I say TRYING to go to work. Trees were down, as well as power lines, everywhere. He didn't get very far until he had to turn around and come home. We were 5 days without power--which for us meant no water (since we were on a pump). What a learning experience.

Brent helps his daddy with the clean up after the hurricane.

We went out to California to attend my 20 year high school reunion--it was o.k., but everyone changed so much. I found I really didn't have a lot in common with many of them. I'm still glad I went, but I don't think I really need to go to my 30th!!!
As always that gave us an opportunity to see family.

Here's my family at Les's house. I am so glad we have this picture and sure wish we had done another one before Les passed away.

Allan managed to find time to go over and play a quick game with Stephen and some of his friends. Here he demonstrates his famous hook shot.

Stephen demonstrates to his dad that he hasn't lost any of his skills while his dad has been gone!!!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and Allan and Heidi took them to Asheville. (I was sick with some sort of flu, so Brent and I stayed home. How do I remember that--because I don't like to miss anything, and I was so disappointed!)

This is where they stayed in Asheville. They had a chance to see the fall colors and, of course, the Biltmore Estate. And, I never got there!!! Maybe another trip.

That's about the biggest fireplace I've ever seen!!!

No more DisneyLAND, but living on the East Coast meant a trip to DisneyWORLD. Allan had some business in the Southeast so we drove down there and then he flew out to do his business and met us and we all went to Disneyworld. What a great place. I will never forget how we lost Brent for a little while--somehow we turned around and he was gone. What a frightening experience.

It was an interesting place to visit. You ride a boat to the park and that was such fun for the kids.

Heidi was thrilled to meet Minnie and have her picture taken with her.

And while we were in Disneyworld, little Joshua Lee Allan was born.

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