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I really hate to title this "1991 Trips" because it was a fairly quiet year.

In April, Kyle Richard was born.

This will discourage anyone from having a baby at 40 because this is what it looks like 10 minutes after delivery at age 40!!! I was exhausted, (he did weigh 9 lbs. 3 oz.!!!) but I sure bounced back. This is Saturday morning around 2:30, and Kyle and I were in Church the next day for his blessing. I always feel soooooooooooo much better after I deliver.

Kyle with his very proud papa. We struggled coming up with the name--don't ask me why we weren't ready, it's not like we didn't have 9 months to prepare!!! Of course, I'll always remember when Richard delivered Brent and Allan wanted to do the stitches! Thank goodness Richard didn't let him! With Kyle I didn't have a thing to worry about--Allan wasn't basketball buddies with my doctor.

Kyle was actually due on April 6th, but wasn't born until April 13th. Bev and Grandma and Grandpa flew in on Saturday afternoon. I was glad they hadn't flown out for nothing. When I got the o.k. to be discharged on Sunday morning and went home to get ready for Church, we were all shocked--Allan's dad was dressed and ready to go to Church. No one said a word, we all just got in the car, like this was a typical thing--he hadn't been to Church for about 13 years--since Wendy's baptism in 1978.

It was so great that Bev, Grandma and Grandpa made the trip for the blessing--I have more video of this event than I have photographs.

I was so glad that Nancy, Danny, Evan and Josh came up. We even had an un-birthday for all the kids and they loved it--too bad the whole celebration is only on video.

I was so glad that Linda made it out for the blessing. Both she and Bev were a great help in the beginning of the pregnancy. We were so appreciative of all they did!!!

After the kids got out of school we took a trip to Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, and to West Edmonton Mall. It was a great trip. I was a little worried about having a little guy on the plane, but taking him at that age was a breeze!!!

When we flew into Calgary we drove to Cardston, and they had an open house before the re-dedication of the temple. We were thrilled that the kids could go through. Little did we know that some 5 years later it would be our temple--until Regina was built.

We took the little tram up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. (Allan actually hiked up to the top earlier, in fact, so early that the tram was not even running to bring him back down the mountain.) That's what he gets for getting up so early.

I wish I could remember the hotel we stayed at in Jasper. It was beautiful. I wouldn't mind taking another trip to Western Canada--of course, being able to see the mountains would be wonderful. The kids enjoyed the pool.

And all this time we've wondered where Heidi's fear of sharks came from--could it be this easy??? (Actually, I think it's a whale, but who knows...I don't think we left her in there, or that his mouth shut, or anything else. I loved the rollercoaster at the Mall. Such a fun place.

This was taken after we got home from our trip, and I often wonder if Kyle is thinking, "OH MY!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET SENT TO THIS FAMILY???

In late July Richard, Priscilla and David came to visit--we picked them up in Rochester. We took a trip to Niagara Falls--by the way, the Canadian side is much prettier than the American side!!! If only Richard had come a few months earlier he could have delivered Kyle Richard.

Neal came up to visit. The kids always have a good time whenever he comes to visit.

In August, Allan had some meetings in Ottawa so we drove there so the kids could see the capital of Canada. (After all, now we had a real Canadian!!!) The fun thing was we were able to celebrate Allan and Brent's birthdays there.

We drove out to Montreal to meet Allan's folks and Bev, Homer, and Gerry who had taken a cruise to see the fall colors. We had a chance to spend some time with them and were hoping they would come back to Winnipeg for Heidi's baptism, but they couldn't.

In October we went out to California, and for the life of me I can't remember why. I was thinking it was Chris's baptism, but that wasn't until the next year. All I know is this was the horrible flight where Kyle screamed and screamed. There was a man on the plane who kept glaring at me, and I think if he could have, he would have pushed us off the plane.

Here is Kyle with his dad up on the grounds of the Oakland Temple. I still think the view from there is one of the prettiest.

Neal, Chris, and Amanda also went up to the temple grounds. We enjoyed it every time we got together with these guys.

Pat, Priscilla, and I have been such good friends through the years. They are the type of friends that when you get together it's like you've never been apart. Besides that, they are both so incredibly wise!!!

We stayed with Priscilla and Richard--everyone came over for lunch. It was so nice to gather around the table together.

Daphne, Jason, and Kiah came up to Brampton to spend some three weeks with us before Stephen drove up and they moved to Columbia, Missouri. I had such a ball with them. They came right after Halloween and stayed until after Thanksgiving.

The kids had a great time outside in the snow. I have video of Stephen shoveling the driveway and giving Jason a ride on the shovel--it is so fun to watch. They grow up so fast.

This so reminded me of finding Heidi in the strangest places when she was little--boxes, the hampers, the cupboard, etc. (Of course, most of the time Nancy put her there!!!)

Just like Heidi and Chris, Kyle and Kiah are just 6 months apart. And, like Heidi and Chris they will graduate from high school a year apart. (In fact, Miss Kiah will graduate this June.) She looks just like her daddy who looks just like his mom!

The day that Stephen, Daphne, and the kids left Brampton to go to Missouri was sad, yet at the same time exciting. They were going to Columbia for Stephen to go to school and a new adventure was beginning for them.

Linda, Lincoln and Audrey came up to visit us for Christmas. It was great to have them there for a couple of days.

Neal, Chris and Amanda came up after Christmas to spend a few days with us. I wish I could remember everything we did--I know we took them to the Science Museum (maybe that's where Amanda developed her love for Science--when she's published maybe she can dedicate her paper to us???), and they all went to Disney on Ice or Peter Pan on Ice.

The goofy kids enjoy a soda at McDonalds!!!

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