Thursday, August 23, 2007

1993 Trips

Another great year. We knew life would change because we would no longer be in Brampton, but we didn't know where we would be moving. It was so wonderful that Allan had the opportunity to serve as Bishop for 2 1/2 years--when he was called we knew his job was ending, but obviously the Lord knew we'd be there for awhile. We made some great friends in Brampton, and we still keep in touch with many of them today.

In March the kids and I made a trip out to Missouri to visit. We knew we wouldn't be in Toronto very long so we wanted to take advantage of being close enough to drive since we didn't know where we'd be going next. I think Kyle and Kiah are making the exact same face.

At the end of March we attended the CTA Meeting in Arizona. (So funny when you look back now and realize that some 12 years later Brent would serve a mission there. We always loved going to Arizona. (Glad we go to the CTA every year) Not sure what hotel we stayed at that year, but these are the grounds.

On this trip we caught a plane over to San Diego so we could go to the San Diego temple open house--it would have been our temple if we had stayed in Laguna Niguel. What a great experience and what an incredibly beautiful temple.

Aunt Gerry came out to visit in April. She loved the grounds of the Toronto temple--they are beautiful. We had a lot of fun having her visit. We took her to Niagara Falls and to Palmyra. We drove by the Martin Harris home which is not available for tours.

I have to say again for anyone who has never been to the falls that the Canadian side is far more beautiful that the American side.

In July we flew down to Utah for another family reunion. Unfortunately all of our children couldn't make it--we brought Heidi, Brent, and Kyle, and Neal brought Chris and Amanda. This is another one of those famous plane rides. Kyle was kicking the seat of the person in front of him and we kept trying to get him to stop!!! (I was reminded of it the other day when the child behind me was doing the same thing--I felt for the exasperated parents, so I never turned around.)

I believe we were there over the 4th of July and so there was a parade.

We can never make a trip to Utah without going to BYU. I think one day we should go back and re-enact this--of course.

We love Los Hermanos. Of course, when we go today we always go to the one on Center Street as opposed to the one in Lindon--much better.

Whenever these guys get together you don't have to tell them to be silly, it's just part of the program.

We always visit Temple Square.

On our way to Missouri, we stopped by to visit Nancy, Wendy and the boys. As always, where did we eat--where else--Waffle House.

Went to Missouri in August--knew that we would be moving and assumed it would be somewhere where we were not in driving distance to Columbia anymore so we had to take advantage of this opportunity to be so close.

Because we were there for Brent's birthday, Stephen and Daphne decided to throw him a surprise party. It was so cute and he was so happy and excited.

In September I flew out to Dallas to meet my sisters for my niece, Denise's wedding. It's the first time in years that my sisters and I were all together for a few days. Also first time I had ever rented a car at the Dallas airport (on my own), and I HOPE THE LAST! Les drove the motorhome down. I remember when he brought out the Reese's Peanut Butter cups and was so excited to share them with me--and when I bit into them I swear they were left from Halloween when I was a teenager ; (

The movers came and packed up everything and we headed out of town in our trusty van and made the drive across the U.S. We stopped in Indiana to visit the kids. We got a huge room at the Holiday Inn and it was so fun to have the kids come and stay.

It was obviously Christmas time and Nancy had the boys dressed like little elves. They were so adorable.

Evan and Josh enjoyed the pool.

Wendy and Tony enjoy another great meal at the Waffle House--Stephen's favorite place to go!!!

After we left Indiana, we decided to go to Nauvoo. Unfortunately, I could feel something was wrong with one of my teeth. By the time we found a dentist, it had become abscessed and though they tried to do a root canal they couldn't get to the root, so I had to have the tooth removed. (I'm happy to report it wasn't the front tooth!!!

Next stop Columbia. While we were there Kiah wasn't feeling really great. When we got home we found out she had the chicken pox, so two weeks later so did Kyle. (We were quite happy because it never became an issue when he was in school!!!)

Jason and Brent had a great time with the wax lips.

Before we headed off to California (via Denver where Kyle hit the corner of that table at the Ramada and Allan had to take him via taxi to the emergency room to get stitches!!!) we stopped at McDonalds for some lunch.

We were so lucky when we arrived in Reno. Bev and Grandma had done so much work already--the house was decorated for Christmas (family is great!!!)

This is one of my favorite pictures with these guys. We met up at Boreal and had such a great time sledding together.

It had been a long time since we had been to Hayward for a Casper's Hot Dog. They tasted as good as ever.

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