Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Meme and More

I'm embarrassed to say I saw this on someone's blog and don't remember where, so I can't post a link:

1. where is your cell phone? on the nightstand
2. your boyfriend/girlfriend? he's my husband
3. where is your mother? no longer alive
4. where is your father? no longer alive
5. your favorite thing to do? be with family
6. your dream last night? do not remember
7. your dream car? blue Mercedes convertible
8. the room you're in? in my office
9. who did you hang out with last night? husband and friends
10. your fears? tight closed places
11. what aren't you good at? singing, writing, drawing
12. muffins? apple cinnamon muffins
13. one of your wish list items? be with grandkids
14. the last thing you did? ate my breakfast
15. your computer? love my mac
16. your pet? hamster Bashful died
17. you are wearing? light blue bathrobe
18. your life? it is wonderful
19. your mood? anticipating great day
20. missing? all my kids
21. your car? dark green van
22. what are you thinking about now? kids in disneyland
23. your work? is never done
24. your summer? is almost over
25. your relationship status? blissfully happy wife
26. your favorite color(s)? red, dark blue
27. when is the last time you cried? I cried yesterday
28. when was the last time you laughed? few minutes ago
29. school? long, long ago
30. favorite 90's group? am not sure

No tagging for me, if you want to do it, please do and have fun.

BY THE WAY--today will be my fourth day of exercising. Yippee!!! Appreciate the encouragement. Thanks, Nancy.

ALSO, the kids are having an incredible time in Disneyland. They called yesterday as they were getting ready to get on the shuttle. They were going to spend the morning at Disneyland and then head over to California Adventure (I'm jealous because I've never been there, and I know Stephen, Daphne and the kids love it). Jacquie wanted to ride the roller coaster. Heidi and the boys did not want to--HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE MY CHILDREN??? I used every tactic I could think of (including bribery) to get them to ride it. I'm ashamed to say I even offered to pay Kyle if he rode it and didn't like it--I was so sure he would love it. (Hence, my problem of thinking I know what's best for everyone--that's another post at another time ; ) Of course, he told me he would just say he hated it, and I suggested he look at the scripture that says, "Wo unto the liar for he shall be thrust down to he**. Later Heidi called to say they had just gotten off the ride and they all loved it. In fact, when she called later that night, the boys had been on the rollercoaster several times.

I am so glad they are having a great time. As difficult as it was for me not to go with them (not just so I could ride the roller coaster), I'm so glad they are having this time together. Allan says he always remembers the great time he had with his sister, Gerry, when they would travel alone from Reno to San Francisco. Those kinds of memories last forever!!!


Amber said...

Sounds like the kids are having a blast! And Winnepeg, eh? My dad is from Dauphin. Well, actually originally Fork River. Gotta watch out for your kind. :-)

Nancy Face said...

My dream car? A bright red Mustang or shallow of me, haha! :D

Yay for your fourth day! You go girl! :)

California Adventure is great fun, but our family still likes Disneyland best. It's more...magical! :)

I have to close my eyes on the California Screamin' rollercoaster...I'm a big chicken, haha! :D