Friday, August 24, 2007

Being a Grandma

Nancyface had commented on one of my posts that she was looking forward to being a grandma and I thought about how much I love it. It is difficult when your grandchildren live so far away and you don't get to see them as often as you would like, but I certainly do have great memories of wonderful times with them. We've taken some great trips together, had some wonderful celebrations (reunions, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and I hesitate to say it but even the funerals for Allan's dad and my Les were great opportunity to celebrate their lives). Although I complain about not getting together as often as I would like, we have been blessed to be able to get together quite a bit.

I know everyone jokes about the greatest part of being a Grandma is that you get to send them home with their parents. When I'm with mine I wish I didn't have to send them back. I have varying ages and each of them has their own unique qualities and gifts. I appreciate so much their parents and the efforts they put forth in raising them.

I love that we can laugh together. This past June my granddaughter, Amanda, made a presentation at the Space Science Physics Conference. On our family website her dad posted this picture of Amanda and my grandson, Chris, holding up the poster she used at her presentation.

The next day I wrote them an e-mail and told them I had a dream the night before and I saw them holding a poster of something else. I love what you can do when you cut and paste--too bad I wasn't better with photoshop!!! I would rather the picture was not quite so close.

At the risk of anyone thinking I am showing favoritism (since some of them do check out the blog), let me put up pics of the rest:This is G-man who was born in April

Here are Jason, Kiah, Brandon, Hannah and Drew

This is Evan, Grandpa and Josh

I love being a mother and stepmother (I hate the term but have to use it) Being a grandmother is amazing. You watch your children grow with their children and you sit in awe of them. I feel so bad that my mom never experienced it and perhaps that's why I cherish it so much. (She never saw any of her children marry--her oldest was 18 when she died and her youngest was 9) I never had a grandmother myself and am so grateful my children have Allan's mom who at 89 is truly incredible. I think it's fabulous that my grandchildren have this woman as their great-grandmother. We loved it last year when at our family reunion (when she was 88) she went out to show her children and grandchildren, and her great grandchildren how to bat. She is so incredible.

We are truly blessed.

By the way, I MADE IT ANOTHER DAY!!! Even managed to turn it up a notch--I'm sore but happy. It's a good thing I'm doing this because I looked at the stuff for our trip in the fall, and if I don't get in shape, I am going to have one heck of a time doing all the walking and I think Allan would have a hard time carrying me ; )


Lauren said...

I loved this post! I am so impressed with your granddaughter and her awesome presentation poster! Is she wanting to do something related with Space for her career?

Nancy Face said...

I loved reading all about your grandchildren, and the pictures are great! Your mother in-law sounds like an amazing lady! :)

I am so sorry your mom passed away so makes me sad for you and for her. I'm sure she's watching from Heaven, all proud of you and your family! :)

anrobi said...

Hi everyone,

This is Amanda! I am not exactly sure what I want to do for a career, but yes, something along the lines of research in the space physics field. But I'm thinking about attending grad school next year, so we'll see how it goes!

Yvonne said...

Amanda, I'm so glad you answered Lauren's question.
Thanks. Love, Grandma

Yvonne said...

Lauren: I'm glad Amanda answered your question. I enjoy your blog so much--you have such a great insight and I'm amazed that you are only 19.

Nancy face: Thanks. I love talking about my grandchildren--and yes, my mother-in-law is wonderful. She raised a pretty terrific son, too.

The thing about my parents dying so young made all of my sisters and me a little funny about growing old. They both died before they turned 50, and we were not members of the Church, so we thought when you turned 25 your life was half over!!! I think of how much living I still have to do.