Friday, August 17, 2007

The Kids Vacation

I will keep my cell phone with me at all times today since the kids are on the road. They got on the road about 6:00 a.m. I was relieved when I received the text message around 7:45 saying they made it across the border. After Heidi's lovely experience on Wednesday, we were hoping she wouldn't have any more difficulty.

It should be a fun trip for them. It has been a long time since they have been to Disneyland. I know Kyle is more excited about going to the skateboard store in So. California that he and his friends order from all the time. Brent has instructions to be the photographer, and I told them a picture with each of them with any of the characters would be fine. (I had to laugh when Kyle said he didn't want a picture taken with Dumbo, and I reassured him that I have yet to see Dumbo walking around the park!!!)

Kyle has about 5 more hours of driving to complete before he takes his driving test the end of the month. (Here in Canada they have to complete 24 hours of driving with a learners permit before they can get their license.) I'm sure he's done at least 24 hours already, but I did a lousy job of keeping track. The hard part will be having Heidi stay awake while he drives--since he can only drive with someone who has had their license for 3 years--Brent has had his for a little over 2 1/2 years.

I'm glad Allan and I have a busy weekend because I will really miss those guys--as we all sat eating dinner last night, it was so fun. I would have been happy to just sit there for hours and listen and soak it all in. It felt like it had been ages since we have all sat at the dinner table together. I guess it has--the last time was probably January 2005, when Heidi got ready to go back to BYU and Brent left for his mission.

By the way, I came across a post on Kristi's blog, and decided to check out the rating on my blog. Now I can make it through the day knowing that my blog is rated G.


Kristi said...

I'm glad someone is G-rated! :) Man, I wish I was--I need to work on it. Cute blog, by the way! And cute picture of you!!

nikko said...

It was nice to meet you on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy Face said...

Yay for Disneyland, my favorite place ever! The picture of the kids is so cute...I bet they'll have a blast!

I'm so glad you've come over and visited my blog, and my daughter's, too! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Lauren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! You left the sweetest comment! Thank you, and please please come back :)

So you are from Canada eh? My brother went there on his mission. Also, my seminary teacher lived there and he would have relatives ship Canadian candy bars to him and he would give them to us when I wa sin high school. I loved them. You are lucky.

anrobi said...

Did Heidi cut her hair? Is Kyle wearing skinny jeans? Man, we all grow up fast.

anrobi said...

Sorry, this is Amanda by the way! Just wanted to let you know, I do check your blog frequently! It's been fun to look at places I've been to, but don't remember at all. :)

Yvonne said...

Amanda: Yes, Heidi did cut her hair. All I can say about Kyle's jeans is: yes they are TIGHT.

I hope you are starting to remember some of the places we have visited.