Sunday, August 5, 2007

Count Your Many Blessings

I don't think I count my blessings as often as I should, but have been thinking about them today.

Brent flew home from Utah, and it is so wonderful to have him back in the house. He is my constant helper--ever since he was a little boy he would always ask if I needed help with ANYTHING. I think that's probably one of the things I missed most when he was gone on his mission. He is absolutely amazing. I remember when he was first diagnosed with atypical pervasive developmental disorder and I was told he would graduate from high school with a fourth grade education. What? I could see so much more--that was impossible. But the doctor patted me and told me I needed to accept it. No Way!!!! When he graduated from high school without an adapted program and had the highest marks in two of his classes, I was thrilled for him. I watched him work so hard and knew what a miracle child he was. Now after 2 terms at LDS Business College--he continues to amaze me. He is always so postiive and is always teaching me so much.

I got married when I was in my early 30's, and as I count my blessings that's one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have the world's best husband. I would challenge anyone who thinks they have the best!!! As busy as mine is, he is there for me whenever I need him. What more can a woman ask for!!! Not to mention, he is a great listener and a great teacher.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother and watch my children grow. I stop and think about my mother so often. I realize now at 56, I am almost 10 years older than my mother was when she died. My goodness she and my dad missed so much. My dad never saw any of his 6 daughters graduate from high school, and my mom only saw 2 graduate. I have seen 6 of our children graduate and 1 will graduate in just 2 years--that seems so hard to believe. Not only that I have been blessed to have 10 grandchildren join our family and as incredible as it seems saw one graduate from college last year.

I watched a segment on Oprah the other day and saw a story about a young mom who had sheltered her two small boys during a tornado and by doing so saved their lives. In the process she was paralyzed from the waist down. I watched her talk about how she was determined to live a normal life. As I watched, the thing that struck me was when they had a tape that showed her vacuuming the house while in her wheelchair and I thought about how I sometimes complain as I do my housework. I hope next time, I will think about this wonderful woman and recognize how I have no reason to complain..

I was going to say it goes without saying that I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have a loving Father in Heaven, but I think it needs to be said. I could do nothing without His help. I'm grateful for all that I do know and learn. Also, I have such gratitude for Jesus Christ.

Life is great. I need to focus more on the positive and recognize that struggles are just opportunities for me to grow and learn to be more grateful for the little things!!!

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I appreciate your post.

It's so wonderful to always have a prayer in your heart as you thank Heavenly Father throughout the day for those tiny things that make the day whole.

Though you lost your parents at such a young age, you still led a charmed life (and still do). I know that sounds trite, because we all know staying close to our Father in Heaven is what brings us the richest blessings... it isn't luck, it's His love for His children.

Thanks for visiting my site. I know the bloggy etiquette is a bit much... looks like you are doing just fine! Feel free to dote on my son at

P.S. I commented on your 100 things.