Monday, August 13, 2007

I Will Miss President Faust

When I got up Friday morning before heading off to the airport for Toronto, I checked my e-mail and Neal had sent me a note just in case I hadn't heard that Pres. Faust had passed away. I was so shocked. I had not heard because I had not had a chance to check the Church website. When I told Brent and Kyle, both were very surprised. The reaction that caught me off guard was Kyle. He said, "Oh, he was my favorite General Authority." I remember after April Conference this year, when we did our review of the talks in Seminary, one of the talks they all seemed to remember was Pres. Faust's talk on forgiveness. They all were so touched by his words. He was truly a great man. I will miss his sense of humor--I loved to hear him laugh when he would tell a story.

After seeing Pres. Faust in a pink tie at a CES Fireside for Young Adults last May, Heidi sent her dad a pink tie for Father's Day. She felt since Pres. Faust had worn one maybe her dad would wear it!!!

At that fireside, Pres. Faust said the following which I think is something I take great comfort in reading when I wonder what it is that I am doing: "...Is there a greater work than that of being a teacher, father, mother? So it is that nobody is a nobody. The seeds of divinity are in all of us. The day will come when we will all have to account to God for what we have done with that portion of divinity that is within us."

I am so grateful for all that he has taught in all the addresses that he has given.

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