Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Life in Winnipeg

I went out Visiting Teaching this morning--well, I tried to. Unfortunately, the sister I visit had sort of forgotten I was coming. Now I'll try and go see her again tomorrow afternoon. No problem, it forced me to get myself moving. As I was running errands I thought about traffic--and that made me think about life in Winnipeg versus other places I have lived--hence this post. Also, I have a friend who's living in the Middle East and she wrote about some of the interesting things about living there--another reason for this post.

Couldn't decide whether to title it different things about Winnipeg, what I miss about the U.S., what I love about Canada--so it's a combination of all of those.

1) Traffic--There really is no traffic here, yet I catch myself thinking, "Oh, look at all this traffic!!!" I guess when you are out at 5:45 a.m. on your way to Seminary you get spoiled. Believe me there are not many cars on the road that time of the morning. I realize how spoiled I am whenever I go back to the Bay Area and get stuck in traffic or remember the days of living in Laguna Niguel and travelling anywhere on the LA freeways!!!

2) Target--Goodness I miss having a Target near by. Whenever we go into the U.S. Target is always on the list of places to go.

3) Eh???--I really don't hear it as often as people think. I don't mind it at all.

4) Family--If I could just get my family closer, life would be great. I'm so grateful for e-mail, family websites, telephone, airplanes, even cars, and General Conference which takes me to Utah about once a year.

5) Mountains--Anyone who lives in Winnipeg or has visited Winnipeg knows what I mean--they say it is so flat here that if you stand on your tip-toes you can see the curvature of the earth!!!

6) Professional Sports Teams--Well, we do have the Blue Bombers--I guess they're professional, so maybe I should put NFL, NBA, or MBL team. I was the son my dad never had--and always followed sports with him. I miss all of that, but have such a ball every March when March Madness begins. I'm grateful for my March Madness friends here in Winnipeg.

7) Health Care--I've not had a problem with the health care I've received living in Canada. However, I do not like waiting so long for appointments.

8) Politics--I do get frustrated during election time when I watch TV stations broadcasting from the U.S. and I realize what a waste it is that people beginning campaigning for the next election, the day after they're sworn into office. When an election is called in Canada, it's over in a month!!!! I think of what could be done to help our world if so much money wasn't wasted to get a person elected.

9) Do You Know????--I always laugh when someone says, "You live in Canada. Oh, I know someone who lives in Vancouver--do you know them???" You don't want to be rude, but Canada is a HUGE country. It's about as ridiculous as someone in Orem asking you if you know someone who lives in Provo--after all you both go to the same Church????

10) Winters--What can you say???? 40 below is brutal. Don't let anyone try to tell you it's a dry cold so it's not that bad. It is!!! The best is when missionaries come and talk about how they thought they knew what cold was until they came here. Of course, that's December when it's not that bad. You sit and laugh thinking--Just wait until February then you'll REALLY know what cold feels like.

We are happy here in Winnipeg. We had moved so much before 1996, so when we first moved here, I just wanted to get Heidi through high school. After that, I thought, "Wow, if i can get Brent through high school, won't that be great!" Now I'm two years away from getting Kyle through. It has been a great place to raise children. We've been lucky to connect with great friends and will miss it when one day we move away. Of course, with Allan's calling it will be another 7 or 8 years!!!

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