Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Missing My Guys

I can't believe my guys will be back tomorrow. Yeah!!!!! It's been wonderful to get so much done, but wish I had gotten more. Probably need to spend less time on the computer and more time doing the things that need to get done.

Housework: It was great to get so many of my housekeeping cards done. Glad for that. I think it was my good friend, Diane, who introduced me to the card system. Sure is a great way to keep on top of housework and avoid doing the same chores over again. I always feel good when the house is clean. My goal is to stay on top of the cards so that when we are getting ready to go to China things are pretty much under control. (Oops, that's a word I didn't want to use anymore--guess I better find the thesaurus ; )

My Blog: I also got lots posted on my blog. Still have about 20 years worth of trips to go (when I put it that way, it almost seems overwhelming!!!) But, it's been so fun to do the blog.

Reading: As I said a few posts ago, I did finish Harry Potter--glad for that. I also have spent time in the scriptures--always a helpful thing. I'm so grateful for them. They are my link to sanity. Also, spent a lot of time on a great book about my problem with self-betrayal and my distorted view of reality--a book given to me by one of my kids (I guess he knows me better than I know myself!!!) With pencil and paper in hand I have learned a great deal about myself and am learning more.

24: I wanted to get through at least Season 3 of 24. Will be through Season 2 tomorrow--thanks to A&E. Have gotten through a little of Season 3 but because the DVD's I have been watching keep getting stuck--guess there are finger smudges on them--I have not gotten as far as I wanted. (Maybe I need to make a trip to the video store.)

Friends: I have been able to re-connect with a few friends, via telephone, internet, and facebook. That has been a lot of fun.

I know that when they do get home my time will be spent doing laundry. Allan tells me that things are so dirty--hope my washer doesn't get clogged with dirt!!!

My life of leisure will be over, but I don't mind at all--having them home is worth it all.

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