Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mothering Today

Maybe because my three youngest children are off on a trip together to Disneyland I'm thinking a lot about mothering. My children/stepchildren range in age from 16 - into their 40's, and it's amazing how different it is raising my 16 year old today. The world has changed so much from what it was like when my oldest was born. And I catch myself thinking of how simple life was when I was young--at Christmas we would get pick-up-sticks, jacks, dolls, coloring books, roller skates, etc. TV was so different--I Love Lucy had Ricky and Lucy sleeping in separate beds and you never heard a swear word on TV. And, movies, wow. Then there's the clothes--yikes. Because these changes have been gradual, I find I watch TV shows I probably shouldn't, need to be careful about the movies I watch, and the music I listen to. I worry about where it's all headed. I'm sure I sound like an out-of-touch old bitty. (And in spite of what you might think I didn't hike 15 miles in the snow to go to school!!!)

Our youth today are so involved in so many activities. I look at my son who takes piano, plays volleyball, basketball, and track, is involved in Scouting, has a part time job, and had great grades last year, as well as goes to early morning seminary, and I am amazed at how he does it all. So many of our youth have so many things pulling them in all different directions, and I appreciate their diligence and determination to try to do what's right.

I have been able to see many of my children grow up and become parents themselves. I am amazed at what a wonderful job they are doing in such a crazy and mixed up world. I am so proud of them and grateful for the people who have been a positive influence in their lives as well as the lives of my grandchildren. The things that my grandchildren are having to deal with in school, in the community, with the internet, etc., makes me so grateful that they are being raised with standards and a knowledge of who they are. Yet even with the standards and this knowledge, I hope and pray they can withstand the pressures that are placed before them.

I hope this doesn't sound depressing because even with everything that is happening, I think life is great. I have such hope for the future. I feel it such a privilege (and responsibility) to be a mother and pray every day that I can be the example and kind of mother my children need. Most of all I'm very grateful I'm not in this alone.

(P.S. I DID my exercising yesterday--Yeah! I will again today)


Suzanne said...

What a great post, and no it doesn't sound depressing, just realistic.

You're right, we are raising our kids in such a scary world and it's really overwhelming at times.

I love that you have the insight to realize that things are different now for this generation. I get really bothered at people that think because something worked 30 years ago, that it will work just fine today.

Times have changed so much. Like you said, it's gradual, and I think that's why it has crept up on us.

It makes me wonder how I can help my children succeed in this life and fulfill their potential. Those are some big shoes to fill, but I think as long as we are aware of what is going on around us, we can manage with the Lord's help.

Wow! Who knew I had so much to say! :)

Nancy Face said...

This was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I too miss the simplicity of the past, and worry about all the temptations the children and youth are facing today.

I'm so grateful my oldest son served a mission (in Edmonton, Canada!) and married in the temple. I'm gtateful my daughter has temple marriage as her goal.

My youngest son is only 12, and just started junior high. I worry more for him than I did for his brother, because things have changed dramatically in just 10 years. We pray with him, I read scriptures with him every morning at breakfast, and we are very involved in his activities: Boy Scouts, Duty to God, etc. I hope we succeed in helping him make right choices in his teen years!

Yvonne said...

Suzanne and nancy face: Thanks to both of you for making comments. I know I have a tendency to ramble so I appreciate your looking past that and adding your thoughts. It is so wonderful that we can share--nice to know how others deal with it all.

Appreciate you both.