Thursday, August 16, 2007


Brent and I met Kyle at the skateboard park to go pick up Heidi at the airport. I was a little frustrated because Kyle wasn't waiting but was still having fun skateboarding!!! Of course, his cell phone was in his backpack so Brent had to go and get him. They got in the car and we drove the 20 minutes to the airport--we are so lucky it is close. The line going into short-term parking was long so I gave Brent the camera and I went to park the car. Allan was already there waiting for Heidi when the boys got downstairs at International Arrivals.

When I walked into the airport and looked up at the monitor I saw her plane had landed 20 minutes before. I ran--I know it takes time to go through customs, but sometimes it's not a big deal. Well--TODAY IT WAS A BIG DEAL!!! We waited and waited and waited. Finally an hour had gone by and still no Heidi. We knew she had made her connection, so had no idea what was happening.

Pretty soon an Immigration Officer (still not sure if it was a man or a woman) came out and asked for us. He/she then explained that although we have permanent residence status, Heidi has been out of the country too long, and so she now has lots of paperwork to complete and will probably be another 45 minutes. I guess the laws have changed. When Heidi finally came through the doors she was not a happy camper. I guess one of them told her she could be arrested for having a "permanent resident" card when she isn't one!!! All this just for a 1 1/2 day visit. Now we're a little worried about Brent going back and forth, as he was out of the country for 2 years on his mission and then has been at LDS Business College since April. We'll have to do some investigating. Luckily Kyle doesn't have the problem--he has dual citizenship since he was born in Canada.

Sure hope she doesn't have the same experience as she drives across the border on Friday. Maybe the U.S. will not let her back into the country and she will truly be "A Woman Without a Country". (Gosh, I remember seeing "A Man Without a Country" when I was in elementary school--years and years ago!!!)

BUT, it's sure great to have the three of them in the house again.
And "Where's Kyle?" you ask: he became impatient and had to go catch a bus to be with his friends. Of course, as we were leaving the airport, he called and asked us to pick him up because the bus hadn't come. (Lucky for him, we didn't leave him there to find his own way home!!!)

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