Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank You, Blogging "Friends"

It's the start of a new week and for me more than likely this will be my last week of being able to blog on a regular basis, since school (which means Seminary) starts next week. I have enjoyed this blogging experience so much--I find it much easier to type my thoughts and the goings-on-of-life than writing them with a pen, as I have found that because of the computer my handwriting is getting worse each day.

I really entered this blogging world about 3 weeks ago--I had created my blog before that but really had not ventured out to view others' blogs. First question I had was how do you find a blog, and I honestly don't know how I came across the ones I visit today except to say that I when I clicked on one that had thoughts I was comfortable with (which I think was Gina) I found I went back a few times. Then I thought, well she seems nice and I clicked on the blogs she linked, and then I found more people with similar thoughts. Then I decided I wanted to make a comment, but I was so afraid. I felt somewhat like a new kid in school asking to sit at someone's table and worried about the reaction. What if I say the wrong thing, what if I'm intruding, etc. I have felt accepted, and I have appreciated so much those that have visited my blog and have made comments. It's silly but it somehow makes you feel that what you say has some value.

I appreciated reading Gina's etiquette post. It was most helpful and I tried very hard to remember everything she said. Even after reading it, I'm sure I've done lots of things wrongs, and I'm sorry for those and hope people will forgive my mistakes.

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job so many do with their blogs. I am amazed at the creativity, the wit, the inspiration. I love both of Gina's blogs. Tori makes me laugh each day, as does Nancy face. I am still amazed when I read Lauren's that she is so young, for she has such insight. I appreciate Suzanne's sweetness that is so evident each time I read her posts. I can identify with Amanda since she seems to be in my part of the world--(when she wrote about her drive to the temple in Bismark, I totally identified, especially since we just did the 5 1/2 hours to Regina this past weekend). When I first read Lei's post "Did You Think to Pray" I was so touched that hers has become a daily visit. And then there's Amber--well, after all she is from Canada. Enough said, eh.

Thanks for brightening up my days and welcoming me into your world. I love being part of it.

As a side note: Kyle got home from his trip last night, and we were quite relieved that he made it through customs/immigration. (After our experience with Heidi, we weren't sure) I'm also very proud of the great job Brent did with the camera on the trip. I have lots of pictures which makes this mom quite happy!!!

Love this one of them in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. I had to laugh when I asked Kyle what the best part of his trip--not surprising it was visiting the skateboard store.

Also, I am on day 7 of exercising (only two weeks to go until it becomes a HABIT!!!) It's getting easier each day.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I do hope you'll get to read blogs on the weekends at least. You are such an inspiration yourself, Yvonne! It's been fun getting to know you this quickly. Thanks for your encouraging words the past couple weeks.

Love this photo! Glad they had a fun time!

Melissa said...

It does look like a very fun trip! I'm glad you've joined the bloggin ranks and I hope you'll be able to keep writing when you get a chance! Enjoy the new school year!

Amanda said...

Yahoo on the exercising. Doesn't it feel good! I need to get back in the habit!

Thanks for mentioning me. You are so sweet. I always enjoy finding new blogs and especially receiving comments on my blog. I used to feel the same way about feeling like I was stepping into someone else's conversation. I have always felt so welcome and like part of the group!

Love the photo! :D

Nancy Face said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words for Lauren and me! I enjoy your blog so much, and hope you can do a little post here and there! :)

I ♥ the Disneyland picture! :D

Yay for you on the exercising!!! You are sooo close to achieving the habit thing! :D

Lei said...

You are so, so sweet Yvonne. I am glad you have enjoyed blogdom... it has been fun getting to know you and I enjoy your visits very much!

Suzanne said...

I didn't see this post until now, because I was probably all crazy getting ready for our move. Thanks for saying such nice things about me! You're sweet too! :)