Monday, September 24, 2007


As I was looking through the pictures Brent took when the kids were in Disneyland, I laughed when I saw this one. Obviously, it made me think of that Coke/Pepsi (I think that's what it was--but it could have been diet vs. regular) commercial years ago after Indiana Jones came out. There's a guy who goes to the refrigerator and has to make a choice, and he's reminded to choose wisely. I really should print the picture out and put it somewhere to remind me of why I made the decision to give up chocolate--I'm wanting that reward. So far, so good. It has almost been a week and I haven't had one slip--not even last week when one of my Seminary boys brought donuts for our treat on Friday, there were even Chocolate dips not once as I put chocolate bars in the mail for my girls in our outlying branch; or when I've passed around my basket of kisses. For my children, who thought I couldn't go "cold turkey", so far so good--not even one slip because I couldn't face having to admit that I couldn't do it. (That's got to say something about some of my problem) (I thought you knew your mom's competitive nature ; ) Understand, I NEVER said I was giving up sweets--just chocolate. Giving up sweets would have been impossible.

What will my "REAL REWARD" be? I am hoping it will be two-fold:

1) I will be able to fit into my dresses for formal nights on the ship (after all we leave one month from today), and;

2) I will get my bag of M&M peanuts at the airport. I'm surprised I haven't had dreams. I also will get to have all the chocolate I want on vacation, including my all time favorites--chocolate souffles Then again, who knows maybe the desire for chocolate will not be so great!!! Somehow I doubt it.

Sidenote #1: I FINALLY started my Christmas shopping buying a couple of things for Brent and Heidi. They are even wrapped.

Sidenote #2:
I just love my Seminary kids. I know how tired they are in the mornings, but I appreciate so much there coming. There is nothing that makes a Seminary teacher happier than to see them with a marking pencil marking a scripture.


Holly said...

Good for you on the no chocolate thing, one week is awesome. I'm still not there, although I really haven't tried...minor technicality. But, having Christmas presents wrapped already? You're going to shame me! ;)

txmommy said...

i have yet to start my Christmas shopping, but it's on my list of things to do VERY soonb:)

Melissa said...

Yeah for you and your no chocolate! Woot woot! And your rewards will be worth the wait!!
I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, but I am making lists! :)

Susie said...

That chocolate souffle will be worth the wait! We had it for dessert one night on the cruise and it was yummy :)

Kayelyn said...

No chocolate! Yeah, that's not happening here. You have great self control.

Enjoy the cruise. I am so certain it will be awesome. I am ready for another one. So is hubs.

Tonya said...

You go girl!!! Keep up the good work.

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. You are on the ball. I bet you'll find some cool stuff while you are cruising all over the place. Lucky girl!!

I never got to go to Seminary (joined the church as an adult) but if I had, I would want a teacher like you :o)

Lauren said...

I feel really sad for chocolate now after seeing that souffle. I need chocolate NOW!

You are doing so awesome! I am proud of you.

I think I am going to start my christmas shopping now so I won't be so schocked by the bill in December.

Mel said...

... and I bet the seminary kids love you too!

Nancy Face said...

I love laughing at that sign every time I exit Indiana is SO true, and they don't even know!

A week without chocolate...WOW, what a woman! :0

I've bought Lauren five Christmas gifts so far...she is by far the easiest to shop for! :D

Yay for your wonderful early morning Seminary students! :D

Tori :) said...

You're doing so awesome!
It's funny, before I even read your whole post and only read the sign in the pic I thought of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. :) "He chose...poorly."

I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas. I guess I should...

Suzanne said...

No chocolate!?! You are one brave mama! Good luck and I hope you are ready for all your dresses. How fun! :)

Amanda said...

Your strength amazes me as well as inspires me! Our bishop's wife doesn't like chocolate. I can't remember why, but when she was a teenager someone challenged her to go a certain amount of time (a long time) without chocolate. She did and says that she doesn't really even like it anymore. I can't imagine that EVER happening to me!

Good luck on your goal!!! :D

Tori :) said...

Sorry- I responding to you about Newsgator here in case you didn't check back on my blog. or or googlereader... these are all websites were you can put your favorite blogs on a list and when they have a new post it shows up on your Newsgator (or whichever site you use) list. So, you don't have to go blog to blog. It saves a TON of time.

Ashley said...

I wish I could give up chocolate! My sister is having a Chocolate fondue party this maybe I will try it after that. Shopping for the kids is all done..but shopping for the hubby and family always brings on high stress. I need to get it done because I like to shop during the Christmas season for me. I'd rather go on a cruise!

Yvonne said...

TO EVERYONE: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT regarding the chocolate. I haven't even yelled at anyone since I gave up the chocolate, much to Allan and Kyle's delight ; ) And, I don't think I've been witchy when I've made comments on anyone's blog--at least I hope not!
You're all GREAT.

holly: I'm going to miss 4 weeks of shopping--so I had to get started.

txmommy: good luck with the Christmas shopping.

melissa: I hope I reap the rewards. Good for you making lists.

susie: We sooooooooo enjoy the souffles--especially when they have sauce.

kayelyn: I don't think I have self-control or I could stop at one--that's why I have to go with NONE.
(By the way, I have to google the herbal cleanse you talked about) I'm getting very excited about the cruise.

tonya: Thanks for the comment about Seminary. I didn't get to go either as I joined the Church when I was 23. It's a GREAT way to really learn.

We'll see about Christmas shopping when we're on the cruise.

lauren: smart thinking about starting the shopping now so the bills don't catch up with you.
Did you ever get the chocolate candy corn???

mel: I have a pretty good relationship with them.

nancy face: I haven't been to Disneyland since they put that ride in, but I got such a kick out of the sign. That's so great that you've already started your shopping. I LOVE Christmas!!! I think Heidi is so much easier to shop for than the boys.

Like I said, my seminary kids are terrific. I'm really enjoying having the kids from our far away Branch calling in. I even had the Mom play a hymn on the piano that Kyle didn't know. It worked great.

Tori: I was going to ask you if you remember whether it was a coke/diet coke or pepsi commercial. I like to get the shopping out of the way because I HATE driving in the snow and fighting the crowds.

Suzanne: I hope I'm ready for my dresses, too. I really don' want to stay in my room on formal nights because I don't have anything that fits!!!

Amanda: I will be VERY upset if I don't enjoy chocolate when this is over. I'm struggling trying to figure out a great dessert that isn't chocolate for a dinner I have to prepare in October for Stake Conference!

Tori: Thanks for the note regarding the newsgator--I checked it out. I'm hoping I can figure it out.

Ashley: Enjoy the chocolate fondue party. I went to a wedding reception recently and there was a chocolate fountain--Kyle loved it. (In fact, we've decided we'll have one for our annual New Years Day party. He's thrilled!!!) You are all done Christmas shopping for the kids--that is incredible. I hope the shopping for everyone else goes well.

Holly said...

I have an awesome recipe for a lemon sheet cake that is easy and yummy. It would be easy and perfect for a dinner. Email me if you want the recipe...

Lauren said...

I ended up buying the "Autumn Mix". I personally love the pumpkins the best...and then the regular, with the chocolate candy corn coming in third. I love all of them though!

Yvonne said...

holly: I'll have to get that recipe from you.

lauren: I love those autumn mixes, too. Of course, right now it would just be the plain candy corn and the pumpkins.

normanbatesmomma said...

I should eat more chocolate. I'm just skin and bones. Or bones at least...