Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day I decided to write about some of the interesting (and not so interesting) jobs I have had through the years.

In high school, I worked

Over the Christmas holidays I washed windows at our community college. What a job that was--I still loving washing windows today because they always look so wonderful when they're clean.

One summer as a Policy Typist at an insurance company. I look back on it and have to laugh because those were the days of electric typewriters--thank goodness not just manual, and insurance policies had lots of carbon copies which meant mistakes required you to ERASE the mistake on each page!!!

One summer I worked at a Naval Air Station--the interesting thing about working there was I had to take two buses each morning so I had to leave the house around 5:00. One morning I was so tired that I fell asleep--nothing unusual about that, but when I woke up I was SO EMBARRASSED because my head was on the shoulder of the man sitting next to me. I didn't know what to do, so I oh-so-gradually rolled my head to the other side and THEN WOKE UP (I was so sly) One day I was walking through one of the hangars and was talking and not paying attention to where I was going and walked right into the wing of an airplane. I hit it hard and ended up flat out on the ground. The next day I had two black eyes and a lovely scar across the bridge of my nose which if you look closely enough you can still see today.

My senior year of high school I worked at The Nut House. Actually it was a place in the mall that sold nuts ; ) But it was called The Nut House, and it was always fun to tell people that's where I worked.

After High School, I started college, but then I became pregnant with my oldest and had to go to work. I worked as a clerk at a variety store.

Six weeks after Stephen was born, I began working as a secretary for the owner of a department store. The man I worked for was a tyrant and didn't believe in sick days (his store would never be listed on the top 10 places to work). I worked there for a couple of years but then decided to find better benefits so I went to work for the County. I worked as a secretary in Occupational Health and Safety and worked with some great people. I then took a test and went to the medical records department of a major teaching hospital. While I was there I began picking up medical terminology. This allowed me to work part time as a medical transcriptionist. An opportunity opened up for me to become secretary to some of the doctors. I loved working for the Chief of Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, and Gastroenterology.

At this time, one of the men in my ward had a little seed company and was looking for a secretary. This would allow me to be closer to home, so I left my doctors and went to work there for a few years. I missed working in a hospital, so when our local hospital had a position open up for a Secretary/Administrative Assistant to the Head of the Planning Department I took it. (While I was there I did a diet pill commercial. You know how whenever you move and get to play the game where you write down something no one knows about you, that is mine: I once did a commercial that aired in prime time. Hey, it was great. I earned enough money to take my son to Disneyland and to send him away to a week long baseball camp, as well as send him to visit one of his friends in Utah)

I worked at our local hospital until the best job opened up--that of wife and mother. Yes, I was already a mother to one, but I became the stepmother to 3 teenagers. I have developed skills that have benefited me. The pay is fantastic, the hours can be a little tough, but the fringe benefits are incredible. Through the years the duties have changed, some have gotten easier, some harder. I also happen to have the best BOSS a woman could have. He has never been demanding. The best part of all--it's a job I'm so glad I will have FOREVER!!!

SIDE NOTE #1--I did exercise on Saturday and will exercise this morning before I go out to make a couple of visits to my Seminary students. (Actually, I exercised tonight after our Labor Day picnic; )

--I saw the tag Nancy face and look forward to doing that MEME my next post.


Lei said...

Wow - you have gained a lot of experience!

Nancy Face said...

I'm amazed at all the jobs you've had! I've only had four: concession girl at a movie theater (where I met my future husband!), two different hair salons, and homemaker (by far the best!) :)

I also love sparkly clean I want to wash ours if it will ever cool off! :)

The story about sleeping on a stranger's shoulder on the bus cracked me up, haha! :D

I can't imagine the pain from running into the plane...oooh! :(

The Nut House sounds awesome...I'm nutty for nuts of all kinds, yum! :)

Yay, I have a bloggy buddy who's also an actress! ;)

It's not much fun exercising on a holiday...but you did it, yay! :D

Ashley said...

I have worked a few jobs myself...My favorite has been paychecks in kisses and smiles, no promotions unless I decide to add to my brood, three bosses and it has the busiest schedule. I love being a MOM!

Melissa said...

You have had some great jobs over the years! I have to admit, when you wrote about walking into the wing of the airplane, my face hurt for you!!

Yvonne said...


Lei: I'm grateful for each and every experience I have had.

Nancy: I always LOVE your comments--thanks. Re: sleeping on the stranger's shoulder, I really don't know if I drooled, but I think I did. About having a blogging buddy who is an actress--one day I'll give you my autograph, ha, ha, ha!!!

Ashley: I'm with you--the best by far is being a MOM.

Melissa: Walking into the plane was horrible and I still can't believe I did it.

Amanda said...

It sounds like you have had lots of interesting and great experiences through working. I agree the best job by far is that of wife and mother. I feel it a privilege to be just that. Though I might call it 'The Nut House' somedays. :D

Jennifer said...

HI! It was so fun to see your comment on my blog and to "meet" you. I love this blogging world! Good luck with seminary. Have you started yet? We are almost a month in!! Keep in touch!

Yvonne said...

Amanda: Like you, I consider being a mother a great privilege. and an incredible responsibility--so grateful there is always help available.

Jennifer: Thanks for visiting. We will have a Seminary breakfast tomorrow and then we really get started on Thursday morning--6:20 sharp. It will be great!!!

Lauren said...

Wow you have had so many jobs! I have only had two so of which I can't use on a resume because...well I quit without two weeks notice, because I was getting treated like dirt.

I wish I could work at the Nut House!!