Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My name is Yvonne, and I'm a chocoholic. It is time I admit my addiction to the world--at least to the blogging world so that I can take the first step in overcoming my problem. (Those of you who face this problem, I am not suggesting you give it up. I just know I need help)

I have been struggling to lose weight so when I go on vacation 5 weeks from today I will not have to be nekked (I didn't want to spell this correctly because it may change the rating on my blog ; ) I have exercised and exercised and yet I think due to my addiction, it has not done any good as far as the scale is concerned. I feel better, no doubt, but according to the scale I have lost 4 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks. So after laying in bed trying to figure out what I should do, I decided it was time to come clean in hopes that having to be accountable will work--after all it did work with my exercising.

Most mornings I put out chocolates for my seminary kids, and I've had to replenish my basket several times--not because they gobbled it up, but I'm ashamed to admit--I DO. One is never enough, and one only leads to another and another, and, well, you get the picture. I'm so grateful I won't be home for Halloween (another deadly time for me). I buy Halloween candy well in advance of Halloween and then have to buy it again because, well you get the picture ; )

Now, understand, I'm really only interested in putting an end to this addiction for five weeks. When I go on vacation, there is no way I will say no to chocolate desserts that are prepared so lovingly by wonderful chefs. How could I say no to my sweet mother-in-law who lovingly packs Sees Candies--milk chocolate for me and dark chocolate for Allan. And then there are those little chocolates that are placed on my pillow each evening (even though I am stuffed to the gills and say "I couldn't possibly eat another thing", until I see the chocolate and rip off the wrapper. I know I could put them in a little baggy and save them for the plane ride home, like my MIL does--and gives them to me because she sees me eyeing them, but how could I rob her of the joy she must feel knowing she is making ME so happy!!!

So, given all this, I am saying it--no chocolate until October 24th when I go to the airport to board that plane for Beijing. At that time I will head to the little shop at the airport and buy a big bag of Peanut M&M's and enjoy every one!!!

WARNING: My big fear is that my disposition will suffer (thus so will everyone I have contact with) while I go through this withdrawal period--after all what will the lack of chocolate do to my psyche. So if I visit your blog and make some comment that doesn't sound like me maybe you can forgive me or maybe I need to change my name for 5 weeks to "non-chocolate Yvonne", but people may not understand what that means. It's bad enough that ever since I've been on hormones I am not the same and am bitey!!! So, just a warning. Or, maybe I'll have to find some non-fattening substitute for chocolate. Any ideas???


Kayelyn said...

One chocolate per day. Herbal cleanse until you leave. Give it a try.

Side note: Even if you don't lose the weight, you will still have a great time on vacation! Have fun.

Tonya said...

Hi Yvonne or should I call you non chocolate Yvonne? I'm new to your blog and from one choco-holic to another I wish you the very best. Good luck!!

Amber said...

For me, I have no self control around things I love so have to get rid of them all together. If they are not around, I generally won't eat them.

As for getting a chocolate fix, I would recommend Pria bars. Seriously. They are 110 calories and so are a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. And they are good!

Nancy Face said...

Like Amber, I have no self control around snacks that I love (sweets), and the only solution for me is to not have them in the all! Lauren can eat one tiny piece of chocolate and be happy, but I'm like a shark that smells blood in the tiny taste just makes me lose control and I MUST HAVE MORE and MORE!!! So who suffers because of this? Nope, not me! It's my poor family, who can't find anything to snack on except pretzels or 94% fat free microwave popcorn, or fruit, haha! :D

My solution is to gorge myself on watermelon when I need something sweet. Too bad it's going out of season...YIKES! :0

Holly said...

No chocolate? Wow. You have my respect and admiration. The only time in my life when I didn't want chocolate was when I was pregnant. Since that's not likely to happen to me again, I eat it and try to remember that big word called, "moderation". I forget it a lot!

You go girl! Good luck!

Melissa said...

I'm the same as the others... if it's in the house, I'll eat it. A substitute??? Hmmm... well, licorice isn't fattening... and they have chocolate flavored... umm... I don't know what to tell ya! I'll just come here and say, "So, Yvonne, give me the chocolate report!" ;)

Melissa said...

OH!! I just thought of something ... sugar free fudgesicles. They are only 40 calories and they are good! We get them at WalMart... the bigger ones are 100 calories... :D

Neal said...

I know it's already been said - but you have to get that stuff out of the house. As a diabetic, I can swear to this. My only other piece of advice is to set little goals. I find that most people can't go "cold turkey" on something as important as this in their lives. However, if you say "I can have one SMALL bag of M&Ms on Wednesday, only if I don't eat any other chocolate until then" - you might not ruin your disposition so much. You can have my little brother buy it for you, so you're not tempted to grab extra and have it sitting in the house ; )

No Cool Story said...

i'm eatin' gummi exist'ncesaverrrs instead
it be not easy matey.

Yvonne said...

Kayelyn: I wish I could do one chocolate per day, but one is just never enough. You're right about still having fun on vacation--I just really didn't want to buy new clothes.

Tonya: Thanks for coming by.

Amber: I have tried to get rid of the candy--but there's still ice cream in the freezer, chocolate chips in the cupboard...Love the idea of the pria bars.

Nancy face: I wish I was like Lauren (my daughter in law, Daphne, is that same way). I'm not happy until I eat the whole box--like you said, more and more. I love fruit, too.

Holly: Moder (what) Sorry that doesn't compute.

Melissa: I like the idea of licorice--can't do the fudgesicles--that's chocolate and once I start I will figure I can eat other chocolates. I will give you the chocolate report, thanks.

Neal: If I get it out of the house, that isn't a lot of help because I can always go to the store and buy it. I'm going for cold turkey. You know how competitive I am--and I'm just competing against myself ; ) I hope my disposition isn't too horrible for you and the rest of the family.

NCS: I wish I was clever and spoke pirate, but I only speak English and Canadian ; ) Hadn't thought of the gummi lifesavers. Great idea, thanks.

Amanda said...

I admire your courage in coming clean! :D I have the very same addiction. I tried switching to dark chocolate only. That has helped because I don't go through them nearly as fast for obvious reasons.

As far as the weight loss goes...I think 4 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks is awesome!!! I would be happy if I could lose a pound a week! Your doing great!! :D

Ashley said...

Oh man, I am of no help. I never met a chocolate I didn't like or want to eat!

Yvonne said...

Amanda: I had to come clean--I was desperate. I am happy with the 4 pounds, but in order to get into some of my dresses, I have to lose more. (I just don't want to go and buy new things, I'd rather save my money for the trip)

Ashley: I'm like you--there aren't many chocolates I don't like. Hope your trip is going well.

CHEL said...

I'm no help!
I DO NOT like chocolate. I mean, I don't detest it, I'll eat it, but it's always my LAST choice.

However, give me that pound of yummy red vines and they will be gone with a blink of an eye! :)

Lauren said...

Yvonne, I love chocolate just as much as you. I love it more than any other food substance on this earth. I am going through chocolate withdrawls myself right now. This is what I do:

I go the whole week without eating any sugary crap, especially chocolate, and then on Saturday I will treat myself. If I don't treat myself, I will go crazy and binge.

Options that I love for non-fat chocolate:

Popsicle makes a fat free fudge bar and it is only 60 calories and SOOOOOO satisfying.

I also like to go to our local frozen yogurt shop and get some chocolate frozen yogurt. It's fat free! And so amazing...

JustRandi said...

Yvonne -
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! This is my first visit to yours and I can't believe how much i have in common with today's post!

I've stopped buying Halloween candy until HALLOWEEN DAY for the same reason! I also am trying to lose weight, AND I'm planning a trip to China for next year. I'll be SO interested to hear your experiences and tips!!

Yvonne said...

chel: I can't imagine not liking chocolate. (I also love red vines)

Lauren: I have made it almost 2 days, and surprisingly I haven't biten anyone's head off. Because I'm trying to say no to anything chocolate I will have to look at the frozen vanilla yogurt--I could even have berries on them.

justrandi: Thanks for visiting. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who does that with the Halloween candy.

I'll be posting about my trip while we're gone. I'm so excited!!!

Heidi said...

Mom--you can do it!!! You DO NOT have to give up chocolate cold, that will not accomplish anything! You will just lose it one day and eat a whole bunch. Just cut back and keep exercising and try some sugar-free chocolate--it is healthier for you and lower in calories. Instead of a chocolate bar--have a chocolate-flavored protein bar--there are sooooo many healthy things that taste really good and will give your body the nutrients it needs and satisfy your cravings. Keep drinking lots of water, too. You can do it!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am sorry, you know I can't encourage this behavior. When I try to cut back, though, I eat semi-sweet chocolate chips. They are much better for you, they say. When I do this, I mix them with a few pecans or peanuts for added yum.