Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not Your Typical Weekend

1) I missed Friday night date night. Allan was in Regina for the Canadian Truck Driving Championships. (They really are fun to watch) I couldn't do some of what they do driving a semi in a car, so I've always been impressed!!! I will be glad when he gets home tomorrow--even though he will attend another ward. So I spent the evening with Jack Bauer.

2) Kyle had 6 guys over last night and they jammed for awhile. I was so dead tired I don't even think I heard them and just fell asleep about 10:30. Of course, I just loved when one of the mom's called at 12:30--didn't even seem to think it was late and she asked if her son was there??? I wanted to yell, "let me get up, get dressed and go downstairs and check" ;) But, I didn't!!!

3) It's late Saturday night and I am sitting up waiting for Kyle to come home from a youth activity that took him out of the country. (Wow, doesn't that sound exciting!!!) Well, it's not what you think--we are only 1 hour from the U.S. border and one of our units is another 1 1/2 hours into the U.S. They had a Hawaiian theme. Kyle didn't wear a Hawaiian shirt--I guess 16 year old boys think they are way too cool for that sort of thing. He has a cold so carried a box of Kleenex--I tried to get him to carry a flowered box--at least that would look Hawaiian!!!Too bad Drew's little outfit wouldn't fit him???

4) Today was my "Let's try to get caught up" day. I don't think I was really ready for a full week of Seminary and let a lot go this week. And, of course, starting piano meant I had to practice, but it felt good. Also Kyle has started volleyball so he had a game this week. (Gosh, how did I do it when I had more kids at home ; )

5) There was no wedding reception to go to--it seems like we've had one every weekend for the last few weeks. In fact, last weekend we had two.This was one from last weekend.

I am really getting excited thinking about our upcoming cruise in about 6 weeks. I must admit I'm worried because it is so long--25 days. It will be wonderful to have Allan to myself (well, we won't be alone because his family will be with us), but no phones, no meetings, no seminary, no work for him. We'll just eat, and eat, and eat some more.

Allan called me from the airport after landing in Winnipeg Sunday morning, and one of their drivers was "crowned" Grand Champion. Yippee!!!


Susie said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week. You may have mentioned it before, but since I'm sort of new here, where are you cruising to for 25 days?
That's a long cruise!!

Nancy Face said...

Jack Bauer is a pretty interesting guy to spend the evening with! ;)

Maybe Midnight-Phone-Calling-Mama could get her boy a cell phone! ;)

Drew looks way cool in HIS Hawaiian shirt! You could tell Kyle I said that, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be the least bit impressed, haha! :D

Piano practicing is a happy chore that can relax your brain, but having that many wedding receptions to attend can just be a chore. (Yikes, did I type that out loud?) :0

The cruise sounds FANTASTIC!!! :D

Lei said...

Love the pictures... !


Holly said...

Busy weekends can be good... Drew is darling!

Lauren said...

I have never sat and watched an entire episode of 24 before...should I? My sister in law is like in love with Jack Bauer.

Nancy Face said...

I gave you the You Make Me Smile Award...come check it out when you get the chance! :)

Yvonne said...

Susie: The cruise will be in and around China.

Nancy: That was my question to Kyle or have Midnight-Phonecall-Mama call Kyle's cell phone!!! I love celebrating with new couples but wish sometimes they were more spread out!!! I'm getting very excited about the cruise. You are so right about practicing the piano--it is so totally relaxing, once I get passed the "I don't get how to play this!"

Thanks for the award, Nancy. That was so sweet!!!

Lei: Thanks

Holly: Yeah, busy weekends are great.

Lauren: I love 24, but sometimes find I'm a little drained after watching it--especially when I do marathons to try and catch up.

Tori :) said...

Jack Bauer rocks. "Give me a name!!!"
That is all.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

Tori: You're right about Jack--although I know after doing a 24 marathon I am really on edge. After that it's time for a comedy!