Thursday, September 6, 2007


We have some summer birthdays to celebrate in Seminary so I was making cupcakes last night (and I'll be making them for the next 5 days). (I'm not one of these people that will just serve cupcakes one day and say this is for all the students who had birthdays over the summer--HOW UNFAIR WOULD THAT BE???. Anyway, as I was frosting the cupcakes I thought about a conversation I had with Kyle a couple of years ago. He was talking about how much he liked cake. I said, "Would you like me to bake a cake?" He looked at me kind of strange and said, "You know how to bake a cake?" I was SHOCKED and said, "Yes." And then he said, "With frosting????" (I guess I usually make brownies or chocolate chip cookies, but usually don't make cakes.) Now, keep in mind, I made this cake for his 2nd birthday and this one for his 3rd birthday:

How quickly they forget!!!

This made me think of some of the funny things that the kids have said over the years. I remember a family home evening one night while we were living in Charlotte. It was our first "real" winter. (I'm sorry but where we lived in California we just had some cold days and nights during the "winter" but no real change in seasons) Allan was talking about the trees losing their leaves and asked Heidi (who would have been about 6) why that was happening. She looked at him and said, "I guess it's just a freak of nature."

And on the day before April Fools Day Aunt Bev was visiting. Heidi told Aunt Bev she was going to put a rubber snake in Bev's bed as an April Fools joke. So, what do you think was in Bev's bed April Fools morning. Heidi was so proud of herself when she walked in and said, "April Fools!!!"

My kids grew up knowing Les (the man who, along with his wife, Helen, raised my 5 sisters and I after our parents died) as Grandpa Les. Well one day I made reference to him and just called him Les. Kyle said, "Wait a minute. His name was Les." I said, "Yes". He started laughing and said that he always thought we called him "Grandpaless" because he was not their real Grandpa. (Otherwise he would have been called "Grandpamore"???)

Aren't we lucky to have our memories.

Sidenote #1--Kyle took the car to school today so I was without a car all day, and I didn't like it one bit!!! It's kind of like when you're on a diet and all you can think about is food--all I could think about was all the things I could do IF I JUST HAD MY CAR!!!

Sidenote #2
--Yippee, I made it another day with my exercising. I'm so excited. It hasn't gotten a whole lot easier, but then again, I am exercising longer and harder. I got a call today from Brent who reads my blog and wanted to encourage me on the exercising. Thanks, Brent, you're such a good kid. It means a lot!!!


Melissa said...

Those are great memories! I need to write more of the funny things my kids say down because heaven knows I won't remember them!!
I am not looking forward to having kids drive... :S

Amanda said...

Kids say the darndest things! I love the cakes by the way! :D I'm with melissa, I need to start writing these things down! You think that you will never forget but, you do.

Nancy Face said...

HOLY COW! You MADE those most excellent cakes?! So glad every student gets their own special birthday cupcake day! :)

Heidi is just funny! I laughed at Kyle's "Grandpaless" and I've gotta're a nicer mom than I am, to give up your car! ;)

You're a workout machine, oh yes! :D

No Cool Story said...

Grandpaless. Bwahahaha! Oh that's good :)
The cakes look great. My last attempt 3 years ago resulted in ugly cake pictures, so kudos to you.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Yvonne said...
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Mel said...

Those cakes look scrumptious!

How fun remembering the cute things kids say...

Yvonne said...

Today I was looking at someone's blog and they wrote "how much we all WANT comments--they're kind of like crack". I never thought I would enjoy the comments so much, but thank you all.

Melissa: I know there are many things the kids have said that I have forgotten, so take the advice of this old mom--WRITE THEM DOWN.

Amanda: Start writing. Thanks the cakes were fun. I'd love to do the choo choo train cake again--maybe if I'm ever with my little grandsons when they celebrate.

Nancy: The cupcakes have been my downfall--well actually the frosting. All that exercising (which I did exercise today YIPPEE) has almost seemed like it has been for not, since I haven't lost a pound for days. Good thing I have to report to you ; )

No Cool Story: I loved visiting your blog--thanks for visiting me (I love the hat you added recently--so cute)

Mel: Thanks for visiting--and for the compliment about the cakes. It is great fun remembering.

Lauren said...

Wow! Those cakes are AMAZING! I am in awe of them!

You are way nice to give up your car. I don't remember one day when I was in high school when my mom let me borrow the car. I was like the only one not allowed to drive to school. It was painful.

Yvonne said...

Lauren: Glad you liked the cakes. I could say when I don't let Kyle have the car he has to walk 40 miles in the snow--does that help?!? He is the FIRST one I have let take my car.

Tori :) said...

Too funny!! Your cakes were awesome!
I hate it when I don't have a car. Although 1/2 the time I do have a car I don't go anywhere!

Yvonne said...

Tori: Thanks. You're absolutely right about the car--unless I HAVE to go somewhere it usually just is parked during the day anyway.