Monday, October 15, 2007

Any Suggestions???

I wondered if anyone knows of any recipes (that you have actually tried or you know someone who has) for making fortune cookies. I thought it would be fun if my Seminary kids had fortune cookies for the first day I leave for my trip. (I could just go buy some at the store, but heck, what fun is that???) I want to be able to put a personalized fortune in each one. I found a recipe but I just wondered if anyone has actually ever done it???

I started working this weekend on my letters for Kyle. (I leave a letter and a gift for each day I am gone.) I used to do this when Heidi and Brent were home and I had so much fun--in fact, one year I actually videotaped a message for each day. I set up my tripod and had to keep changing my clothes so it looked like a different day. (I know I'm a little loonie) I always leave information about the place we are visiting and what tours we're on. Then at the end of the letter I ask a trivia question about where we are that day. For example, when we are visiting The Great Wall--the question might be: "How long is The Great Wall of China???" Now it will be so easy because Kyle will just have to google the info. (The gifts are usually fun little things--candy, gift certificates to McDonalds or the donut shop, socks, pencils, iTune gift cards, etc. Maybe it's just my way of relieving my guilt for being gone so long ; )

I'm getting nervous about having everything done before I leave!!! I hope I can get the bags packed correctly because we have the 9 day land portion at the start (which includes the Yangtze River cruise) and then the 16 day actual cruise. So, I have to split up my toiletries, chocolate, etc. (Of course, they do have a gift shop on the ship that sells candy, and Allan did say his mom is bringing me a box of See's Candy--yippee!!!)

This week Kyle has a volleyball game on Tuesday, I have Enrichment on Thursday, and a Stake Harvest ball on Friday. This weekend is Stake Conference, but I only have to attend the Saturday night session and Sunday morning session--I'm pretty sure I don't have a CES inservice. I am hosting a dinner on Sunday afternoon, but that should be great fun. (I'm relieved there is no volleyball tournament this weekend--Kyle had one last weekend, but at least it was at his school, so only 10 minutes away.)

Sidenote #1: I hope all of you know how much I appreciate you. It's funny how much strength you all have given me in sticking to my giving up chocolate. I could never cheat because I would have felt like I let you down. (I know it seems silly, but that's just me!!!) I've lost an additional 8 pounds, so I'm now down 12 which thrills me!!! Can you believe, this is the stash that sits in Heidi's room. It's candy for Seminary and for Halloween.

Sidenote #2: Kyle was so surprised to find out that his basketball coach (who has a full head of grey hair) is younger than I am. He got in the car and said, "Mr. R is 54 years old." I commented that he's 2 years younger than me. Kyle then said, "I know I am really surprised." I felt so good until he added, "I guess that's just because you dye your hair!!!"


annie said...

That box of cadbury chocolate is calling my name! We don't have that here!!! YUMMO.
I am not really lured by chocolate, it is sitting around here and there... stashes of kisses in halloween bowls, candy bars in baskets, it's the homemade stuff that I can't keep out of... like your brownies I am planning to make and I will attribute the weight gain to them :o).

Ashley said...

Sorry I do not bake anything I can buy, unless my little girls beg me too. I am so impressed with your ability to avoid chocolate, with Halloween coming up it would be extremely hard for me. I like what you are doing for your son while you are gone. I might have to keep that in mind. You sound like such a fun mom.

Nancy Face said...

I haven't the froggiest idea how to make fortune cookies! ;)

I ♥ your idea of letters and gifts for Kyle! It gives a whole new meaning to getting prepared for a trip...WOW! :0

See's candy is da bomb! Your week sounds busy...and fun! You've done an AWESOME job losing 12 pounds, YIPEE! I could NEVER do that with all of that candy sitting in the house, calling out, "Come eat me!" ;)

Hair dye is a very good thing. If there were only one bottle of haircolor left on the face of the earth, it would be mine. Seriously.

Melissa said...

My mom did fortune cookies one time. The worked just fine... I didn't help her though... so I have no idea how she did it.
Your trip sounds so awesome! I hope you are going to have a fantastic time!
AND you are an awesome mom!! To leave all that stuff for your son?! That's just cool!

Holly said...

No idea on the fortune cookies, but what a neat idea to do the letters and gifts for Kyle. You're such an awesome mom.

Macy said...

I have made fortune cookies. I made some for my brother to propose to my sister-in-law. (We actually put the ring inside, which made me a little nervous. I tied a ribbon to it so we could save the ring if we needed to.) They turned out well. The dough is a little thin and you bake them flat and then shape them while they are still warm. Practice with a couple before you use the actual fortunes for the seminary kids. And bake small batches (6 on a tray tops) so you can put the fortunes in and shape them before they harden. The homeade ones are tastier than store cookies.

Amanda said...

You are such a fun mom! What a great idea to do letters or movies for each day while you are gone. :)

We made fortune cookies in my home ec class in high school. They were good and it seems like they weren't too complicated, however that was like ahhhh....18 years ago so I could be wrong. ;)

I am really excited for you and your upcoming trip! And good for you on losing an additional 8 pounds. Maybe if I had your self-control I could give up chocolate too. Yeah right!

txmommy said...

fun ideas all! I wish we lived near each other cause I am sure we would be friends!

GOod luck on the fortune cookies!

Suzanne said...

Wow, you are such a great mom to leave fun little things with your kids when you are gone!

Yes, I've made fortune cookies before. They are kind of a pain, but usually worth the effort if you have the time.

The key is folding them immediately when they come out of the oven. If you let them even cool for a few extra seconds, they are too brittle and break when you fold them.

I usually burn myself several times trying to fold them quickly enough, but I'm also not the most coordinated person in the world! LOL! :D

One secret too is letting them stay out in the air until you serve them. I put them in a covered container and they became soft instead of crunchy. Anyways...that's my 2 cents!

It looks like you're pretty busy right now so I hope you can get everything done in time before it's time to leave on your cruise! :)

Tashasc30 said...

sounds like a great idea on the fortune cookies,but i have no idea on how to make them

Tori :) said...

I remember the seminary stash of candy my mom had. I LOVED it. :)
I'm excited for your trip. I hope you have a great time.

Tonya said...

You are such a good Mom. That is a neat idea for him to have while you are gone. Sweet and educational.

Congrats on the weight loss. You have done great!!

Calamity Jane said...

see now, if I had to give up Canadian chocolate I think life would be much harder. If there were Areo bars at my corner grocery I would be a lurker, jelously guarding the chocolate, not letting anyone else have it. Mr. Bigs and Eatmores, *sigh*
12 pounds!!! that is amazing! get out 12 pounds of butter and stomp on it to celebrate, great job!

Yvonne said...

Everyone: I appreciate all the comments. I knew I could count on lots of help with the fortune cookies. Should be fun.

annie: Oh, how I wish I wasn't tempted by chocolate, I couldn't have the kisses in bowls, etc. I hope you enjoy the brownies.

ashley: thanks--I don't know if my kids would agree that I'm a fun mom, but I'd like to think they would.
I saw those cookies you baked with your kids ; )

nancy face: First of all thank you for the good mail. I loved the halloween stickers. So fun. Cute card.

On one of my notes to Kyle I asked him a question and then added--see if you go on Jeopardy you'll know something REALLY impressive!!!

I love See's candy. Wonder how QUICKLY the pounds will come back on ; (

Up until a couple of years ago, I had "virgin" hair!

melissa: Thanks--I sure hope I can blog while I'm on the trip so everyone can see all the great places we visit.

holly: thanks, you're sweet.

macy: thanks for the advice. I should have guessed you would know--you are so smart. Of course, you did marry one of my sons!!!

amanda: when we were in high school, we all knew how to do everything, didn't we???

the letters are a lot of work, but they are fun.

I think the key for me has been having everyone to report to--it made it a whole lot easier.

txmommy: Thank you. I think you are right about our being friends.

suzanne: thanks for the info. I am going to try tonight when I'm home alone--so no one hears me yelling when I burn myself ; )

I hope I get it all done, too.

tashasc30: I'm so glad you visited.

tori: I didn't know your mom was a seminary teacher--did she teach you? Did she bribe (owe I mean encourage) any of the students with anything other than candy--I just don't think carrot sticks will cut it???

tonya: thanks. I hope Kyle learns something--I know I always do.

calamity jane: I love Eat More bars and Mr. Bigs(I'm not an aero fan--even though now they have caramel ones and mint ones.

I feel pretty good about the 12 pounds, but if I got out the butter and jumped on it, I'd probably break my neck and then there'd be no trip!!!

CHEL said...

wow.. I never even thought about making my own fortune cookie. It sounds fun, let me know how it goes.

Great job on the additional 8!

PJ said...

I love See's candy!

Great courage, to stay away from that stuff so long.

I am excited for your trip!!

JustRandi said...

What a great mom you are! Did you try the cookies yet? Let us know what recipe you used and how they turned out!

Scuttle said...

I just love your blog!! my sister PJ told me about it. You can avoid chocolate I know you can do it! I have for years!