Wednesday, October 3, 2007


October is a time for celebrations in our house. We have Miss Heidi turning 24 on the 7th. Oh, how I still remember the day my doctor held up this sweet little girl and said, "Look, mom, no more nausea!!!" I laugh when I remember Allan having to go back home to get the camera--obviously I wasn't in my right mind if we left the house without it!!! When they were ready to wheel me into the delivery room the doctor asked where Allan was and when I told him he went back to get the camera he said, "I sure hope he gets back in time." Fortunately, he did!!!

Here she is being silly when she and the boys took their trip to Disneyland this past summer.

On the 10th Brandon will turn 13. I am curious what it is about me with Stephen and Daphne's little ones--(The first time I held Kiah she did the same thing!!!) Maybe it's because I look so much like their dad???

I can't believe B is going to be a teenager. This is a young man with a heart of gold. I don't think he knows how easy it would be for him to wrap me around his little finger!!! Here he is in June 2006 in Hawaii. (I can't wait to go back with everyone in June 2008!!!

And, then on the 23rd, Allan and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I will still always remember our first date--at Pizza Hut with Stephen and Neal. (I guess both of us felt comfortable bringing reinforcements!!! Of course, we always laugh about how after a few minutes into the date, we wish we could have ditched them ; ) Those 3 months we spent courting were so fun. The blending of two families was not an easy task. I know it was a tough adjustment on the kids, but I think most of them would agree it was worth it. Funny thing--the other day our Stake had a marriage class being taught by Social Services. It was taught to Stake leaders so they could learn how to teach it to the Stake. Kyle thought it was so funny that we were going to a class to learn how to be married!!!

SIDENOTE #1: WE LEAVE FOR OUR CRUISE IN 3 WEEKS. It has really helped me to give up the chocolate. (Not that the pounds are falling off like I wish they would, but at least it's better than it was) As I've said, it's not self-control because if I had self-control I wouldn't have to give it up!!! The amazing part is it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be until I think about Sidenote #2--

SIDENOTE #2: Speaking of chocolate, I always make my specialty chocolate caramel brownies for our General Conference luncheon on Sunday, in between the morning and afternoon session. What will happen if I go without my brownies--will there be a revolt, will people ban me from eating with them, will people be upset because they didn't bring dessert thinking I would have the brownies??? I just don't know if I can make them without at least eating the dough--but WISH ME LUCK!!!


Nancy Face said...

Yay for Heidi's birthday! She's so cute! Wow, sooo funny that your hubby almost missed her birth so that you wouldn't miss out on the pictures, haha! :D

I ♥ crying baby pictures! They make me smile for some reason...yes, I'm foolish, haha! :)

CONGRATS on your Silver Anniversary! Kris and I will celebrate our Silver Anniversary on November 19th...woo hoo! :D

If it was me, I'd skip making the brownies this time, just to avoid the extreme agony and torture of not chowing down on them when they're right in front of my face! AAAGGGHHH!!! The family would grumble, but they would be forgiving after listening to all those Conference talks! ;)

JustRandi said...

Maybe someone else can bring the brownies this time?

I'm so excited for you and your trip!! I'll want to hear ALL about it.

And your silver wedding anniversary - WOW! I'm only 2 years behind you! What temple is that? I saw it in the Ensign last month too and couldn't find the name.

Holly said...

You have a beautiful family! We were married in the Oakland Temple almost 11 years ago. It's my favorite.

Melissa said...

October is a really fun month for you! Congrats on the anniversary! That is awesome! :)
And I think that everyone will forgive you for the brownies...if they put up a fuss, hand them the recipe and then lock yourself in your room!

CHEL said...

Love it love it love it... ESPECIALLY the wedding photo. So perfect, so beautiful, so peaceful... so lovely.

Can you post your brownie recipe... they sound amazing and if you can go without tasting one or even the batter... you are my HERO!!

BTW, I recently made my blog private. If you still want to read it, send me an email at chell8 at gmail dot com. :)

Nancy Face said...

I have an award for you...come check it out when you can! :)

Theresa said...

Wow! Somehow I stumbled across your blog, and my rss-reader let's me know when it's updated, and it's totally awesome! I'm totally impressed by your geekiness. I knew you were cool, but not how cool, apparently! ;)

Lots of hugs! And, I am looking forward to cruise-updates!

Tonya said...

Very nice pictures. Happy Birthday to all. My birthday is in October as well so it's always been a favorite month.

Happy Anniversary!

Good job winning against the chocolate monster. You rock!!

txmommy said...

Happy Everything!!

Happy 25th! I hope you have a great time on your cruise!

wow on the chocolate~way to go:)

Yvonne said...

nancyface: Yeah, I think Heidi's a cutie, too!!! I love pictures of crying babies, too.

I saw on your time travel tuesday post that you were married in Nov 82 and realized you will have your 25th wedding anniversary this year, too. Congrats to you and Kris. Haven't decided what I'm going to do about the brownies.

justrandi: My plan is to post while we're on the cruise--the whole reason I started blogging was so I could get ready for that. The temple is the Oakland temple.

holly: I, too, love the Oakland temple for lots of reasons.

melissa: I love October. It's going to be a great anniversary.

chel: Thanks. I will post the brownie recipe soon.
thanks for the info on your blog.

nancy face: thanks so much for the award. Will post it later.

theresa: I'm so excited you have a blog. Will see you Saturday and Sunday.

tonya: Happy Birthday this month. When? Thanks for the encouragement about the chocolate.

txmommy: Hope you have a good time on your trip. I'm counting down the days until the cruise.

Tori :) said...

OOh busy month- but a GOOD kind of busy!!

Shelly said...

Wow - those pictures were so much fun to see!

I am so jealous about your trip. My DH lived in Hong Kong and we went back a few years ago. Still haven't been able to travel China like I want - but we are hoping to move there someday!

I'm curious - I linked to your blog from Jen (My Many Colored Days) and I saw your note about being sick during pregnancy. Did you have hyperemesis?