Friday, October 19, 2007


I have not wanted to take you all on the ride with us I haven't wanted to share everything, but this is what has happened. As you all know (from my previous post) on Wednesday, Allan was told by his doctor that he had had two heart attacks and his heart was damaged, so China was off. A call was made to Princess and the cruise for the 6 of us was cancelled. (Maybe I haven't said anything about who all was going: Allan, me, my 89 y.o. MIL, my SIL, another SIL and her husband.)

After all this happened on Thursday, I felt bad that my little husband had to look at my packed bags, so I began emptying them and putting things away. Thursday late morning Allan gets a phone call from his doctor--"your heart is not damaged, go ahead and go to China. We will still do the angiogram on Tuesday morning, but you should be fine to travel on Wednesday." YIKES!!! A call was made to Princess and a girl does some checking, but tells my sister-in-law it doesn't look good. About 4:30 Allan tells me, they can't do anything about it, but he decides to call and talk to someone else. I get another call at around 5:00--"pack your bags, the trip is back on." When he got home from work that night we kept checking our bookings and we were fine, but for some reason everyone else was not reinstated. Allan was worried thinking, "What if they just reinstated us???" So Friday he made several calls to Princess and finally got everything worked out. THE CRUISE IS BACK ON!!!!

We were worried about our air tickets--we had cancelled them. (The sad thing is Allan had upgrade certificates and it looked like we were going to be bumped up into First Class/Business Class (out of "toilet" class--we were #1 to be bumped!!!) At this point, we are still scheduled to leave on Wednesday (pending the results of the angiogram).

I know that most of you do not really know us. We are level-headed people. We will not take this cruise if there is ANY POSSIBILITY AT ALL THAT ALLAN WILL HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

We keep asking ourselves why is this happening like this??? Please understand we are not asking, "Why is this happening to us?" My husband is a Type-A personality, real go-getter. He very rarely stops. I think this will cause him to stop and slow down. So, all of us in the family think this was just a wake-up call for him to take it easy. (Maybe he will stop getting up at 4:30 every morning--and believe me it doesn't matter if his flight the night before gets him home at 1:00 a.m. When that alarm goes off at 4:30, he's still up!!!

So, I'm off to pack, finish my letters to Kyle, clean house, and do all the little things that are left to do to get ready.

Well, I was going to wait until after Tuesday to post this, but I decided if I respond to the comments on the previous post, knowing what I know right now, I will sound like a flake. If anything changes, I will let you know, but in the meantime, thank you all for your prayers. Allan was so touched when I told him that everyone said they were praying for us. I can't tell you what all of your kind words and support has meant to me--I would like to take each of you in my arms and give you a big hug.


JustRandi said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS! My heart dropped for you yesterday, and then dropped again today. What a roller coaster you've been on!
I'm ecstatic that the trip is back on!
Now all that fortune cookie making will not have been in vain.

Melissa said...

OH ... YEAH!! WAHOO!! Fingers crossed that it will all be okay! :) I hope that the angiogram goes well and that you are flying into the clear blue yonder come Wednesday!

Suzanne said...

I'm so happy for you, Yvonne!!!

I hope everything comes together quickly, the angiogram goes well, and you're on an airplane on Wednesday! Wahoo! :D

Tori :) said...

WOO HOO!!! I was so sad for you yesterday. I told Sei how bummed I was for you. I'm so glad that when things seem so crazy some good happened. Good luck with everything. Hugs and prayers!

Kimberly said...

I cannot begin to imagine your exhaustion level right now! So glad things worked out!

Tonya said...

Oh yeah!!! I'm so happy to hear the good news. I know that all will go well with the angiogram.

By the way, I gave you an award on my blog today.

Kayelyn said...

So glad you get to go on your cruise. Hope that Allan will get to relax on the boat. I know we did.

annie said...

I think my heart rate went up just reading your post. I'll keep your husband in my prayers for good reports.

Your fortune cookies look great!

Nancy Face said...

Wow, the roller coaster picture is perfect for your last couple of days! :0

I'm so very happy that your hubby's heart does not show damage after all, and that you now get to go on the cruise...again! YAY! YIPEE! WOO HOO! :D

I can't even imagine the exhaustion level you must be at right now, with all you need to do. I'll keep on praying for you both! (((HUGS)))

Have a happy anniversary! :)

txmommy said...

Oh my gosh! What a crazy thing. I am so glad everything looks good heart wise! Phew!

Have a fun trip.


Chel said...

Oh wow, what a series of events!! You will have a wonderful time!

Annie said...

Congratulations Yvonne! You have won the Anniethology Comment of the Day. Thanks for being a great commenter/blogger.

Here is a little bling for your sidebar if you like.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I wanna give you a big hug too!

I am so glad things are okay. It's so stressful to know that something isn't right with your hubby's health and then to have to cancel and then get back into the original plans... I can certainly understand your anxiety over it all. Sounds like Allan is a great sport (and you are too)! Glad things are working out now.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!

I am so extremely happy for you, there are no words!!!

Holly said...

I'm so excited for you!

Yvonne said...

Everyone: Thank you so much for your love and support. We are hopeful that all will be good after Tuesday--I'll keep you informed.

justrandi: I will make my actual fortune cookies Monday and we'll see.

melissa: I hope we're in the air Wednesday because that means all is well.

suzanne: thank you. I hope it is all good.

tori: You are sweet--thank you.

kimberly: Yeah, it's been a little overwhelming.

tonya: Thank you so much for the sweet award. I love it and will pass it on Monday.

kayelyn: We WILL relax!!!

annie: Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.
The fortune cookies were fun.

nancy face: Thank you. Yes, it has been a roller coaster for sure. I appreciate all the prayers and THE HUGS!!! Thanks for the anniversary wish.

txmommy: Thanks for the hugs. It came as a surprise to us.

chel: Thanks.

annie: I loved winning the comment award--that was fun. I haven't had a Junior Mint in so long--it was nice to have one that way ; )

liam's mom: It has been stressful, but at the same time there has been a peaceful feeling like all will be well. I'm grateful for that. Appreciate the hugs.

lauren: Thanks for your kindness.

holly: Thanks, Holly.