Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Stay in Orem

We left Bismarck around 7:30 Friday morning--I was so glad I was able to convince Allan to sleep in a little. We had a great drive. We arrived in Orem on Friday night about 9:00--we stopped in SLC and picked up Brent. It was so great to see him. It felt like it had been ages. I had been texting Heidi and Brent while we were on the road letting them know where we were.

On Saturday morning Allan wanted to go for a walk--well no way in the world was I going to let him go alone. I managed to get him to wait until 6:30 and we headed over to the track near his mom's house. I knew I couldn't keep up with him, but I also knew I didn't want him to get too far ahead of me--quite often I had to actually jog. He couldn't figure out how I was keeping up with him!!! He did very well and I was quite relieved!!! (I knew the hospital was just across the street, but kept thinking I couldn't leave him and run to the hospital--crazy how your mind works!!!)

We went off to the Distribution Center and Deseret Book. I was chuckling because I was going to pick up New Moon but didn't know where to find it and I heard these women talking about "vampire books" and I knew that must be where they were. Sure enough it was right there.

We decided to go have lunch at the restaurant where Heidi is a waitress--I have not seen her in action, so it was great.

Well later in the day when we took Heidi to Costco I asked her if she had heard about the Twilight books--oh, yeah, she knew all abut them so I got her the first and then picked up the next 2 for Christmas!!! (She's quite excited--I have been showing her everyone's blogs with all the stuff on the sidebars--you guys are all so great!!!)

On Sunday, Allan, Heidi, and I went to Church with Grandma and Gerry. (Brent had Stake Conference so he stayed up in Salt Lake.)

We had a great Sunday and I made this delicious desert (I got this recipe off of someone's blog, but I can't remember whose it was--so if it's familiar to you, please let me know, so I can say thanks!!!)

Tonight after dinner we are hoping to go to the corn maze--it should be lots of fun.
I love this time I've had with Allan. I'm so glad we have had time with his mom. I know how worried she has been about him. I know Heidi and Brent were relieved to see that their dad is doing great!!!


Chel said...

YUM! I want some of that dessert!
It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. There is nothing better in this world than family.

palmtreefanatic said...

I love the looks of that dessert!
please share;)

Tori :) said...

You were within a mile of my home at one point... :)

PJ said...

So far, So fun!

Those twilight books are on fire, a lot of my IRL friends and family are talking about them. I'm anxious for #4!

That cake looks soo good!

Holly said...

It sounds like you're having a great time! I want that dessert recipe when you get back!!!

Tonya said...

Whoa baby, that is some kind of dessert. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself and that hubby is doing well.

annie said...

I need to get one of those books too! Everyone is talking about them! Your dessert looks beautiful.

Nancy Face said...

How do you hold back a fast walking, determined man? ;)

That dessert is STUNNING...and gorgeous! :)

The corn maze sounds so spooky! :0

Did you finish Twilight?

Great pictures! :)

Lauren said...

The dessert looks scrumptious!!!

DId you finish twilight?! And...the big question...what do you think of HIM?

Amanda said...

Oh, it sounds like you are having such a wonderful time! You were in Bismarck? That is only 6 hours from our house. ;)

That desseret looks way yummy. I've made something similar I think. Frozen berries, yogurt, cool-whip and angel food cake. It is way easy and way yummy.

Kayelyn said...

I so would of dropped everything to come meet you. Glad you had a fun vacation.

Yummy looking dessert.

Yvonne said...

chel: You are so right--there is nothing better than family.

palmtreefanatic: Will share the dessert once I get home.

tori: I figured I was close by--must admit I looked around when I was in Target and at the grocery store for those of you I knew were in the area.

pj: So true--so far, so fun!!! I just started the first book. So much to do, and so little time to read.

holly: We are having a lot of fun. I will post the dessert recipe when I get home.

tonya: We are both having a great time.

annie: That's why I got the books--I had to know what everyone was talking about.

nancyface: You're right--you can't keep these guys down!!! The corn maze was funny--the ground was so uneven I kept thinking I was going to fall. I have barely started Twilight.

lauren: I don't know enough about "him" to have an opinion--I just started. The dessert was delicious.

amanda: We are having a wonderful time--I figured we were not too far away when we were in Bismarck.

This dessert has cream cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, and all the berries (and angel food cake). I'd love yours with the yogurt and cool whip.

kayelyn: You are too sweet--it would sure be fun to meet some of you guys.

vacation is going great!

Suzanne said...

Your dessert looks so yummy! Isn't it funny how people of all different ages love the Twilight series!?! I hope your trip is going well! :)

txmommy said...

looks so yummy I wish it was my recipe :)

I'm so glad Allan is doing well and that you are having fun together!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You were within a few miles of my home too! I was so excited when you said you drove by Jump on It! I hurried and emailed you back to see if we could meet up! I see now you had a jam-packed schedule! So glad you enjoyed your stay!

Heidi said...

I was sooooo glad you guys came down because I was sooo worried about daddy! I love being with you guys! That dessert looked and tasted amazing, I definitely need the recipe from you!