Monday, October 1, 2007


On Friday and Saturday, Kyle had another volleyball tournament. This one was at the University of Manitoba--so there were 3 games being played at once.(Unfortunately, I couldn't get close enough to take a good picture, so here's one from a previous game--Kyle has a pretty good vertical leap, and I have the fingerprints on my ceilings to prove it ; ) I couldn't believe the talent of some of the teams. We were commenting that when some of the them spiked the ball, the opposing team should have had helmets on for their protection. IT WAS AMAZING.

On Saturday, I ran over to the Church with refreshments for a baptism that I couldn't get to (because of volleyball). Every Spring our Stake R.S. has a conference in conjunction with the Relief Society Broadcast from Salt Lake. This year, besides the regular service project where we could do leper bandages, school kits, blankets, etc., we had the option of going out and serving in the community. I chose to do that. I, along with 20 or so other sisters, went to a local nursing home and helped the residents play games. It was wonderful. It was so fun to watch these ladies (along with a few men) play a game similar to bingo. They would get so excited when they won. I had such a great time with the lady, Marion, that I was helping. She offered me one of her prizes (a chocolate candy bar) and wouldn't take no for an answer--what was I to do??? (Since I couldn't eat it, I gave it away)

Then we went back to the Stake Center for dinner and then watched the Broadcast. As always, it was wonderful. It's great to be reminded of the things we need to do. When I talked to Heidi she mentioned how great it was to see the diversity of this presidency, and I have to agree--it's wonderful. We are so fortunate to have these kinds of opportunities. I am so looking forward to General Conference next weekend. I have to admit, I do wish I was going down to Utah with Allan--not only to be there for Conference, but to be able to see Brent (who has a mission reunion on Friday) and celebrate Heidi's birthday.

Speaking of Heidi, Allan used one of her paintings at Church on Sunday. This is a painting she did for Father's Day or his birthday. She asked him his favorite scripture and he said, John 4:14. She went into her room and a few hours later, came out with this (unfortunately, the camera doesn't do it justice)

Church was great today. All in all it was a pretty quiet Sabbath. Worked on a couple of Seminary lessons for this week. Talked to Miss Kiah to wish her a happy birthday. Also talked to Heidi and Brent.


Kayelyn said...

You had a fun weekend. How cool is that- that you have a daughter who can paint pictures for you? BTW- My hubb's name is spelled Allen. Close to your Allan's spelling.

I know, I'm weird, but the kids like me;)

Suzanne said...

You gave away chocolate? You must have the ultimate self control!

How neat that you were able to get out and serve in the community! I have a really hard time doing that on my own, but if there is structure, like it looks like there was with your group, I could do that so easily! How great.

I agree, the broadcast was fantastic. Oh, and the painting is beautiful! :)

Holly said...

What a fun weekend. It's so neat to have those service experiences that are special. I love the Women's Broadcast every year and I am so looking forward to conference this weekend.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had really great weekend! I missed the Broadcast... it was at the same time as the Rodeo... do you think I'll be forgiven? :)

Nancy Face said...

Oh goody, I get to write yet another novel in your comments section, tee hee! ;)

Yay for Kyle! I'm so impressed with people who actually have athletic talent...I don't know how that feels, haha! :D

Your conference/service project is such a wonderful idea! :)

Girl, you deserve a serious medal for GIVING AWAY your chocolate bar! I bet it was painful! :0

Awww, I wish you COULD go to Salt Lake! I'm excited that neither Lauren nor I have to work this Saturday, so my whole family can enjoy Conference together! :)

Heidi's painting is SO awesome! :D


Jayci said...

Hi Yvonne!

Thanks for the blog-stop. Sounds like you had one full weekend, but will all your family and friends and upcoming travels, you are probably used to it. Good to "meet" you. When is this scheduled cruise to China? It sounds like a dream (I looked at the map!).

Ashley said...

It was such a great broadcast. I get sad every time I see our leaders and they look older. I just love them so much and want them to be around forever. I agree with the great diversity in the presidency. I think so many more women can relate to them. Isn't this church wonderful!

Amanda said...

Your self control is amazing!! You have such talented kids! How fun to see them. What a great idea for RS. We always have a dinner before the broadcast, but a service project too is a great idea!

Calamity Jane said...

Tallented daughter, amazing!

Lei said...

That's a beautiful picture by your daughter!

Yvonne said...

kayelyn: I did have a fun weekend. Poor Allan between his first name always being misspelled and our last name which everyone gets wrong he doesn't stand a chance. And on top of that his middle name is Newal. It is great to have a talented daughter. I miss her when she's at school as she always helps with things I need.

suzanne: If I had self-control, I wouldn't need to give it up--I could control what I eat ; ) The service project was wonderful. I love to help when someone else organizes it. I thought the painting was beautiful.

holly: I, too, am looking forward to conference.

melissa: I think little bug's visit to the Rodeo has to take the top spot.

nancy face: I love the novels. I used to be able to jump, but it's horrible because if I can get 1/2 inch off the ground, it's a miracle. The service project was fun--and no giving away the chocolate bar was not as tough as I would have thought.

Kyle and I will enjoy conference together. Glad your family gets to watch it together.

I don't know where my kids get their talent ; )

jayci: I'm so glad you stopped by. We leave for our trip 3 weeks from tomorrow. It will be great.

ashley: Yes, the Church is wonderful. It's great to have such wonderful leaders.

amanda: For our Stake which is so spread out having the service project on that Saturday works out so well. It's nice to get together with the sisters from the outlying units. In fact, one of my friends and I happened to sit with a group of sisters from our U.S. branch. (Funny thing, both of us are Americans as well--just happened to work out that way, we REALLY were not snubbing the Canadians)

calamity jane and Lei: I appreciate Heidi's talents so much.

Mel said...

I just want to say that I think you are a really neat woman. I love the comments you leave on others blogs. You have a beautiful family!

Oh, the cruise looks fun!