Monday, November 26, 2007


First of all Thanksgiving was wonderful. We ended up with only 18 missionaries, and they were FANTASTIC. We had such a great time having them each introduce themselves and talk about their Thanksgiving traditions!

I hate to admit it, but it took me a long time on Friday to get the cleaning up done. Sometimes I wish I used paper plates, but I want it to be more like home for the missionaries. I guess it was a good thing we didn't have any big sales--I didn't leave the house on Friday!!!

On Saturday, I finally put up Christmas decorations. I will probably put up two artificial trees today and tomorrow. I love the Christmas season and would be more than happy if we could have Christmas music all through the year--We even started singing Christmas carols in Seminary this morning. Mel and txmommy had this quiz on their blogs, so I decided to take it and I wasn't the least bit surprised that this was the result!!!
Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.
Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

Saturday afternoon we kept checking the computer for the BYU score. Wow! That was a close one!!! I still don't know how BYU pulled it out, but I'm sure glad they did. Neal and his family was watching the game--any question as to who Neal, G-man, and G-man's cousin were cheering for???

On Saturday night we had some friends over. We all played Apples to Apples. No one had ever seen the game before and they all loved it. (Allan and I didn't win once--we'll never invite those people back!!!) After everyone left, we watched the end of the Missouri/Kansas game. Because Stephen graduated from University of Missouri we were cheering for them and were very happy that they won. Way to go #1 Tigers!

I'm heading off to Boston on Thursday. I'm very excited about seeing little G-man again. (I can't believe how much he has changed!!!) I will be there until Monday night. I will really need to get on the ball and get some serious shopping done when I get back. I don't think we will have a free weekend left in December. We have Prelude to Christmas on December 8th, Nativity Pageant on the 14th and 15th, and our Ward Christmas dinner is the 22nd. (The nice thing about it being on the 22nd is that Heidi and Brent will both be home and will be able to go with us!!!)

Sidenote #1: Thanks to Nancyface and Lauren for the great mail. I loved the stickers and the I love E.C. magnet. You are so right, Lauren. I haven't finished the books, but I am a HUGE Edward fan.

Thanks, also to Mrs. Monkey Butt (seems funny to call you that) for the lovely postcard. Someday we'll have to meet when I'm there again!!!!


txmommy said...

wow! that's a lot of missionaries!!
I love Christmas too, I am thinking we might need two trees this year, to make up for the lack of lights.

Have fun in Boston!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is such a cool thing to do on Thanksgiving... ONLY 18? That is a lot! What a woman you are to clean up after a gathering like that! Kudos for getting your decorations up also! I've got to go find a tree first!

Peter said...

How can we tell your a trasplanted American Yvonne, BYU scores!!! What happened to the Grey Cup? Want to come over to my place and get things set up for Christmas, I'll be lucky is my tree is up a week before Christmas and comes down the first week in January.

Carolyne Bamforth

Chel said...

18?? wow, I had 4 over and I prepared all night the day before, then all day and was still cleaning up at midnight... how in the world did you pull that off?
I thought about the paper plate thing too, but thought the same thing you thought-- I wanted it to be like home and we all shared Thanksgiving traditions. You're amazing.

GO BYU! Scarlet should have been hanging out with those two handsome young men!!!!

Nancy Face said...

You ONLY had 18 missionaries? Haha, that is sooo awesome! I always use real plates too, but this year I found some super cute paper ones on sale half price at Target and couldn't resist, tee hee! :D

I got the exact same result as you on the Christmas quiz...but it made me sad that Jesus was not included as a choice for favorite Christmas person. :(

I'm glad you got your mail! :)

Holly said...

Mine's a Brady Christmas too! What a neat thing to host all the missionaries. I'm sure they loved it!

Ashley said...

Amazing!! My mom had missionaries over too. I don't think quite as many as you though.

My bro-in-law got home last uear after serving in Toronto. He said he was very grateful for the families that had him over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They really made him feel at home for the holidays.

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

We hosted 6 missionaries one year. It is so fun to have them over. My mom doesn't have a dishwasher so I bought big oval chinet plates. They worked beautifully, especially for cleanup. ;)

JustRandi said...

Yvonne, WOW! That's a LOT of ties at Thanksgiving dinner! you're amazing!

Go cougars!

PJ said...

I bet you didn't have too many leftovers! Thanks for taking care of our missionaries like that:)

The weekends do get so busy in December, it's a great kind of busy.

Have fun in Boston!

Melissa said...

Looks like a pretty great weekend!! I did the quiz... my Christmas is Miracle on 34th street! Not sure if that's quite true, but I'll take it!!

Lauren said...

You are the sweetest lady ever! I almost teared up reading about you feeding all of those missionaries. I am sure their moms are so grateful that you took care of them. It made me think of Ted...I hope someone as sweet as you took care of him :)

I busted up laughing when you said you won't be inviting those same people over to play apples to apples! haha...we should play together, I ALWAYS lose! I wonder who would win if we played against each other...hmmm?

Yay! You got the Good Mail! Ever since UTmommy didn't get her Edward magnet (because someone stole it out of the envelope) I have been paranoid.

I knew we were kindred spirits...Edward all the way :)

Mel said...

Wow, you have been busy! I don't know how you pulled off feeding 18 missionaries but I think you are amazing!

Yvonne said...

txmommy: It was great fun with the missionaries. I love Christmas lights.

Boston will be great.

gina: We have not got our real tree yet. I love the smell of the trees!

carolyne: I'm so glad you visited the blog. I actually had typed something about the Grey Cup but didn't think I could do it justice. Didn't watch the game, but was disappointed Winnipeg didn't win. Good luck with getting your decorations up.

chel: Isn't it just great having the missionaries in your home--they are so appreciative. One of the missionaries that was here commented on how they didn't come out until after Canadian Thanksgiving and so they figured they wouldn't get any Thanksgiving this year--and that made me feel so glad they were with us.

Scarlett looked so adorable in her cheerleading uniform.

nancyface: I loved your paper plates--they looked great.

I felt just like you about them not having Jesus as a choice ; (

holly: We loved having the missionaries here.

ashley: I appreciate the missionaries so much. It was cute because we have a missionary serving from Paris, France, and obviously they do not celebrate Thanksgiving and he said he was just thankful for the holiday and the meal!!!

mrs.monkeybutt: If I didn't have a dishwasher, paper plates would have been in order!!!

justrandi: We loved having the missionaries with us. So happy for BYU.

pj: I'm lousy at judging amounts because I NEVER want to run out and can't stand the thought of anyone going away hungry!!!

Boston will be so great.

melissa: how fun to have the Miracle on 34th Street. (I love that movie!!!) I'm sure glad you had a great time in Idaho.

lauren: Gosh, did Ted have Thanksgiving dinner in Madagascar??? We had a young man from our ward who served there and he said the people were wonderful!!!

One day we'll have to play Apples to Apples--what a great laugh it would be!!!

I was so happy to get the magnet. You are so sweet--I have a feeling Heidi will steal it when she's home at Christmas!!!!

mel: We feel so honored to have the missionaries in our home. I love them for their sacrifice and I appreciate so much those that took care of my son on his mission, so it's the least we can do.

Suzanne said...

Only 18 missionaries??? Wow, Yvonne, that is dedication! Especially washing all those dishes. I'll bet you washed dishes for hours! It sounds like you're so busy with the holidays, but that it's a good busy. Have so much fun in Boston! :)

annie said...

How sweet that you shared your Thanksgiving with so many new friends.
I got the same results too, Brady!