Monday, November 19, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes

I went into Church yesterday morning with a dress and sweater. It was a little windy and probably about 34 degrees. When Relief Society ended, the young girls from the Congo came in all excited to tell the sister missionaries, "It's snowing." I laughed--yeah, sure it is. HA! THE JOKE WAS ON ME!!!!!!!

Last Sunday, as we were ready to go to Church, I had this
And then yesterday, I had this I know the REALLY COLD weather is coming--I will have to bundle up for those -30 and -40 degree temps!!!

I still haven't adjusted to not being on vacation!!! I actually have to cook!!! I'm not sure I can do this again--three weeks is a long time to not have to do all the mundane things of life!!! Oh well, I guess I have to accept it--VACATION IS OVER!!! I better get everything together so I'm ready for Thanksgiving this Thursday.

Sidenote #1
--I mentioned about our Seminary scripture mastery challenge, and I have to report that the Stake leaders worked very hard--here's Allan and Pres. B doing a quick review before the scripture chase started

I think Kyle and the youth were a little worried, so Kyle tried this (if you don't click on the pic you might not notice he is trying to "Bribe" Bro. B with a $20 bill)
Totally unnecessary. The youth won. I was so happy for them. I know they had worked so hard. They have a beautiful plaque that will be displayed in the Stake Center. It was great.

I had promised my students I would get them McD's for breakfast if they won--they were thrilled!!!! I will drop Kyle off at the Church this morning and then head for McD's to pick up breakfast. (Even though I was with the leaders, I will get breakfast, too!!!)

Sidenote #2: I got a phone call Saturday (when Kyle wasn't home) from the Primary Chorister asking if Kyle was ready with the songs for the Sac. Meeting Presentation. WHAT??? He hadn't said a thing to me, and when I asked him, he didn't know anything (or so he said). He thought he was just helping them practice last week. Well he played yesterday and did a beautiful job. He amazes me!


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a happy post! So neat that those girls were so thrilled with the snow!

Congrats on your group winning the scripture mastery! yay! And McD's for a reward... YUM!

That Kyle is a keeper. What an awesome guy!

Holly said...

I loved Scripture Mastery when I was in seminary. You are an awesome teacher. It comes across in your posts that you really do love these kids. And, Kyle sounds like a great young man. If I only had a daughter...

Nancy Face said...

Yay, you're pictures are showing up! (They were hiding when I stopped by earlier this morning!)

What a contrast from one Sunday to the next...yikes! :0

It's awesome that your students got a breakfast feast from you after feasting on the scriptures!

Is Kyle the official pianist now?

Nancy Face said...

Oops...YOUR, not you're! :)

Tonya said...

It's always hard to come crashing back down to reality after a vacation and you had a very nice long one.

Love the snow and am jealous. All we have is the usual liquid sunshine.

Ashley said...

Scripture Mastery is fun, I loved participating every year. Congrats to your students, it is awesome to see them so diligent. It is getting cold here, but no snow yet!

Lauren said...

I love how my mom HAD to post another comment just to fix the "your", "you're" mistake. I swear she is Obsessive Compulsive.

Anyway, I can't even imagine temperatures that low! I bet you are so cold!!

What a fun activity to do for scripture mastery! That is SO cool the students won. You are such a fun teacher to buy them breakfast!!

Kyle sounds sooooo cool!

txmommy said...

welcome home!!

FUnny scripture mastery. OUr stake doesn't do that and I miss it. I remember loving the seminary bowl when I was a youth.

Sorry you're cold, I HATE to be cold...brrr!

Amanda said...

We are finally getting snow this morning, though it is just a little dusting. I am not looking forward to the cold temps and the bitter wind of winter either. For some reason I look forward to the first snow though.

What a great thing for the seminary kids! Congrats! :) I love McD's breakfast!

Suzanne said...

It's always hard to get back into the hum-drum part of life, isn't it?

You sound like such a fun and prepared seminary teacher! I always thought those teachers were the best! It doesn't take a lot of effort, but the results are amazing. You'll probably never know how many lives you've touched by teaching! :)

P.S. I'm still looking for my hubby's mission photos. They're buried in a box in the basement somewhere. ***sigh*** I'll keep looking! :)

PJ said...

Having what you had in the first picture, makes what you have in the second picture even colder! :D

I'm going to get my jacket...

Love the $20 bribe! Ha, cute!

heidi said...

I am jealous--I want snow!!! That is cute that Kyle tried to bribe --I forget his name...

Yvonne said...

gina: The girls are still excited about the snow--it is so cute. Makes me feel guilty because I don't want it to snow!!! Kyle is definitely a keeper!

holly: Thanks-I love my seminary kids. Kyle is a great young man.

nancyface: Yeah, I don't know what was wrong in the morning with the pics. I noticed they somehow disappeared and I had to fix them.

No, Kyle is not the official pianist, he was just helping out. He is playing a couple of pieces during the break at the Nativity pageant. (I'm sooooooo glad you fixed that typo!!!) You are too cute.

tonya: Yes, I think I've finally got back down to reality! (Only to leave again!) I think I prefer the snow to that liquid sunshine.

ashley: Good for you participating in Scripture Mastery each year!

lauren: It is really cold. We had a missionary here from Yuma and when he was putting on his coat he said it was the first one he had ever owned!!! He was pretty cold and I feel bad because it hasn't really gotten cold yet!

Kyle is cool.

txmommy: Does your Stake do scripture chases at all???

It is going to be pretty cold this week--I will probably have to get out my gloves and my hat.

amanda: I bet you've had more snow now. I love how beautiful everything looks with the snow, but the cold is another story.

suzanne: A lot of my seminary kids seem to be struggling and it breaks my heart. I love them all so much. I only hope they know it.

I checked my pictures and I don't have any! Because we had my son and his wife and children living with us for awhile it was a different time for us.

pj: The nice thing is it normally just keeps getting colder so you're body adjusts. Because I had been so warm it felt so much colder.

heidi: Don't worry, there will be plenty of snow when you get home!!!