Saturday, December 8, 2007

About Me Meme

Mrs. Monkeybutt tagged me for this a week or so ago. Here goes:

Four Places I've Lived: Gosh, only 4:

1) Charlotte, North Carolina--I never thought I'd live anywhere but California so the move to Charlotte was quite an adventure. We only lived there for a year, but what a great year. I love the South.

2) Brampton, Ontario--This was our first experience living outside the U.S. I was pregnant with Kyle and quite ill, so I spent my first couple of months in the hospital. We loved living in Brampton.Whenever we had visitors we went to The Sacred Grove. One of the bonuses of living there was being so close to Palmyra (the Pageant every July) and Niagara Falls.

3) Laguna Niguel, California--When we moved to Southern California, it was quite an adjustment. Allan moved first and commuted (by car) for the first 6 months. I hated being apart so was very grateful when we were all together again. The biggest bonus about living there: DISNEYLAND; the biggest drawback: TRAFFIC.Not only that you could go to the beach on January 1st!!! Here in Winnipeg that is inconceivable!

4) Castro Valley, CA:
When I was in high school in a city not to far from CV, I had such a different view of CV. I loved living there. I lived in a little duplex before I married Allan. I joined the Church while living in CV. The kids went to high school there--we spent many Friday nights at the football stadium; we had Joy School there, we built a house there, and some of my very best friends still live there.

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:

1) Babysitter: I loved babysitting as a young girl. Wouldn't everyone love to pay babysitters what I made back then: 50 cents an hour!!!

2) Sales Clerk: I've talked before about working at The Nut House. It was a fun place to work--it was a nut and candy kiosk at the mall. When I was pregnant with Stephen I was a clerk at a variety store. Still remember that it had a popcorn machine and whenever popcorn was made I had to make a run for the bathroom and get sick.

3) Window washer: Gee, haven't I had some exciting jobs!!! I washed the windows at a junior college.

4) Secretary--I have been a secretary working in many different locations: A seed company, the County, and two hospitals. It would be so different today. Technology is so different--I remember the days of carbon paper and erasers. (Nothing quite as fun as making a mistake on a document with 6 carbon copies!!!)

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:This is a tough one for me because we have been very fortunate to go on some pretty amazing vacations. I'm having a tough time deciding whether I should put the ones where we've been with all our kids, or we've been alone. So, I'll do a mixture of both:

1) Disneyworld 1992: We took all of our kids/grandkids to Disneyworld for Christmas 1992. It was fabulous.

2) Park City 1990/2002: The first time we all went together was after a family reunion. It was the first time all of the kids had been on a vacation together for years. They had all grown up and everyone got along--What a bonus!!! Then in 2002 we had a fabulous time together.Brent wrote a script for a little movie called "The Ultimate Watch" and we filmed it in Park City. The kids were hysterical. (The aluminum foil headed people were aliens)

3) Australia/South Seas:
Our first cruise in 1986 is such a wonderful memory.

4) Russia 1995: I grew up during the Cold War, so I never dreamed I would ever step foot in Russia. In August 1995 we went on a cruise of the Baltic Sea (I must admit I was a little scared)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1) You've Got Mail: I'm such a romantic.

2) Independence Day: I don't know why, but I just really enjoy this movie and Armageddon--doesn't really go with the idea of #1 above (well there is romance in both of those movies, isn't there???

3) Pride and Prejudice--yes the Kera Knightley one. (It's the only one I've seen)

4) Field of DreamsIt's not one I get out and put on all the time, but it seems to be on TV a lot. I love at the end when he "has a catch" with his dad. I sit and cry and think how much I would love to play catch with my dad.

Four of My Favorite Foods:

1) Just about anything chocolate--
This is probably my biggest weakness.

2) Prime rib--Whenever we go out for my birthday, I usually always order prime rib and bake potato.

3) Bloomin onion--I love salty things so if there is no Outback nearby (which there isn't in Canada) I'll settle for potato chips, pretzels or popcorn since they are all favorites of mine.

4) Ice cream--especially if I get a chance to go to Cold Stone!!!

Sidenote #1: The other night we went to a dinner at the Mission Home and one of the missionaries sang for us. Apparently he had been in a production of Les Miserables and he sang "Bring Him Home"--one of my favorite things to hear! He sang without any accompaniment and it was absolutely incredible.

Sidenote #2: Just for a laugh I have to tell you what happened in Seminary on Thursday. I've been trying to get more participation--the kids have been dead. So I decided to put up a secret word and whoever used the secret word in their comment would get a treat. (I had stopped at a store and picked up Orange Juice and a little bag of cinnamon rolls) One of the girls said the word, so I gave her the treat. A few minutes later I noticed she was laughing. When I asked her what was wrong she said nothing and then finally admitted what she was laughing about. First of all the bottle of orange juice was cracked. I felt so bad. Then she said, "But Sister "R" that's not the worst part--the cinnamon rolls are moldy". I thought, "Boy I bet you're glad you said the secret word!!!" Note to self: Don't go back to that store for treats!!!


Holly said...

What fun facts! I love Bloomin' Onions, and I really want to go to Russia some day. You've Got Mail is one of the best movies. But, I must say, you really should see the other Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth) though!

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

Your seminary student has a great sense of humor.

Fun meme. I like your first two movies, too.

Merry Christmas

Lauren said...

I am so sorry all of the seminary students are dead. That is a whole lot of funerals to go to.

Bloomin' Onions are soooooo good!!! I'm with you on salty stuff...s delicious!

I would love to go to Disneyworld someday!

Neal said...

I'm in 100% agreement on the Bloomin' Onion!!!! I wish it didn't make my sugar go through the roof...

annie said...

Fun facts Yvonne!
Your favorite foods made me hungry~

MAGIRK said...

Soooo funny about the cinnamon rolls! Eeeeeew!

Enjoyed reading those tidbits about your life. From the looks of your Blog, it seems you have taken a lot of fun trips!

I'm envious. :-)

Tori :) said...

Mmmm- Bloomin' onion!! Sei always laughs at me because I'll get it as an entree instead of an appetizer!!
I've been to Disneyworld 3 times, but never Disneyland.
Why did your family move to Canada?
What the heck store did you get the rolls from?? LOL!

Nancy Face said...

I would love to see the Sacred Grove! Your vacations amaze wonderful! :)

I have all four of those movies in my collection, and I think they're great! (I'm with Holly on Pride and Prejudice!) I watch Independence Day every 4th of July and cry during the president's awesome speech!

I'd love to hear that missionary sing "Bring Him Home." Les Miserables is my very favorite musical production ever! :)

Your poor dead seminary students...I hope the moldy cinnamon rolls revived them. ;)

Amber said...

Pride and Prejudice and You've got Mail are among my favorites. I, too am a sap. :-)

Peter said...

Although its not as good as Outback, Tony Roma's has great Bloomin Onions. There are only 3 locations in Winnipeg, one just happens to be down the street from the Stake Centre ( about 2-3 kms) and another is at Polo Park.
It seems like you have lived in some very diverse places,Yvonne. I love having those kind of life lessions and experiences to grow from. Being able to go to the Sacred Grove would have been a spiritual experience.
Carolyne Bamforth

Melissa said...

You've done some super fun things!
And I'm not surprised to see Holly promoting the OTHER Pride and Prejudice ;)
It's a good thing your seminary students can laugh about it all! :D

PJ said...

I've seen both Pride and Prejudice mentioned, and I fell in love with Mr Darcy in both :D

I LOVE bloomin' onions, I haven't had one in a while.

Great vacations!

My husband favorite all time song is "bring him home" WHAT A TREAT!

Yuck, and so funny about the cinnamon rolls!

Amanda said...

This was fun! You have such a fun life! :)

I am in agreement with the P&P comments. The other movie is quite good, a little long though. Both are very good!

I haven't had a blommin onion in forever! All of a sudden I am very hungry. :)

Yvonne said...

holly: I will rent that Pride and Prejudice--I really will.

mrs.monkeybutt: I've got some great seminary students. Merry Christmas to you, too.

lauren: They have a tough time staying awake--well maybe it's me ; ) Disneyworld is great.

neal: I think you and I have shared a bloomin onion.

annie: thanks--they make me hungry, too.

magirk: I won't that mistake again with the cinnamon rolls ; ) We have been fortunate enough to take some great trips.

tori: The bloomin onion is a meal in itself. It's been Allan's jobs that have brought us to Canada both times.

The cinnamon rolls were brought at a convenient store with just numbers in its name.

nancyface: I'm so grateful to have been able to go to the Sacred Grove. As I told Holly, I will rent the other Pride and Prejudice.

The missionary's voice was amazing. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room when he sang.

amber: I'm glad I'm not the only sap ; )

carolyne: I'll have to try the bloomin onion at Tony Roma's. Thanks. The Sacred Grove was a truly spiritual place to visit.

melissa: As I told Holly, I will rent that version.

My seminary students HAVE TO LAUGH.

pj: I think Mr. Darcy is wonderful. Having the missionary sing really was a great treat. As I mentioned, I will not be buying treats from that store again.

amanda: my life is fun--sometimes! Go to Outback and have a bloomin onion for me ; )

JustRandi said...

I'm glad your seminary students can laugh about stuff.
I bet they'll stay more awake when you're passing out treats from now on!

Suzanne said...

Oh how embarrassing with the treat, but hopefully everyone got a good laugh! Your food favorites sound so yummy! It was fun to learn more about you! :)

No Cool Story said...

Cold Stone.

You have to (HAVE TO) watch the P&P with Colin Firth. You won't be sorry, I promise you.