Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Where have the days gone??? It seems like this was just yesterday, when, in fact, it was some 13 years ago!!! I miss the days of taking little ones to see Santa. I think it's a pretty safe bet that KYLE wouldn't let me take him today!!!

I have been working hard trying to get my shopping done. I must admit, I love shopping on-line. (We have a blizzard warning today, so I'm glad I don't have to go out) In fact, Seminary was cancelled, so I drove Kyle to track practice this morning and I'm not leaving the house again!!! However, it really didn't amount to much here in the city. For most of the day the sun was shining, but the wind had been blowing big time. (Sure hope they don't end up having to cancel The Nativity Pageant tomorrow night--temps with the wind chill are predicted to be at -43!!!)..]

Way back in September I proudly announced I had started my shopping and not only that, but I had wrapped the presents I purchased. Well, guess what, I couldn't find them--I didn't remember where I put them. Hallelujah: after much searching I finally located them. I keep a little notebook and write down every gift I purchase, and when I wrap them I number them (just in case tags fall off). I know just a little obsessive!!! Note to self: Next time, include where you hide the gifts!!!!

I think I found a great gift for Allan--I purchased it on line, but it was out of stock--not sure if it's going to arrive in time for Christmas, so he may just get a picture of his gift.

I saw this cute little quiz on Magirk's blog so I decided to take it--

You Are Prancer

You are the perfect reindeer, with perfect hooves and perfect flying form.

Why You're Naughty: Because you're Santa's pet, and you won't let anyone show you up.

Why You're Nice: You have the softest fur and the sweetest carrot breath.

My two little elves in Utah are coming home bearing gifts that Mrs. Claus asked them to pick up for her in the states. (Sure hope they don't have problems clearing customs!!! With Heidi's luck at immigration/customs they'll probably throw her in jail ; )

Have someone on your list who is tough to buy for: I had a friend send me the instructions for this fun little gift. I've included the link in case any of you have the perfect person in mind for these:

The link is right here: maxi slippers

How about you? Are you done with your shopping?

Sidenote#1--Late this afternoon t got a call from the place that's supposed to repair my van letting me know that the parts are in and if we'd like we can call to make an appointment to bring in the van. Problem: The van is there!!! (At least it's supposed to be there ; )


MAGIRK said...

Brrrrr! I'm getting chills just reading about your temperatures there! Yikes!!!

Those slippers are hilarious. Ha, ha!

You sound like me, with all your gift hiding. I was sitting here earlier today wondering if I would be able to find all the items when it comes time... Let's hope YES! :-)

Good luck finding out who has your van! (That's scary, eh?)

Tonya said...

LOL, those slippers are a riot. My mom would have gotten a kick out of those.

I am finished shopping but have to wrap it all. I dislike wrapping gifts and usually put it off.

Yikes, the van thing is just weird. Hope they figure out what they are doing soon.

Nancy Face said...

I'd love to see a picture of big grown up Kyle sitting on Santa's lap! (Shhh...don't tell him I said that!)

Apparently I am Cupid.

Cute slippers! :D

OH NOOO! They lost the van! I think some teenagers probably sneaked out with it to go joy riding. ;)

Lauren said...

OK, so after you mentioned dropping off Kyle at TRACK PRACTICE, my mind was stunned for a little bit. Do they have INDOOR track practice, or do they make them run in the elements, hoping they won't die? This intriguies tell.

Those slippers kinda freaked me out a pad...oops, I meant a tad. Maybe I will makes them for my great friend Kelci...she would appreciate them because she is weird like that.

I need to go shopping still because I am a big bum with no will to do anything productive but watch Zac Efron in HIgh School Musical 2...true story.

Holly said...

Love the maxi slippers! LOL. I have most of my shopping done, I just need to wrap it all. I'm waiting on a couple of more deliveries, but I'm good to go. I love shopping online!

aurora said...

I hopped over here from Holly's blog--

Hello, fellow Canadian! I am originally from London, Ontario, but have lived in the States since 1988.

LOVED the maxi slippers! too funny!

Great blog :)

JustRandi said...

Hmmm - I know some people who may be getting Maxi Slippers this christmas! Those are TOO funny!

txmommy said...

funny slippers. ANd I thought I had weather to whine about!

Good luck with your shopping and your pagent!

Amber said...

OK, those slippers are the cutest things. But I would think in Canada, it would be a necessity to have closed-toe ones? :-)

No Cool Story said...

Maxi pads slippers!! GENIUS!
I bet the van people are all emberrased now. Betcha.

Mrs. Monkey said...

I am still trying to decide what to get my Allen. *sigh*

Ahem, I am Vixen! I'm not sure if that's good or not.

Yvonne said...

Regarding the van: It was there the guy just called before checking ; )

magirk: Yeah, it gets pretty cold here. Gotta love the slippers. Hope you find all your hidden gifts. By the way, love the eh????

tonya: Aren't they funny. I always love wrapping gifts if I can listen to music or watch a good movie while I'm doing it.

nancyface: I'd love to see that picture, too. What did it say about you being Cupid--the little comments are always so funny. I think you should make those slippers for Lauren ; ) and then post pictures--she'd look soooooo cute!!!

lauren: The track practice is DEFINITELY INDOORS!
If you make them for your friend, post pictures!
Turn off the DVD player and go shopping--that is once you've relaxed.

holly: You are so on the ball. I may even do more on-line shopping next year.

aurora: I'm so glad you came by. I'm actually from the states--originally California--just living in Canada. Thanks.

justrandi: Good luck making the slippers ; ) You MUST post pictures.

txmommy: Glad you liked the slippers. The pageant was held last night, in spite of the weather. Kyle has the flu and he will play in-between performances tonight, so we'll go tonight before we go to the airport to get Brent.

amber: You're absolutely right--must look for a close-toe version!!! The nice thing is because of the tape at the bottom , you wouldn't slip on the ice ; )

ncs: I think the slippers are hysterical. I think you are so right about the van guys.

mrs.monkeybutt: I hope you find just the right gift for your Allen--by the way, my gift for mine is now on the way. Yippee!!!

What little comments did it give you about Vixen. As I said to Nancyface, that's the best part.

PJ said...

HA! I love the slippers!

That is a very good idea with gift wrapping. Not obsessive, CLEVER:)

Nancy Face said...


A total romantic, you're always crushing on a new reindeer.

Why you're naughty: you've caused so much drama, all the reindeer aren't speaking to each other.

Why you're nice: you have a knack for playing matchmaker. You even hooked Rudolph up!

LIES! DRIVEL! FALSE WITNESS! FOOLISHNESS! All this because I like pizza and Hide and Seek?! :0

Yvonne said...

pj: Glad you like the slippers. Old age has started to affect my brain and I have to write EVERYTHING down.

nancyface: That is too funny. They were such funny questions, weren't they??!! LOL at the "you've caused so much drama all the other reindeer aren't speaking to each other")

Suzanne said...

I'm Cupid!

Maxi slippers!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! :D

Melissa said...

I've lost gifts before... but usually I find them AFTER the holiday or birthday or whatever... :S
Those slippers... they are just too funny!

Chel said...

That is so funny about forgetting where your presents are! That is totally something I would do! :)
I'm glad you found them!

I do at least half of my shopping on-line... I think it's a great alternative to taking a baby and 3 year old out. :)