Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day

Yes, it is boxing day here in Canada. There have been days when we have braved the crazy temps and the crowds to find a great bargain. This year we're really not interested.

We had a great Christmas. It had been a great Christmas Eve. We read Luke 2 a little later than usual, but it was so wonderful to have that time together. After the kids changed into the pajamas Santa left, we took our traditional picture. I'm not sure what time Allan was up getting started with the turkeys on Christmas morning. The kids didn't get up until 7:00. Everyone was very happy with all their gifts. I so enjoy sitting back and watch all the gifts being unwrapped. It is so fun--it's when I'm taken back to when they were little and so excited as they opened each gift. I love it.

I have to admit the big hit was Rock Band. We all had a great time playing. (I STINK, but maybe one day I'll get better.)

Our dinner guest arrived a little before 3:00 for dinner. We had a ball. We had done some re-arranging of our furniture to accomodate our guests. It was important to me to have all the missionaries in the same area eating together. Brent had mentioned how much he loved when he was on his mission and they could all be together. We weren't sure we were going to be able to pull it off--putting 30 of us in one area, but it worked.

We had purchased a bunch of little gifts last Saturday so the missionaries could do a little gift exchange. They seemed to have a great time doing it. There were a couple of zip ties that they seemed to enjoy. We had purchased a red and a black Canadian toque and the Miss. Pres. and his wife ended up getting them--they looked so cute with them on their heads. (They are wonderful couple and such great sports.) The parents of these missionaries are so blessed that their children have such wonderful people watching over their sons and daughters. After the gift exchange we sang Christmas carols and had dessert. (I made a black forest cake for the first time--I'd post a picture, but it was so funny looking--yet very tasty.) We also had German Chocolate Pudding Cake which was delicious.

After everyone left, we were exhausted, but it was such a great kind of exhaustion. I hope your Christmas was filled with love.

By the way, if you want to see one of the cutest little shepherds you've ever seen, go here.

We're off today for the movies. Have a great day.


MAGIRK said...

Wow! What a day!!

You're so awesome to host a dinner for the missionaries - ALL of them!

Glad you enjoyed the time with your family. The rock band looks like fun.

That shepherd really is CUTE! (The angel was awesome, too!! :-) ha, ha)

txmommy said...

Merry Christmas!
How wonderful that you have all the missionaries, I am sure they love it :)

Chel said...

WOW! All the missionaries again!?!? You are amazing! I'm not sure how you do it! We had 6 over all day for Christmas day... with it being 65 degrees we did more of a non-traditional dinner, but had spent over $100 on steaks and over $250 for everything else (appetizers, sides and desserts)... how in the world can you feed 30!!!!!!???? :) It was nice to grill the steaks though, so I only had to worry about everything else.

ROCKBAND was our HUGE hit too. It was soooooo fun! We also got a couple guitar heros which made it fun, because we had 2 extra guitars. It was great! I'm not that good on the drums, but I did pretty good on the guitar. :) Maybe we'll get better with practice! :)

It sounds like you had a great time. I love watching the kids open each and every present... it's awesome!

JustRandi said...

I am so impressed! You deserve a long long movie day. And then maybe another one!

And keep practicing on that RockBand, girlfriend! You'll wow them next year. (Wouldn't that be funny???)

Holly said...

You're so awesome to do that for the missionaries. They're blessed to have you and Allen there to look after them as well. I'm so glad you had such a nice holiday.

Tonya said...

What a cute little shepherd!!

I'm glad that you had a nice Christmas. That sure is a lot of missionaries in one place. It's really wonderful of you to do that for them. I'm sure their moms and dads really appreciate it.

Happy Boxing day (whatever that is..LOL)

Mrs. Monkey said...

How amazing that you feed ALL the missionaries in your area. They are blessed to have you.

That shepherd was so darling.

Lauren said...

You are so sweet to make dinner AND by gifts for the missionaries!

I love Guitar Hero, and I hear Rock Band is just as fun!! I want to try it out.

I love Heidi's jammies! Winnie the Pooh is pretty much my favorite.

Nancy Face said...

What a wonderful Christmas! I love your family jammies picture!

It's wonderful that you hosted dinner for the missionaries, and that you provided a gift exchange for them, too! I'm sure there are lots of grateful parents!

Rock Band looks like a blast...Zach just went out tonight and spent his Christmas money on Guitar Hero. He wants me to play, but I don't know...I have this reputation of never playing video games AT ALL!

You're right! That shepherd is sooo cute! :)

Yvonne said...

EVERYONE: We just love having the missionaries in our home and consider it such a privilege to be able to serve them.

magirk: It is great to have the kids here. Rock band is a blast.

Thanks for going over to see the shepherd. He is such a darling little guy--and such a sweetie.

txmommy: Merry Christmas to you--I hope you continue to have a blast with your family.

chel: That was great that you had 6 missionaries over and what a treat for them to have steak--it does add up, but it is such a blessng to have them in your home. I'm sure they love being with your family because it's so obvious you love serving them.

I have to tell you I actually made it through 2 songs tonight and even sang on one--with the kids and a couple of our friends. (I'd never do it in front of a huge group) We had a great time.

justrandi: We went to see the sequel to National Treasure and loved it. Thanks for going over and looking at my little shepherd ; )

I am enjoying the whole rock band thing. We had a party tonight and had a lot of people playing. After the majority of them left I went down and actually made it through a couple of songs. Then one of my friends said, "You've got to sing". Believe me it's such a joke, but I did it and I got something like 90%.

holly: We had such a wonderful day, it was fabulous.

tonya: I love the little shepherd, too. (I can't really explain boxing day--except that it's a holiday. I've never understood, because I always thought it had something to do with taking gifts back to the store after Christmas, but most of the stores will not accept returns on boxing day ??????

mrs.monkey: I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Thanks for going to see the little shepherd.

lauren: Now that I've managed to make it through a couple of songs on rock band, I'll have to go back and try guitar hero. (I'll probably have to wait until after Kyle goes back to school ; )

Heidi is a huge winnie the pooh fan--by the way, rumor has it winnie the pooh was named after winnipeg.

nancyface: Our family jammies are a tradition--can't imagine what Allan and I will do when it's just us in that pic.

You've got to play Guitar Hero with Zach. I bet you'll be great!!!!

Thanks for checking out my little shepherd. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas ; )

Melissa said...

You're right! Those missionaries are really blessed with some amazing people watching out for them... yeah, that would be YOU!! You are one awesome gal! Feeding those missionaries is no small task when it's just 2 of them!! You are awesome!! :)