Saturday, June 30, 2007


This was a trip full of all sorts of adventures. I have never been in seas quite like that!!!We flew from Winnipeg to Copenhagen on Wednesday, September 21st. Of course, we met up with everyone in Chicago. We stopped in Dover, England; Belfast and Dublin, Ireland; Greenock, Scotland; Reykjavik, Iceland, (supposedly Greenland--but that's another story) St. Johns, Newfoundland; and we disembarked in Florida (the ship was late getting into port so we missed our flight home--another story). Of course, we also stopped in New York, where Homer, Bev, Mom and Gerry got off due to Homer's broken leg (another story).

Our first formal night on the ship. The Star Princess was a beautiful ship. As always, we ate WAY TOO MUCH. But fortunately for us, we did a fair amount of walking--so they didn't have to roll us off or use a crane to get us off.

I think this shopping trip into London was THE MOST EXPENSIVE TRIP any of us had ever been on and it had nothing to do with the fact that we visited Harrods!!! Some day ask Allan about the WONDERFUL taxi driver who only took us where HE WANTED TO GO!!! What a memory!!!

Here we are in Belfast at the Giant's Causeway. We were told that according to legends, the giant Finn McCool used the basalt columns forming the causeway as stepping stones to travel from Ireland to Scotland to visit his lover, a Scots giantess. I was grateful Allan didn't fall off. I even climbed up, but it was really scary for me!!!

What a great memory to be at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland. I do wish I had opted to bathe and relax in the waters!!! It probably would have done wonders for my skin!!!

When we were sailing out of New York it was so fun to see the Statue of Liberty.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


This give you a pretty good idea of the dome train we took on this trip to Copper River.

Allan and I on the deck. I just love glaciers and think they are one of the most incredible sights on earth.

Isn't it AMAZING. One of the best things about an Alaskan Cruise is being in Glacier Bay. To sit there and have the Captain turn off the engines and HEAR the glacial movement is breathtaking.

It was so fun to ride the ATV's. I was such a big chicken, everyone went so much faster than I did. I had a great time anyway. We road them to the Pipeline. It was apparently the first time since 9/11 that people had been allowed near the pipeline--I guess that's why there were helicopters buzzing overhead!

I know going bike riding was not at the top of Allan's list, but I really wanted to do something other than riding a bus to see something. He was so wonderful to humor me and "go along for the ride". I haven't been on a bike for so long, but it still was a lot of fun.

IT WAS SO SCARY--We were in having lunch and Allan had gone outside for a minute. When he didn't come back, we went looking for him and there was this bear...

Monday, June 25, 2007


A couple of lovebirds at the Waimea Canyon lookout. Is it possible that we really have been married for 20 years???

Here we are in the Dining Room on board the Dawn. This was an absolutely amazing ship--we LOVED our mini-suite.

We had such an amazing time--we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Of course, we both love Hawaii, so being back there was wonderful.


The Mediterranean Cruise was such a great one. We saw so much. This was a trip when I wish I had the ability to recall facts--I learned so much, but do not remember the majority of it. Europe is so amazing--we go to the U.S. and see a building built in 1600 and are amazed--in Europe that is a fairly new building!!!

It was great fun to go to the London Bridge. We even went and saw the Crown Jewels. So much to see, so little time, and due to jet lag we were pretty tired.

I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE LOUVRE. What an amazing place. I loved every minute of being there. And I'm sure I had the same thought that everyone has when they see The Mona Lisa--the painting is so small. The fun thing is seeing all the people with their easels painting the masterpieces. I was very surprised.

We were so excited to be able to see the LEANING TOWER OF PISA. It was amazing all the wonderful things we saw during this trip. I wish I could have gotten a picture from inside the Sistine Chapel--my goodness, what an amazing place. I could post TONS of pictures.

It was so fun to be at the Coliseum--another one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. I kept thinking about the movie "Gladiator". Oh my goodness, so much history!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


After Grandpa got his diagnosis, everyone decided we needed to go on a cruise. Alaska was our first choice, but there was nothing available and didn't look like there was anything with Princess. So, we ended up on Royal Caribbean. We were on a ship that was taking it's last cruise and was ready to go and become scrapmetal (well, not really, but it was it's last voyage.
I don't know if any of us will ever forget the family that sat at a table near ours each night for dinner. I think they had flunked out any class on "How Normal People Eat"!!! It reminded me of "A Christmas Story" where the little guy is being "mommys little piggy"!!!

Allan and I flew in from Winnipeg the night before and stayed at a hotel. We met up with Grandma and Grandpa, Bev, Homer and Gerry at the airport and then the Royal Caribbean people took us to the ship.

Allan and I ready to board the ship. SHOCK!!! My eyes are actually open.

We always laugh every time they go through this exercise. It's always amazing that as many times as they tell you not to put your life vest on until you get to your muster station--there are always a bunch of people walking around wearing their life vests and tripping over the straps. THAT'S WHEN I NEED MY BADGE AND WHISTLE!!!


Here I am with a little friend I met in Huatulco. It took all the courage I had to hold him, and I am so glad I have the picture.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


We have such wonderful memories of our cruise to the Baltic. I still remember how I felt when I stepped foot in Russia. All of my growing up years, we learned about our enemy--Russia, and I never dreamed I would ever be in that country. It was so different then I thought it would be. Going to Berlin was another place I never thought I would visit. I must say when we were in Berlin, I felt like I was in an old movie that switched from black and white to color, depending on where you were. I'm not sure why Wyoma wasn't in this picture because I'm taking the picture, but it was nice to have her along with us and have an opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Here we are as we left the port in Southampton. A funny story was as we stood on the deck and watched them load the luggage, someone's luggage went into the water. Sure glad it wasn't any of ours!!!!

When we visited The Hermitage, it was incredible to see all that is there. It is absolutely amazing--I really wanted to sit on this throne, (which was the throne of Peter the Great), but knew they would come and take me away!!! One of the funny things about being here was they wouldn't allow any flash photography and yet there were only kinds of windows and the sun was beating in on some of the artwork???

Peterhof Palace: This was a truly spectacular sight--the fountains and grounds were incredible. I guess they call this the Russain Versailles. I could see why. Personally, I didn't know anything like this existed in Russia.

As a young girl, one of my favorite books was "The Diary of Anne Frank" so it was such an incredible privilege to go to Amsterdam and see where she lived and wrote her diary. What an amazing girl she must have been.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


CHICHEN ITZA--In 1994 we visited Chichen Itza during our cruise to the Western Caribbean. What a fascinating place. (In fact, it made the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World.)Sure wish I had a picture of me swimming with the stingrays during our visit to the Grand Cayman Islands.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


When we first arrived in Fairbanks we went on a riverboat tour and then had a salmon bake. It was great. Here we all are in front of a spruce tree lean-to. One memory of being there was looking out the window about 2:30 a.m. and it was like dusk. Yes, I knew it was that way, but somehow seeing it was so different. (Of course, now it doesn't seem that amazing--after all in Winnipeg in June our days are quite long!!!)

Our first day in Denali, Allan, Mom and I took a bus ride through the park. We saw lots and lots of animals--it was great. The next day we were able to go white water rafting on the Nenana River--it was so fun.

This is our ship--the Sea Princess. We got on in Whittier. Donna Mae and Aunt Fern were with us and they were great fun. In Skagway, Bev and I went on a plane for a different look at the glaciers. It was amazing.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I don't think any of us will forget when Allan's folks told us they were taking us on a South Pacific Cruise. It included 3 days in Sydney. The plane ride over was a trip we'll never forget---I have never been that long on an airplane, and I can't say that I ever want to be again!!! However, Quantas was an amazing airline. On our way over, Gerry had some trouble with her heart, so when we stopped in Honolulu Mom, Dad, Gerry and Bev didn't get on the plane. They stayed over until the next day. don't think Allan has ever dealt with that much luggage, and NO IT WASN'T ALL MINE!!!

We stayed here at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney where the view of the Opera House was incredible. Sydney is a beautiful city--we loved every minute of being in Australia. The plane ride over was a trip we'll never forget--I don't think Allan has ever dealt with that much luggage, and NO IT WASN'T ALL MINE!!!(The experience at the hotel was a scary one for me--I got locked in the stairwell on the 27th floor and just knew the ship would leave without me!!!)

When we arrived in Sydney, unfortunately our hotel was not ready, so we had to go walking around. It was a lot of fun, but both of us were so tired after the 17+ hour plane ride.

As Allan and I walked around, we were amazed when we saw the Opera House. I couldn't wait until we could go over and take a tour. It was so incredible.

Here we are as the ship left the harbor. Our first cruise--we were so excited. It was so wonderful as we went under the bridge--it was an absolutely gorgeous evening.

FIRST STOP--AUCKLAND What a fun trip it was at the zoo in Auckland. Such amazing animals.


What a wonderful trip to Paris to visit with the Crocketts. I will never forget it. We saw so much--Versailles,Champs de lyse, Notre Dame, as well as we stayed at a Chateau, had delicious food (in fact, after huge meal (which seemed like at least 6 courses), Richard ordered dessert--a little apple pie with ice cream (not quite a little pie), and had an opportunity to visit with wonderful friends, who incidentally were fantastic tour guides. We'll never forget our tour through the Bois de Boulogne--I'm sure Richard would love to forget it!!! Of course, it was the first of many trips to Paris where we didn't get into the Louvre--we went on a Tuesday when it's closed!!! .

And what is my memory of Versailles--not much. I think I spent most of the time out on the grounds getting sick. It was so incredibly hot, and after all, I was 6 months pregnant with Heidi. But it was nice to have my doctor right there!!!

Our train to Zermatt. The train ride to Zermatt was amazing. Allan was a little disappointed because he figured all of the rivers and streams would be crystal clear, and they weren't.

What a beautiful place. There was so much to see--we loved every minute of Switzerland. It was a real treat for us to be able to see Elder Heber Crockett in Geneva. I'd go back to Switzerland in a minute. I guess, riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland is about the closest I'll get for awhile!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


We had a wonderful honeymoon on Maui. It was my first time in Hawaii and I loved every minute of it. Every time we are there we laugh about the cockroach Allan "battled" at Pizza Hut. I think because of my memories in Hawaii it is still one of my most favorite places to visit. The time we spent there could never be re-created, but it is so fun to go back and remember the great time we had. It was a great way for us to start our adventure together--and these 25 years have truly been an adventure.

We stayed at the Kaanapali Shores (obviously right on Kaanapali Beach. I loved having the beach right there. Allan took me to see so many wonderful sights. I ended up getting sick and in fact had to go and see a doctor while we were there. Allan was so attentive--in fact, a little too attentive for someone who was not used to someone taking care of her.

This was obviously 25 years and more than 25 pounds ago. You wouldn't catch me posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit ever again, but this is the only picture I have of the two of us together on our honeymoon.