Monday, January 14, 2008

After 56 Years There Have Been Some Changes...

This is my birthday week--hey, I'm going to celebrate as many days as I can!!! Anyway, I thought I'd do a post about some of the changes I've seen in these MANY years:

I started thinking about the big changes that have taken place in my life. There have been 4 major life-changing moments (and lots of big ones).

First was in in 1964 when my sisters and I went to live with the people who raised us after our parents died. I was sure glad we were all together when we went to live with these total strangers. Years later, Les and I had a good laugh when I told him I remembered going to their refrigerator and seeing orange juice and thinking, "Wow, they're rich. They have orange juice."

Second was in 1970 when my son, Stephen, was born. Please note that the birth of each of my children was a wonderful experience, but when Stephen was born I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. Thus it truly was a major change.
Third came in 1974 when I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I now had an understanding of who I was and why I was here upon the earth. It's a decision that I am so grateful I made.

Fourth was October 23, 1982, when I married the man of my dreams who I hope to be with for all eternity.

There have been lots of changes in the world--I think one of my favorite memories when I was a young girl was when the men from NASA came to our school and talked about one day putting a man on the moon. My friends and I laughed and thought that was the funniest thing we'd ever heard. Then as I sat in my sister's living room in 1969 when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, I was so excited! Do you realize when I was born there were only 48 states--(do you think you needed a passport to visit Alaska and Hawaii back then???) I still don't know the names of all those countries that make up what I knew as the U.S.S.R.???

Some of the fun changes that I have witnessed--now I won't write about indoor plumbing since it's always been a part of my life. However, I often wonder how my dad survived in a home with 6 daughters and a wife and only ONE bathroom!!!

#1--Gosh, tv and movies have changed so much. I remember what a difference it was when we watched Bonanza in color!!! I still remember when Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds--they couldnt' even mention the word "pregnant" now you can almost watch how a woman BECOMES pregnant?!?

#2--Music is very different than when I was a young girl. I grew up with American Bandstand--kind of like the Corny Collins show in Hairspray. That's how I learned to dance watching all those kids from Philadelphia. I love when Kyle listens to some of the music I used to hear coming from my 45's--gosh, do kids even know what 45's are today???

#3--Fashion--go-go boots, mini skirts, halter tops, bell bottoms--I had them all.

#4--I don't miss sleeping with rollers on my head!!! And I don't miss hot rollers--a curling iron is so much easier. We used to use big hair dryers and now we have such wonderful little blow dryers.

#5--I know Kyle thinks I was born AGES ago, and the first time I wrote in shorthand I think he thought it was hieroglyphics. I still use it occasionally. Then you think about when I took typing in high school on a manual typewriter. You had to really press hard on those keys--especially when you had carbon paper. Yikes if you ever made a mistake. We all thought we'd died and gone to Heaven when they came out with electric typewriters and then the kind that you could back up and it would correct your typing mistakes!!!

#6--If you walk around the kitchen today and wonder how different it is from the 50's and the 60's. I often wonder what I did without a microwave!!! I love my dishwasher and would hate to have to go back to washing dishes by hand. (I know this is not in the kitchen, but my mother didn't have a dryer for years and we used to hang our clothes on the line--I loved the smell when we'd bring them in and fold them.

#7--I get so excited when I think of all the changes in technology. Computers are incredible to me. I can get on my computer and have a video chat with Neal in Boston (and see what little Garrett is doing) and even have Brent with us in Salt Lake City or Chris in Texas. I LOVE IT!!! (Just wish all the kids owned a MAC ; ) I know that I print out too many things and really need to store more (but, of course, that means I need to back everything up, doesn't it!!!) Then there are digital cameras and digital photos and all the applications where you can photoshop people into a picture!!!

With cell phones, e-mail, websites, blogs, you would think that we'd be closer as families--all of this makes it so much easier. Perhaps we get lazy. I know I don't stay in contact with some of my sisters like I should, and sometimes we don't hear from family as much as we would like.

Some things will never change--for that I am very grateful. But isn't it fun to wonder what the next 50 years will bring!!!

Sidenote #1: When I turned on the weather channel, I couldn't believe the temperatures -32 and with the wind chill -42.

Sidenote #2:
Regarding my accountability list: Doing much better with my weight loss (not as good as Randi). I think I will go to two-a-day workouts. Piano and the meal planning are going well. I'm loving the prayer journal. I have to report: I'm stinking at #6 and #7.


MAGIRK said...

Oh my gosh, I KNOW SHORTHAND! I learned it as an 'electives' part of my secretarial training, though honestly I have never used it. But I loved that class, and my grandpa was so proud of me when I told him I had learned it. He was a reporter for the Deseret News for years, and made great use of shorthand. It's fun, and I'm so happy to know someone else who knows it! :D

What a fun post - thank you! I laughed at so many of those, and there were some tidbits I didn't know.

I'm trying so hard to hold off to wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday... But I'm so excited for you! I hope your 'birthday week' will be lots of fun. And I hope you get all the special-ness you want! I know I'm glad you're here. :)

Holly said...

This is a great post! I know where that wedding photo was taken's by the proposal bench on top of the Oakland Temple!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday week Yvonne. You definitely deserve it.

JustRandi said...

I love the pictures! It's so fun to get to know people, isn't it?
You just keep working at that exercise. Everything counts!

Melissa said...

I love this post! What a great look back at the things in your life! And the pictures were wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Face said...

Happy Birthday this week! :D

I loved this so much! What a great idea! :)

I still think it's so cool that our weddings were only 4 weeks apart!

I liked when TV and movies used to be so clean! I loved watching American Bandstand! I also slept in rollers, then progressed to hot rollers, haha! :D

I got my first dishwasher just 12 years ago. My mom STILL doesn't have a dryer! :0

Great job on your accountability list! :)

PJ said...

Happy Birthday! I gave you an award, well I ditto'ed the award you already have;)

What a life you have had, your early life is intriguing.

I did not have a dishwasher the first 10 years of marriage! I could be in a dish washing championship.

1974 was a very good year:D

TOOOO cold for me!

Did I mention: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

annie said...

Wow, it is cold there!!!
Happy Birthday to you.
I think cell phones have been huge in changing the way we live. I was born in 1969, so a lot of those things I don't remember... but I do remember buying our first microwave when I was in 7th grade. It was so exciting and our first vcr that was $800 in 8th grade. To rent movies was a dream... and my huge honker cell phone that didn't even fit in a purse was hilarious! I wish I would have kept that thing! I throw everything away...
Fun post Yvonne!

Tonya said...

What a great post Yvonne. I can see that a lot of things have changed in your life but I'm betting that one thing is the same. I'm sure that you are as sweet as ever.

I always wanted to learn shorthand. It could really come in handy...hehehe :o)

txmommy said...

I remember when we got a color TV, we were the last ones in the US to do so I think :)
I also remember fondly watching it on Sunday nights. We'd watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom followed by the Wonderful World of Disney all together. TV viewing sure has changed!

fun post!

Whitney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! I hope it's the best birthday week ever and that everyone treats you like a Princess!!! :) I love your picture, you're Gorgeous!!! (Of course getting moreso every day, but I love the "classic" look of your (high school?) picture. So beautiful!)

Lauren said...

This was so fun to read! Ricky and Lucy really slept in two separate beds?! That's awesome haha...

Wait, so there is no such thing as the Corny Collins show? ;) haha

Cute school picture!!

Amanda said...

I just love your posts Yvonne. You are such a positive, uplifting person! Evertime I come here it is like a little pick me up!

Happy Birthweek! I am all for celebrating for as long as possible!!!

I loved this post. I actually know most of which you spoke of. Life has changed a lot since I was born too. In fact we were just having this very conversation with our kids this morning over breakfast. My daughter actually asked me, "Mom did they have stores back when you were a kid?" Excuse me! How old do you think I am?!? ;)

BTW, You joined the church the same year that I was born. :)

Chel said...

This was so awesome Yvonne! The pictures are great too. This has been a very fun birthday week for all us-- especially when you enlighten and brighten our days with posts like this.

I loved looking back and remembering when...

Yvonne said...

magirk: I used to just sit and practice by writing what people said on TV--now I use it when recording blessings, etc. I'm glad to know someone else who knows it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. My birthday weekhas been great.

holly: I knew you would know exactly where that picture was taken ; ) Thanks, holly.

justrandi: You are right--it is great fun to get to know people.

I'll keep working. I know it will pay off.

melissa: I had a great time putting the post together. Thanks.'

nancyface: You were such a young little thing when you got married ; )

I still love watching some of the old TV shows. Did you sleep in the sponge rollers or the hard ones with the pins that every so often would poke into your head??? Does your mom still hang out her laundry???

Thanks, nancy.

pj: Thanks for the award. You know you are one of my daily doses--I stop by even when you don't post, just to look at the great pictures.

I love my dishwasher--especially when I have company ; )

You're so right about 1974--it was a good year.

It's still cold, but not as bad as it was the day I wrote the post.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

annie: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Goodness you were born the year I graduated from high school ; ) Isn't it funny how cheap VCRs are today.
We had to really save for our first. I had one of those big cell phones, too--but it certainly would have come in handy, if you needed a weapon to protect yourself ; )

tonya: Thanks. You know I'm not even sure anyone even teaches shorthand anymore. I'm still glad I took it in high school ; )

txmommy: Didn't it seem different when you watched things on the color TV? Such a fun memory for me.

whitney: Thank you so much. You are so sweet and I appreciate your kind words. I will have a great birthday.

lauren: Yes, if you ever watch old episodes of I Love Lucy--just look ; ) I don't know if anyone on any networks shows old American Bandstand episodes but you'd be surprised at how much it is like the Corny Collins show. I can't remember everyones name on American Bandstand but you had some drama--I'm sure there was a girl just like Amber and a guy just like Link ; )

amanda: Thanks--I'm glad that you feel uplifted. I hope you're still celebrating your birthday !!!

LOL at your daughter's comment. Of course, we all thought our parents were soooooooo old.

I have a great baptism date--April 6 ; )

chel: Thanks--I had a lot of fun remembering the good old days!!!

Peter said...

Happy birthday!! When I look at your wedding picture i can recognize you; but not Allen!! Its fun to see old photos posted, and like you mentioned time certainly has changed. I love to see movies even just 10 years ago and look at the huge cell phones they carried around and thought you'd need to be rich to have everyone owns one.

Carolyne in Niverville

Macy said...

I really, really love the hair in the first picture. :)

Tori :) said...

I abosolutely LOVED this post!! How fun!!
I hope you have a super, wonderful birthday. I wish I could go thru and read the 4000 posts I've missed, but my time is so short. I've missed you!

Yvonne said...

Carolyne: Thank you. I can't believe you don't recognize Allan--to me he hasn't changed that much. Now when you see the picture I post tomorrow, he looks very different--still cute as ever, eh???

Like I said to annie those old cell phones made good weapons if you ever needed protection ; )

macy: Can you spell P-O-O-F-Y!!!

tori: Thanks. I know how busy you must be--can't wait to read your posts. You have been missed SO MUCH!!!!