Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was watching TV and saw a commercial for "Cool Hand Luke" and thought about Paul Newman. When I think of him (well, not that I think of him all the time), I still think of him like this

That led me to Robert Redford I think what I enjoy about him is he has allowed himself to age--doesn't seem to be too caught up in the fact that he has a few wrinkles.

He made me think of Perhaps it's not fair to include him because he's still such a baby, but the fact of the matter is....WE'RE ALL GETTING OLDER!!!

Of course, some of my children are younger than most of you. In fact, Lauren is younger than my oldest grandson!!! Of course, my youngest child is also younger than Lauren and my oldest grandson ; ) Now, keep in mind, I really don't mind getting old. I've always felt young at heart and love the interaction I enjoy with my blogging friends. I believe we can learn from anyone and so I'm grateful for the things I learn from reading your blogs. Thanks for the experience.

Sidenote #1: I just received a new Seminary DVD and it is incredible. I watched the video regarding Esther and it was AMAZING. I thought next year would be my last year of teaching--that would mean I would have taught all 4 years, and Kyle will graduate, and I wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore. But, after seeing this DVD, I really would love to see what they do with the Book of Mormon, so I might have to teach for another year ; )

Sidenote #2: Speaking of Seminary, I teach some amazing young people. Even though they have exams this week and some of them have opted to come to Seminary even on those days when they have no exam and don't even have to go to school, and yesterday with the wind chill it was a lovely -46 when we got there. I'm grateful Kyle was there to help me shut the door to the Church!!! I just noticed that tomorrow the wind chill is going to be -49 (I bet you're glad you don't live HERE ; )


aurora said...

Paul Newman, yummy- gotta love Blue Eyes!

I am a classic movie fanatic, and have a major Cary Grant crush and have since I was 16 years old. *sigh*

Wow, teaching Seminary for 4 years?!? Now it is official; you are truly AMAZING! :)

PJ said...

Cool Hand Luke makes me think of boiled eggs HA! He is a hotty:)

I remember freaking out on my 21st birthday, because I was almost positive I had a wrinkle:) Now I know I have several, but I kinda like them. Hmmm.

That is a lot of Seminary! I bet you are so loved by your students. I remember some very special seminary teachers that I had:)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I wish more people would embrace their age and be happy with how they've turned out. Wisdom can only come with age and experience.

I wanna come to your classes! The new video sounds so wonderful! I bet you really inspire those kids.

JustRandi said...

I've thought that about Robert Redford, too!
And about the seminary video - - why do we never ever get to see them? I mean, I understand keeping it new and fresh for seminary, but when the videos are replaced, why don't they put the old ones out to the general membership?
My kids come home all the time talking about this awesome video - - -that I will likely never see. Waaaa!

Pedaling said...

i still find Mr. Newman very attractive.

Love your blog.

your poor sis. that looks horrible. i hope she is feeling better. i will always keep my purse off the floor.

that's cool that you teach seminary.
I'll check on you again soon.

Ashley said...

NICE!!! I have never before seen this picture. HE could definitely take the cake over some of these new younger guys. WOW I thought we were cold here, I can not even imagine weather like that.

Nancy Face said...

Paul Newman makes me think of salad dressing.

I'm like you...getting older, but very young at heart! :)

Your dedication to your students is inspiring! I can't even begin to imagine being that cold! YIKES! :0

Whitney said...

I feel like I'm getting old, even though I'm not even quite 21. Time flies!!!
It snowed last night, and I'm guessing it was about 10 degrees last night. I guess I should be grateful I'm not in -46!! I'm so sorry, but it's always a good excuse for hot chocolate! :D

Chel said...

You're right... we are all getting older. I'm just running with it because every year of my life had always brought different joys, experiences and happiness. I'll always be the same person with the same heart, just a few more wrinkles!

Magirk said...

I can't believe how freakin' cold it is there!!!

Which makes me so grateful to be where I am.

(Sorry. I just do NOT handle the cold very well.)

I have issues with aging - not the physical stuff so much, more of the "How come I don't feel any more wise or smart!?" I still feel like a silly, immature teenager sometimes. (ha, ha!)

Melissa said...

Those pictures... well... they were a lovely bright spot in my day! Thanks :)

annie said...

I feel young too. I've always enjoying having friends of all different ages... I guess I pick them based on their ♥, not their age.

Tori :) said...

I think Warren Beatty in "Splendor in the Grass" is lust worthy. Yum. Just thought I'd add that...

Do the people in the seminary videos move now? They were like slideshow things when I went.

Yvonne said...

aurora: His eyes are gorgeous ; ) Classic movies are so great, aren't they!!!

I love teaching Seminary.

pj: LOL.

I'll take wrinkles over a cement looking face anyday!!!

Seminary is great.

gina: I'm so grateful for everything I'm learning on my journey through life--and for all the wise people I've met along the way.

Oh, come to my class!!!

justrandi: Good question about the Seminary videos--I've asked the same thing. But then you stop and go wouldn't it be awful if at 6:30 you pop in a video and they say "We just saw that yesterday in Sunday School!!!" I have seen a couple of older ones shown in Gospel Doctrine.

pedaling: Thanks so much for coming by. Come again.

My sister is feeling better--it's been a long road to recovery.

Seminary is such a great job.

ashley: Yes, Paul Newman would have definitely been People's Sexiest Man Alive a number of times!!!

Yes, it is cold--and when I saw your slideshow and you wrote about skiwear not being attractive--I thought you would laugh if you saw me when I head out the door to seminary some mornings. All I care about is being warm ; )

nancyface: I just love Paul Newman--salad dressing and all.

You are so young at heart it is incredible--that's why I love ya!!!

I love my students--they are so great. I have one young man who travels about 35 minutes each morning. That's dedication.

whitney: Oh my, you're younger than my oldest grandchild, too!!! You're so right--time does fly by.

This weather is definitely a good excuse for hot chocolate ; )

chel: I'm going to frame what you wrote. So beautifully put!!!! Thank you.

magirk: Yes, it is cold

I think when we stop and think of everything we have learned we should feel pretty good ; )

melissa: Glad you liked the pictures ; )

annie: I'm the same way--I've always had friends of different ages.

tori: Oh, I could kick myself for not including Warren Beatty. He was so adorable in Splendor in the Grass--I haven't seen that movie for years. (I hope they never remake it, because it would never be as good ; ) Thanks for the reminder.

LOL at the slideshow comment. If you ever get a chance, watch the "Whole Armour of God" Seminary video. It's great.

Corrine said...

Paul Newman is still hot! Just look at him to keep yourself warm!

mindyluwho said...

I love Paul Newman. I love his salad dressing too.

I love how easy it is to relate to people in the blogging world no matter the age difference. In fact I don't even know the age of most of the people I read. It just doesn't matter!

mindyluwho said...

PS I always thought it would be fun to teach seminary, except the getting up early...

Tonya said...

You are definetely young at heart. Your family,seminary and blogging friends are so lucky to have you in our lives.


txmommy said...


Amanda said...

I think some men will always be sexy, no matter how old they are. I think feeling young at heart is so important. :)

We are finally having some warm weather today. We've had the cold wind chills as well, but not quite as bad as yours. We've been into the -30's. That is cold enough for me! This time of year I always tell my husband we should move to Phoenix!

Yvonne said...

corrine: LOL You're so funny.

mindylou: I love his salad dressing, too. You're right about being able to relate in the blogging world and how age doesn't matter at all ; )

The benefits of teaching seminary so outweigh the getting up.

tonya: Thanks--you make me feel so good ; ) I'm lucky to have blogging friends like you

Yeah, it's cold.

txmommy: Brrrrrrrrrrrr is right. It's going to snow tomorrow so the temperature should warm up.

amanda: You're right about some men--doesn't matter how old they get.

The young at heart part is the important part, isn't it.

This time of year Phoenix sounds really good. I had to laugh the other day when Kyle said there's no reason for snow after Christmas. I agree!!!

Holly said...

-49? I won't complain about 21 degrees anymore!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yes, we are all getting older...some of us more than others :)

Glad to be in the Brad Pitt group and not the Paul Newman.

Tori :) said...

Is the Armor Of God video the one where the kid screws up at a party and can't go on his mission? Then is friend who is leaving on is mission tells him "I'll make you a deal. I don't want you to be at my home coming but I want to be at yours..." ????

Yvonne said...

holly: I'd still complain.

alicewillsgold: I'm closer to the Paul Newman ; )

tori: Yes, that is the same video. I cry like a baby every time. I'm always so touched by the importance of never removing our armor or laying down our sword.

Lauren said...

Wait, so the back pains, the irregular bowel movements and the lack of hearing is from me getting older? Who knew!

So Paul Newman is the same guy on the salad dressing? From the looks of that picture of him, he didn't guzzle down too much salad dressing back in the day. Look at the abs.