Friday, January 25, 2008


No, wait, don't answer until you read the post...

As many of you know, I am trying (not as hard as I should) to lose some weight. A couple of days ago I went to the grocery store and decided to buy myself a treat. I bought these. In case you can't tell what they are, it's Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They are quite tasty. So yesterday I went down to the kitchen to have a snack and grabbed one of the ice cream sandwiches--then decided to wait until after my lunch. Now it was tough for me to buy them in the first place because I thought they were VERY expensive--5 of them cost me $8.60. (I notice the package in the picture looks like it has more like 6--not here in Canada. We only get 5) Anyway, back to my story--I decided I would wait and have one after my lunch. At noontime, Kyle and 4 of his friends came home for lunch. Keep in mind these are growwing teenage boys who love/need to eat!!! I"m not sure if these boys pack a lunch because they fix alphagetti, top ramen noodles, grilled cheese sandwiches--even cold cereal.

They eat and play a quick game of Apples to Apples--so funny--they even asked me what was more normal: taking a bath or their friends? (Now that's a loaded question) The boys leave and I decided to get my little treat. I open the freezer and...YOU GUESSED IT--My ice cream sandwiches were GONE!!! (Holly, I'm not sure--they were or they are--whatever, NO ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!) I was not a happy camper. After school Kyle called to ask if he could go to one of his friends, I was not happy--and I let him know!!! Like I said, I really don't care if they eat the other stuff--JUST NOT MY SKINNY COW!!! In fact, when I put out the chicken we had for dinner, Kyle had a couple of these same boys over. I felt bad because there wasn't much, so I offered to fix them a grilled cheese sandwich. As they were eating, they mentioned that when the 3 of them got to one of their houses, their mom would fix them dinner. Then the other said, hey, when we get to my house, I'll ask my mom to fix us dinner. Like I said, I know they're growing boys!!!! But, let's get back to my original question--AM I A HAG???

Had a fabulous experience last night. Our Stake has been working with a homeless shelter and offering to go on Thursday nights to help in their kitchen when they serve dinner. It was our Ward's opportunity to serve tonight. There were about 20 members of our Ward there and it was so great to have a chance to serve together. This is a fabulous place. Now keep in mind--being homeless anytime would be horrible but in Winnipeg when the temperatures are so brutal is unimaginable. They took us on a tour of the facility. It was so nice. They talked about helping these people maintain their dignity. It was wonderful. It is a shelter that sleeps around 100. They even have a medical center and a dental office. The staff we met were fantastic. Allan worked out on the floor and I worked in the back preparing and cleaning. We were there about 2 1/2 hours and it was an incredible evening.

When I left, I no longer felt like a hag, and didn't feel like complaining about anything.


aurora said...

If you are, then I am too!

The other day, my daughter was ready to dive right into my "special snacks" and I started with, ' are NOT going to eat my snacks and wash them down with your Pringles!...' It's not a moment that I am proud of, but, there it is! :)

Peter said...

Our ward went last week; when the weather was bitterly cold. -35 with the wind chill -46. Mind you America's that is in Celcius. The homeless eat dinner around 7pm then have to leave until 9pm when the shelter opens for the night and they have a bed. The Mission never turns anyone away, and these people would rather sleep on the floor then out in the elements.
Makes me appreciate the things I have in my life. And the things I don't.
Last year when I was in the young womens presidency we went to the Salvation Army once a month with sandwiches, homemade cookies and fruit. (found out they don't like apples) too many have bad teeth and can't eat anything hard. One young woman in particular went through our ward collecting gently used clothes to bring when we went. Ginger, is a beautiful young girl who will be going places!
Anyway glad you had a great night they really are wonderful people who got lost along the way, and now as Heavenly Father's children we need to find and help them.

Yvonne said...

aurora: I'm glad I'm not alone.

carolynne: When the temps get to -40 Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same ; ) And, cold is cold--even if it is a dry cold.

You told more about The Mission than I did--thanks. It took everything I had to hold back the tears because the majority of those people have just had a run of bad luck, and probably didn't have people around to love them and help them.

Thanks for your wonderful description and the story about Ginger.

PJ said...

When I was losing with Weight Watchers, my Giant Fudgebars were OFF LIMITS to anyone but me! I mean they can have any snack they want, I only get a few...leave them alone! Hub could not have any either unless he stayed on plan for a week. You get a "be a hag for free" coupon went it comes to treats, WHILE losing weight!

What a wonderful experience you had.

Whitney said...

I would have been upset too! I love those Skinny Sow ice cream sandwiches, and they are not cheap! I'm so sorry you didn't get one :( If I could, I would buy you a whole new package!!! :D
Good for you for helping out at the homeless center, wow, what a woman!

K- said...

Skinny Cow is only for the mom and dad at our house!! Kids have tried and, well, not died, but I did threaten. Since they are so terrified of me they immediately backed away.

You are NOT a hag, just protective of the tasty stuff with less fat and sugar in it.

annie said...

Oh have you tried the peanut butter flavored skinny cows??? The cookie is chocolate and the inside is creamy peanut butterish, it's yummy. I completely understand. Amanda comes home at lunch and eats up my lean cuisines and then stops at braums after school for fries! I'm like, "those are only for dieters!!!" LOL

Alice Wills Gold said...

AHHHH!!! The cruelty of taking a dieting woman's ice-cream sandwich!! If it makes you feel any better, my hubby and I hate Skinny Cows..they don't taste that great to us.

JustRandi said...

You are most certainly NOT a hag!!
Neither am I.

Which is why I now put anything I want to keep for myself in an oatmeal box in the freezer. Nobody ever even looks in there. Shhhh. Don't tell.

Jimmy said...

You know, the "growing boys" thing only goes so far. My son and his friend got through an 8-slice pizza the other day, one that was supposed to feed 4 of us.

And my father-in-law has a new trick in his repetoire: he takes the whole box of cookies or cakes up to his room so "he doesn't have to go up and down every time he wants one". I told him "yeah that's fine, except they're not all FOR YOU!"

so if you're a hag, what's the male equivalent, 'cause that's me

Ashley said...

Hag, you?? I think not!

The other day my hubby put on my coat to make my girls laugh. When I saw it, I let him have it. I knew I would not be getting that nice of coat again for a while if he tore it.

I felt really bad, I am not proud of that moment.

Neal said...

Did you actually tell Kyle that they were special, for you?

Nancy Face said...

If you're a hag, then I'm a hag right there with you! ;)

Dieters have very little food joy to look forward to. When that food joy comes up missing, it's a VERRRRY traumatic experience! Zach always wants to eat anything that vaguely resembles a or not! So I do something like what Randi does...I disguise and hide it in the deep freeze, muahaha! >:)

I loved reading about your wonderful experience at the homeless shelter! :)

Holly said...

LOL!! I'm not the grammar police, really! I think you had every right to be upset with him. I suppose he and his friends will think twice before doing that again. I hope you have those truffles hidden (well, if there are any left...) ;)

Tori :) said...

You aren't a hag. That's not cool!!

And now I'm nervous. Tristan and Alec already eat a ton. In a few years are you saying I have to feed their friends too?? Aaack!

Magirk said...

Well, I've been known not to share my sweets, and I even go so far as to HIDE them.

What does that make ME?

A Selfish Hag?

I totally sympathize with you on this one.

Yvonne said...

pj: Love the "be a hag for free" coupon--thanks!
The experience was wonderful.

When did you change your picture--it's so cute!!!

whitney: when you want a treat, you want a treat. They are pretty good--although I would rather have THE REAL THING. You're so sweet.

The experience at the shelter was wonderful.

k: I'm sure you're kids are so terrified of you--RIGHT!!! I liked your take--protector of that with less fat and less sugar. Good way to look at it.

annie: I have not seen the peanut butter skinny cow ones--yum, I love peanut butter especially with chocolate. See, you understand the whole skinny cow and then go and get fries or a greasy hamburger or whatever--doesn't make sense.

alicewillsgold: It was just the idea of having a treat.
I think they're pretty good--not as good as a real ice cream sandwich, but it satisfies the sweet tooth.

justrandi: Thanks. Like the idea of the oatmeal box--that just might work ; )

jimmy: Your son must be young--a 8 slice pizza would feed 2 of these boys ; ) Your father in law sounds like a man after my own heart!!!

ashley: Thanks for the support. Glad to know we all have our moments ; )

neal: No, I didn't tell him, but you'd think the sugar free would help??? They were sitting right next to a half gallon of cookies and cream ice cream???? Why didn't they eat that???

nancyface: So nice to know I'm not alone in my hagness ; ) I guess when you have a freezer and pantry full of treats, I just don't get why they go after the ones that are sugar free or low fat or whatever. Doesn't make sense. It truly is traumatic. I like the idea of dsguising it--hey, I bet no one would TOUCH a box marked "TAMPONS"!!!

holly: I know you're not the grammar police, but I really wasn't sure how I should have written it, and could use the help ; ) Believe me those truffles are hidden away in a safe place!!!!

tori: Thanks for the reassurance. And yes, you will be feeding all of their friends--mostly because your house will be so cool for all of them to hang out!!!

magirk: Thanks for the support. No, I don't think you're a selfish hag--JUST SMART!!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I think you know you are not a hag. Hags are like rude nags. I doubt you have ever nagged ANYONE. You are as sweet as sugar... and all you wanted was a healthy helping of that sugar you SO deserve!

Kudos working at the homeless shelter. That is so incredible.

txmommy said...

nope not a hag, it's hard to diet and the treats we can have are looked forward to and the rest of the family can have anything they nope.
And I LOVE all your comments, I feel like we're really friends :)

Tonya said...

No ma'am, you are NOT a hag. Moms are allowed to have their treats too. They can eat the fat full stuff.

I think it's great that you are doing that with the shelter. Very rewarding work.

HeidiR97 said...

Mom--you are NOT a hag!!! I am VERY territorial about my special food!!! Kyle and his friends are sticks--they need to fatten themselves up:)

Lauren said...

Oh they DIDN'T! They ate the diet treat!? I would have beat them...but then again, they are kinda my that would make sense. You are NOT hag!

Yvonne said...

gina: Oh, I'd love to say you're right about my not being a nag, but I CANNOT TELL A LIE!!!

working at the shelter was a great experience, and I'm really looking forward to going again.

txmommy:: You're right--those treats are really something I look forward to.

I just wanted to check about the comments--thanks.

tonya: Moms need to have treats, too, don't we.

Yes, the shelter was great work.

heidir97: Oh, Heidi, you would have laughed when you saw that they took that over the cookies and cream ice cream sitting there in the freezer.

lauren: The thought of beating crossed my mind, but only for a nano-second ; ) Thanks.

Melissa said...

No - not a hag! You got a special treat for yourself... you could do what my mom does - writes on things that she doesn't want eaten by anyone else - or she hides them.