Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Normal

The decorations are down, we took Heidi and Brent to the airport, and it's just Allan, Kyle and me again. And SEMINARY STARTS TOMORROW. Yikes, will I be ready--will I be able to get up. I'd love to say I have been getting up at my usual 4:45 every morning, but NO WAY!!!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks--at the same time it's been great fun. I think the toughest part has been having the rental car, and the kids not being able to drive it!!! Brent is great about taking the bus, Kyle's friends have been picking him up, and finally on Thursday we got a different rental and fixed it so Allan could drive it--which meant the kids could drive Allan's van.

Friday afternoon Kyle had a YM's Stake overnight activity and I dropped him off at the Church where the boys were being carpooled to the camp--indoors!!! After work Allan headed out to speak to the YM. Heidi, Brent, and I headed for the movies. (Brent ended up going to Best Buy--to check out who knows what!!! He loves that store!!!) Heidi and I met up with some friends and the 5 of us went to see P.S. I Love You. I have to agree with one of my sons who thought they should have never called it a "Romantic Comedy". It was very good.

Last night we asked Heidi and Brent where they wanted to go for dinner and we ended up getting suishi at a little Japanese restaurant. It was pretty good.

Txmommy and magirk both tagged me for this little meme. It was 7 random facts about you--now txmommy put an interesting twist on hers and did the 7 about pets. I really haven't had any pets for so long, so I'm going to do this just with 7 random facts.

1) The night before I was to give my first talk in Church I had a dream that I was standing there giving the talk, and I guess I was going on and on, so the Bishop got up and said, "Sister J, that's enough!!!"

2) When Kyle was a baby, he and I were in a car accident. I rolled the van a couple of times and we found ourselves upside down in a ditch. (Thank goodness for car seats) No, my life didn't pass before my eyes, but I do remember holding on to the steering wheel and screaming "Heavenly Father, please help me!!!"

3) When I delivered Stephen 37 years ago, the nurses placed him into my arms and I immediately fell in love--which I have done with each of my children. However, they took him to the nursery (which I don't think they do anymore, or at least they didn't do that with Kyle). The next time they brought him back for me to feed him, I looked at him and thought, my goodness I know babies change but this is crazy, he doesn't even look like the same baby. Well--HE WASN'T. Thank goodness for those little name bands they put on them!!!

4) After my dad died, and my mom was diagnosed with tuberculosis, 4 of my sisters and I were put into a "home". (It was kind of like what they used to term a juvenille detention facility). It was horrible and I am so grateful we were only there a few days. My oldest sister, Carol, also had TB and was in the hospital with my mom. She was 18 and must have been so scared when my mom died some 3 1/2 months after they went into the hospital.

5) This may not make a lot of sense, but...When I was pregnant with my first child, Stephen, I lived in a little one bedroom apartment. Each night when I would come home from work I would talk to the child I was carrying. One day one of my neighbors left a note asking me if I needed anything for my bird??? What bird???? Well, I guess they knew I lived alone, so they assumed I had a bird and that was who I was talking to every night ; )

6) Today as we were loading the car with the luggage, Brent came out the front door and slipped on the ice. It reminded me of the first morning I walked the kids to the bus stop when we lived in Brampton. I had just been released after a two-month stay in the hospital with dehydration--I really do love being pregnant!!! I wasn't used to the snow and ice and I hit a patch of ice and went down on my bum (using my arm to brace me). I broke my left arm!!!

7) My dad had 6 girls, but I always think of myself as the son he never had. (My dad was an avid San Francisco Giants fan, and took me to my first baseball game at Candlestick Park about a year before he died--it is still such a sweet memory for me)

If you haven't done this meme, please do it and come back and let me know so I can see what you wrote. It's always fun to get to know more about my blogging friends.

Sidenote #1: I love modern technology, yesterday Kyle was playing Rock Band on line with my grandson and granddaughter in Texas. It was like having them here!!!

Sidenote #2: No fair laughing, but I FINALLY finished Eclipse. Sorry, reading and preparing for my Seminary lessons is about all the reading I've been able to do lately. I LOVED the book, but all of you who are Jacob fans: Sorry, I don't get it!!!


Holly said...

Fascinating facts Yvonne! My dad had only 4 girls, but we all grew up at the Oakland Coliseum going to A's games!

aurora said...

I hopped over here to wish you congrats on Holly's giveaway, too!

Such amazing facts! Wow. I am glad that you and your siblings only had to be in that home for a few days!

Isn't it interesting how a lot of our interesting facts have to do with pregnancy or giving birth??

Tonya said...

Ah yes, getting back to reality after the holidays. It can be harsh.

Great facts about you. You have certainly lived an interesting life thus far. I like learning new things about you.

Nancy Face said...

The picture of you and your kids is SO CUTE! Yay, you're in it! :)

How scary, to be in a car accident like that with your baby! :0

That's crazy that they brought you the wrong baby in the hospital! :0

That's a funny story about your neighbor thinking you had a bird!

Lauren and I are so excited that you finished Eclipse and loved it...and that you don't love Jacob! We actually cheered! ;)

MAGIRK said...

I cannot BELIEVE they brought you the wrong baby! AAAaaaahhhhh!! :-P

I loved the picture - you have such a beautiful family. :-)

Thanks for doing the random facts. As always, I enjoyed reading more about you.

LOL about giving the talk and being told to sit down in your dream! :-) (That never happens to me when I'm talking - I make sure to leave whoever follows me PLENTY of time! ha, ha) :-)

Amber said...

How WONDERFUL and very interesting factoids. Here's to hoping you survive that painful early-morning transition. I know those first days after vacation were always the thoughest for me when I taught!

PJ said...

I loved reading all the facts about you, very interesting!

I wonder how many people were actually switched at birth, before they became more organized. When I was born, they brought a black baby to my parents. I always tell my parents that the nurses probably brought a random white baby out to correct the error..he,he! Too bad I look like 'em;D

I can agree that Jacob is a hotty, but I will throw the book out the door if Bella ends up with him! NO WAY!

Have fun getting back into the swing of seminary:)

annie said...

I got tagged for this one too, I almost forgot !!!

You have some very interesting facts about your life.

Ashley said...

My dad, like Holly's, had four girls. We grew up going to Cowboys games. It was fun because they were really great back then. (Although they are probably going to the superbowl this year!)

I think my kids are worth everything I went through to get them here. But...I agree with you on pregnancy...BLECH!

txmommy said...

seminary was awfully early for us this morning too.

Those are very interesting facts you picked, how funny about the bird!
I went to a game at Candlestick park once, it was fun & a little rowdy.

Oh my gosh~ I would have freaked out to be given a differnet baby!

BTW, your kids are really attractive! FUn to have cuties for kiddos!!

JustRandi said...

Yikes on the seminary thing. Ours doesn't start back up till next week. Not that I have to teach it or anything.... Just have to make sure Lizzie gets out the door.

I fell on the ice when I was pregnant, too! I didn't think to catch myself with my arm, though. I broke my tailbone.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I admire you for many reasons, Yvonne... but today, I love that you love Edward.

I love learning about you. Great post!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry... I didn't know there WAS a 4:45 in the morning... :S
I'm glad you had a good time while your kids were home :)

Chel said...

I loved reading all of those facts. You came up with great things to share with us! I really can't believe the "wrong baby" incident. I think that is so cool that your motherly instincts kicked in... and that you checked the bands!

Lei said...

Fun meme... I also loved P.S. I Love You. AND I am at the end of Eclipse. I'm already sad about finishing. :(

Yvonne said...

holly: In the 70's I used to go to the Coliseum quite often--in fact, I was there for a couple of World Series games (in the bleachers)

aurora: thanks for stopping by. I was so glad Holly chose 2 people for the giveaway! Thanks. You're so right about interesting facts associated with pregnancy or giving birth!

tonya: I had a harder time getting up this morning than yesterday ; ) I'm glad you enjoyed my facts.

nancyface: Thanks--I miss Heidi and Brent already.
The accident was scary. It's funny when I think of them giving me the wrong baby because today Stephen is so much my clone. I still chuckle when I think about that bird story.

I really enjoyed Eclipse, and I wish someone could explain the fascination with Jacob????

magirk: Thank goodness for the little bracelet ; )
Thank you. I enjoyed reading yours, too.

I am very conscious about only taking my time when I speak.

amber: Yesterday I just bounced out of bed--this morning I was dragging. I didn't know you taught Seminary. How long did you teach?

pj: I've wondered that same thing about the switching of babies. LOL at your story.

I'm with you on Jacob/Bella ; )

annie: You should do the meme. I'd love to read your facts.

ashley: So, you have no brothers, either--and you're surrounded by little girls. The Dallas Cowboys were very good years ago--must admit I haven't followed much football in the last couple of years.

Kids are DEFINITELY worth it!

txmommy: My kids even looked more tired today--and I know I was more tired!

Were you at Candlestick Park for a Giants or a 49ers game??? After Allan and I were married we went to a 49er game and we had Stephen and one of his friends (who happened to be cheering for the Cowboys--not a good thing!!!!


justrandi: Enjoy another week you lucky bum!!!!

It must really hurt to break your tailbone anytime, but when you're pregnant it would even be tougher.

liam's mom: I am definitely an Edward fan ; )


melissa: Yes, I'm sorry to report there is a 4:45 a.m.

I miss the kids but will see them both in April.

chel: Thanks. I'm glad I noticed the difference!!!

lei: I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

Lauren said...

My mo isn't lying, we really yelled with joy when we read the part about you not loving Jacob. It was hilarious.

I have been wanting to see P.S. I love you but I wanted to hear a positive review first. Thank you!

I see the evil wasabi on the plates of your sushi...I am glad you survived!!