Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogging Award

I am so excited to have received this blogging award from Nancyface and Lauren. I would say "right back at you"!!! My Heidi, Nancyface, Lauren and I would have so much fun together.

Xandra from Heart of Service has created this fun award. Here is what she says: "It's for blogs that I must read every day without fail . . . They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post..."
As I go around and visit my regular blogs I see there have been many well deserved recipients of this award. I would have to say ditto. I would like to pass this award on to the following blogging friends:

magirk: She is an amazing woman with 3 small children (including a set of twins). She is a very deep thinker and I love reading her posts.

txmommy: Such a fun friend. I think together we would have a great time planning some really fun parties.

macy: She is the mom of my littlest grandson. I visit her blog so I can get my "daily dose" of pictures of him!!! Seriously, she is so talented. I love reading her blog because she has a beautiful way of writing ; )

calamityjane: She has such great advice that's tied into getting control of your body--and your mind!!! It's very spiritually uplifting. I'm always happy when she has a post.

chel: She is a woman who loves to write about her wonderful family--and I love reading about them. And, one day we'll play in a band together--well at least in cyberspace ; )

Sidenote #1:
Allan and I went to see We loved it. Both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are fabulous. I was very touched. Two thumbs up. If you decide to see it, be sure and take Kleenex.

I do have a question to ask--what is one thing that would be on your "bucket list"? One of mine would be to attend a NCAA Final Four Championship Basketball game!!! (When I told Allan he said, "well do you want to order the tickets?" I thought, does he know something I don't know????)

Sidenote #2: While playing Apples to Apples this afternoon with my son and a couple of his friends, I had a little foot in mouth incident!!! While explaining the game I said to one of his friends, "Oh, you're only supposed to have one green card." He replied, "How do you tell the difference?" I said, a little sarcastically, "Well, just look--this one is red, and this one is green. Can't you tell the difference???" Kyle started laughing--"Mom, don't you know? He's color blind?" Oops. This young man has been coming over for well, at least 10 years!!! How did I miss that little fact???


txmommy said...

oh fun! Thanks!!

Tonya said...

Very well deserved my bloggy friend. You are fab-u-lous!!

Hubby and I want to see that movie so I'm glad to hear it is as good as it sounds.

One thing on my bucket list would be to visit as many temples as I can before I kick the bucket.

Holly said...

Congratulations! Absolutely well deserved!

Macy said...

Thank you!

Lei said...

I always prefer to see a movie off a recommendation, so thanks! And congrats on your award.

annie said...

Congrats! I ♥ your blog too Yvonne!

One thing on my bucket list is to see some specific prayers answered, I mean... I would like to visit Greece and some other places, but more than that I want God's blessings.

MAGIRK said...

Wow! Thanks for the award. :) You know, I would give it right back to you if I could - you're one of MY daily doses! So I know there's no better recipient!

On my bucket list... I would want to go to Scotland and Switzerland, maybe Italy, just to be frivolous. But the only thing I really want to do before this life is over, is make peace with all my 'issues' in my heart and mind.

Amber said...

I can't think of anything on my "Bucket" list because I am fortunate to do so much. However, I do have a "Life List of things I want to accomplish or places to visit someday." Serving a mission with my hubby is at the top.

Chel said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks for thinking of me! I'm glad someone reads my blog :)
You are my favorite daily dose!

I will have to see that movie- I've been wanting to.

We need a name for our band... because we will totally conquer Rockband and go on tour :)

Calamity Jane said...

Yvonne - I would give you the inspiration award. I swear that if I wasn't already grown I would ask to be adopted! Thanks for the award!

My bucket goal would be to see the pyramids.

aubrey said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! and telling me about president mckay and his wife. i would love to find that story you mentioned. i saw a preview for the bucket list and it looks really good. for our anniversary, paul and i went to see juno and thought it was really cute. i cried in that. but i pretty much cry at anything. have a great evening!

Nancy Face said...

You're definitely a daily dose of happiness for me! :D

I hadn't even heard of that sounds good!

I can totally see myself putting my foot in my mouth that way, haha! :D

Yvonne said...

txmommy: I'm so glad you have passed it on. You so deserved this award.

tonya: I appreciate your kindness so much.

We really loved the movie.

That's a great thing for the bucket list. Allan and I had hoped to visit all the temples, until the small temples were announced.

holly: thank you so much.

macy: you're welcome.

lei: You'll have to let me know what you think if you see the movie.


annie: Thanks. God's blessings in our lives is the greatest, isn't it.

magirk: Thank you. I'm so glad you passed the award on to others.

I love your thought of wanting to be at peace with all our issues.

amber: Serving a mission with my husband is at the top of my list, too. Hopefully we'll be able to do that in the next 10 years.

chel: I do enjoy your blog so I was so happy to give the award to you.

Let me know if you see the movie.

You come up with the name of the band--I'm not very original and would probably pick something like the Rolling Stonettes ; )

calamity jane: You are so funny!!!

I want to see the pyramids, too.

aubrey: I will look harder for that story. We really enjoyed the movie. (I cry at most everything, too)

nancyface: You always make me feel good--thanks.

The movie really was great.

I was so glad Grant was not upset--he just laughed at my comment. He knew I was not being mean.

Peter said...

Bucket lsit sounds like a terrific movie to see. This week is out of the question. Tuesday...Rap up for the Navitity. Wed...visit teach, our ward at the Homeless Shelter in winnipeg. (I think it came from Allen and his councilors) Friday help a new church friend I met during the Navitiy with her daughters' reception. And at some point try and fit in time for family. i suppose we could have FHE at midnight?

Carolyne-in Niverville

Whitney said...

Ha ha ha! I love Apples to Apples, that's a funny story. I sometimes wish I could see what it would be like to be color blind, if just for five minutes. That idea fascinates me :)

Yvonne said...

carolynne: I hope you find the time to get to the movie. Sounds like you have a busy week. Our Ward is helping at the Shelter next week.
Have fun helping with the reception.
Believe me we've thought of doing FHE in the wee hours of the morning!!!

whitney: I did ask this young man what he sees with different colors--and he had a hard time explaining. The question is how do we know the rest of us aren't the ones who are color blind?!?

Corrine said...

Very funny, and congrats on the blogging trophe though was sad to see I wasn't listed as your fav blog to visit :) LOL... you know what is on my bucket list? to take my sweet Bethany to see the Empire State building. She is just four, well five in two days and all she talks about is how we are going to go to New York to see the Empire State building...don't know where she heard about it, but I have to take her.

Chel said...

I totally laughed at the Rolling Stonettes... that rocks!