Friday, January 18, 2008

The Celebrating is Over

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU, for all of the kind words on my birthday. I have NEVER had that many comments--they were all so very much appreciated. Thanks again. A special thank you to Lauren for sending people by to give birthday wishes--you're a sweetie, Lauren ; )

It was a fabulous day. It started off at 4:30--I decided to start getting up earlier so I could get on the elliptical before showering for Seminary. That way I can do a second work-out later in the day. I really would like to get all of my exercising done first thing in the morning but refuse to get up any earlier.

Kyle had suggested we cancel Seminary in honor of my birthday: Isn't he sweet--he just wanted ME to be able to sleep in a little later. It wasn't that HE didn't want to have to get up?!? Anyway, we didn't cancel. We started the morning with Scripture Mastery. I usually give the students a paper with a scripture and it has several blank words for them to fill in. We were doing Joshua 1:8. Normally if they did better than the day before they get a candy bar, but yesterday there was a twist--if they did better than the day before I GOT THE CANDY BAR!!! (Of course, I gave them to them after class, but it was cute to see them work so hard for me ; )

I decided I was going to relax most of the day--watch a movie, and just have a nice day. Hey, it was so horribly cold out (I don't even want to give you the temps) that I let Kyle take the car to school. I told him I wanted an excuse to have to stay indoors. Well, I put my movie in and voila--THE POWER WENT OUT!!! Fortunately, it didn't stay out very long, but long enough for me to have a good nap ; )

Our dinner out was wonderful. I decided to go ahead and have my favorite--prime rib and baked potato (with sour cream). I was going to scratch the Caesar salad, but decided to have it anyway.

I talked to each of my kids, a couple of the grandkids, and one of my sisters. What a great way to spend my day. If Kyle hadn't had to go home teaching we would have played a little Rock Band and then I could have taken some pictures to post--maybe I'll squeeze a few minutes in this weekend ; )

Have a fairly busy weekend--had a wedding reception tonight; Seminary inservice tomorrow morning; dinner guests--including the speaker for our special Stake Fireside; and then I have to fix lunch for a special meeting on Sunday--which I will take to the meeting so the guests won't be coming to the house. Those are all things I enjoy doing, so I don't mind at all.

On a very sad note, in a previous post I mentioned my friend in California who had just found out her husband had Stage IV pancreatic cancer--he passed away this morning. I had sent flowers for Chris when he was in the hospital and Donna had spoken with another friend and asked her to please call me to say how sorry she was that she hadn't called to say thank you. Can you imagine? As if I needed a thank you. It had only been like 5 weeks from the time he first knew he was sick until he passed. He was at home surrounded by his wife and 4 children. You truly never know.

Wanted to say thanks again. Your kind words made my day even better ; )


Holly said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday!

Amber said...

Sounds like a fantastic birthday. Well, except for the elliptical at 4:30 a.m. Talk about motivated. :-)

Magirk said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's husband. Very sad.

But happy that your special day was fun and full of good moments and memories. :) Hope you enjoy your busy weekend!

Lauren said...

I am so happy you had a great birthday! Crazy about the power going out though! Way to go about the sour cream on your baked potato. I think I am sour cream's biggest fan...I kinda put it on everything.

I am sorry about your friend's husband. I hope she does ok.

PJ said...

What a good day! The food sounds so yummy:)

Wow, 5 weeks. I think I'll love a little deeper today.
Sorry to hear the sad news.

Tori :) said...

YAY for happy birthdays!!

Tonya said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday because you soooo deserve it.

I'm sorry to hear about your friends hubby.

Jimmy said...

Well I should start by saying a belated Happy Birthday, then I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure getting acquainted with your blog tonight. I'm just picking up links and yours was one I clicked on. Glad I did!

Nancy Face said...

YAY! A comment record for your birthday! :D

You are da bomb, getting up in the middle of the night to do the elliptical...and more working out later in the day! :0

Yep, Kyle is pretty sweet...and so are your students!

How crazy that the power went out right at movie time! Ours went out Saturday night, and Lauren suggested we could go see a movie because she was so bored sitting in the house by candlelight. Kris went out driving around the neighborhood to see how much of an area was affected, and he saw that the new shopping area and theater close to us were in the dark too, haha! :D

Your birthday dinner sounds great, and your weekend sounds busy like usual! ;)

I'm very sorry about the passing of your friend's husband. So heartbreaking.

annie said...

Your birthday meal sounds great!
What a fun way to reward the students!
Wow, it's crazy how fast cancer can take someone sometimes. My mom's best friend lost her husband within 6 weeks of his diagnosis... he was fine one day and gone so quickly. I will keep your friend and her family in my prayers. It's just so sad.

Whitney said...

It sounds like a fantastic birthday!!! :) That is dedication getting up so early, I have a hard time getting up at 6!
Sorry to hear about your friends husband also :( So many people are lost to cancer, I sure hope they find a cure soon.

aurora said...

I am glad that you had a lovely birthday WEEK! (that's the only way to fly) :)

mindyluwho said...

Delurking to say happy belated birthday!

That pancreatic cancer moves so fast, I'm sorry for your friend and her family.

JustRandi said...

I'm so glad your birthday was great!

Yvonne said...

I just realized I didn't respond to your comments--what a slug.

holly: thanks.

amber: It was a great birthday. I NEED to be motivated, the weight is so much harder to get off anymore.

magirk: thank you. I'm so torn because I know as hard as it would be to watch him suffer, you would want more time with them.

the weekend was great.

lauren: I LOVE sour cream, too. It taste good on so many things, doesn't it!!!


pj: It was a great day Food was wonderful..

Yeah, five weeks is way too quick.

tori: thanks.

tonya: I always feel like I make the same comment to your comments, but you are just so sweet.


jimmy: thanks--and thank you for stopping by.

nancyface: The comment record was so fun.

See, if you were my neighbor we could just run together ; )

Sorry about your power going out Saturday night.

The weekend was buy but it was so great. I learned so much at our fireside. the meals turned out so good. Had a great time with our company.

I feel so bad for Donna and the kids. I know we all understand eternity, but I know they planned on growing old together and that's what breaks my heart.

annie: The dinner was delicious. My students and I have so much fun together I enjoy teaching them and appreciate all they teach me.

Cancer is horrible. I appreciate your prayers.

whitney: Thanks--it was such a great day.

I hope they find a cure soon, too.

aurora: Thanks so much.

mindyluwho: Thanks for delurking--and the birthday wishes.

justrandi: Thanks so much.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am always so impressed with you early risers.