Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY 2008

It's the evening of New Years Day. I didn't get a post up to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I did get around to a few blogs to say Happy New Year.

Last night we had our annual Stake New Years Eve Dance, and Allan was nice enough to volunteer us to help with the food ; ) The kids were great and yesterday afternoon the 3 of them and Allan went to the Stake Center to help get the food ready. I stayed home to get mine ready for our annual New Years Day party. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked!!!

We left for the dance around 9:00 and ended up pulling into the garage about 11:55. Had some sparkling cider and headed off to bed. Kyle had left the dance early and ended up going to some friends so I waited up for him.

Allan was his usual early riser and put the ribs in the crock pots around 5:30 this morning. (I was so dead I couldn't get up ; ) We managed to get everything ready before our guests arrived at 1:00. Everyone was such a great help. We had ribs in Tony Roma barbeque sauce, smokies and meatballs in sweet and sour sauce, crab ball, spinach dip, bean dip, brocoli cauliflower salad, pistachio pudding salad, and for dessert caramel brownies, cream puffs and baklava. We ended up with only 20 of us this year--I just couldn't handle more people. I just looked at my pictures and I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures--shouid have put someone else in charge of getting some good shots for me!!!

I had forgotten to get Neal's help so was on my own for our trivia game. It was fun. We try to get pictures and questions about the year. Everyone did very well. Breanne won again this year--I think she must do some checking of the internet before she comes!!!

For the last few years we've also had a traditional guys against the girls game of Scene It. I don't think the guys have ever won--until this year!!!

There were a few who went down and played Rock Band. Kyle was thrilled. He is having friends over tonight to play some more!!!

I'm going to take some time tomorrow to do some reflecting on my goals for 2008--I guess the truth of the matter is I have so many goals and I need to cut down the list!!! There are some major changes I need to make and this is as good a year as nay to start!!! I'm going to be 57 in a few weeks. I was talking to Stephen the other day and was telling him how I can't believe I'm that old. I think I may have told this story before but here goes anyway: A couple of years ago I was visiting my sister in Texas and I hadn't seen her for a few years. As we were talking and I was looking at her, I kept thinking, "My gosh, you look old" (I never said it out loud ; ) Then I started laughing in my head realizing she was probably saying the same thing in her head!!!

I'm so thankful for Allan--I could never do the things I do without him. I just don't know where he gets his energy.

I hope you had a wonderful day and that 2008 is a great year for you and your family. We had some challenges in 2007, but we got through them all, and I am so grateful for all of the blessings that we continue to enjoy.

Sidenote: Speaking of getting older, the other day Allan and I were at McDonalds and I got some hot chocolate and the woman charged me less than was on the board. I questioned her and she pointed to Allan and said, "He's a Senior Citizen, isn't he?" I asked what age was considered a Senior Citizen. She said 55. I said, "Heck, I'm a Senior Citizen!!!" I can take all that money I'm going to save and put it in a jar for my life insurance!!!


Lauren said...


Wowzers...I shouldn't have read this post just now. I just started my "ted-comes-home-in-3-weeks-so-i-need-to-go-on-a-diet" goal today and reading what you had at your party made a ravenous wolf emerge.

So your stake has a dance for all ages? That is way fun :)

I need to try this Rock Band out!

You are not old! You are such a babe...

Holly said...

You only had 20 because you couldn't handle more? I don't think I could've handled 20! Your home sounds like so much fun. I'm glad your party went so well. I need to sit down and go over my goals too.

Happy New Year. I hope you have a fabulous 2008!

PJ said...

The ribs in Tony Roma BBQ sauce sounds really good.

What a fun partay!

Nice discount YOUNG lady;)

Happy New Year to your home from ours!

MAGIRK said...

Well, I'm turning 35 in two days, and I'm having a tough time with that one!

I'm with Lauren on this one, all that talk makes me want to go eat - anything!

Your place sounds like the happenin' place to be. ;-)

annie said...

Sounds like fun!
When we go to the kids ballgames my mom always tells them, "I'm a senior citizen!" so she can pay $1 vs. $4!
Your snacks sound yummy, I spent a lot of my day cooking snacks! I sent them all home with my mom and brother! Tomorrow is d-day and I don't want that kind of stuff here!
Happy New Year!

txmommy said...

Happy New Year Party Princess!
Your hubby sounds awesome!

Neal said...

Man, those ribs sound AWESOME!

Nancy Face said...

The dance sounds like lots of fun...the picture is great, and I wish YOU were in it, too! :)

You and Allan amaze me! You throw so many parties and cook so much food for people, it makes my head spin! I do very little entertaining, because it makes me stress out! :0

I'm with Lauren...You are not old! You are SUCH a babe! :)

HAPPY, HAPPY 2008, with many blessings for you and your family!
I ♥ you tons!

Tonya said...

You guys have the best parties. It sounds like it was a blast.

The dance also sounds like fun. Is it for all ages? What a neat idea.

I hear with the need to organize my goals for the year. I have too many roaming around in my head.

P.S. You are sooooo NOT old. You are awesome and the number just DOES not matter. Although, getting the senior discount is pretty good if you can get it ;o)

Locky said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I think everyone is tired from the holidays.

My view of age... is well, I just believe that is just how many times you've gone around the sun. Thats how I view it.

And if I were you... I would take advantage of those discounts.

Ashley said...

Sounds like fun was had by all! We were kinda lazy around here. I did not even watch any football. New Year's day without football is very unfamiliar around here. What a feast everything sounded so yummy.

Age is just a number. The older I get, the younger those numbers are sounding. LOL!

JustRandi said...

Oh my goodness - I've done the same thing with my sister!!
Sounds like it was a wonderful party. Wish I could've come!

Chel said...

That is a wonderful way to start 2008. I was dozed off all snuggled in my warm bed...
20 people! How in the world do you do it? ...and the food... YUM! It all sounded so good. I need to go to a party that has a menu like that!

I have so many goals and plans for 2008. I was just looking at it and thinking I need to pick some that mean the most to me so that I don't get overwhelmed.

You're not old. And I know this because you totally can rock out with Rockband. Now that is for the young and crazy ;)

Yvonne said...

lauren: a ravenous wolf--yikes! Yes we have a couple of stake dances for 14 and up a couple of times a year. They are fun! Me a babe--LOL

holly: It does seem like our home has been party central lately!!! I hope you have a great 2008.

pj: The ribs were delicious. I did like the discount!!!
Happy New Year.

magirk: It would be your birthday today!!! Happy Birthday you young little thing ; )

annie: Good for your mom. It's great to get a discount. You're great to get the stuff out of the house--I need to do that, too. Happy New Year.

txmommy: My hubby IS amazing. I am so blessed.

neal: You know you could have had some of those ribs if you'd come north instead of going south!!!

nancyface: I should have used my little gorillapod and had a picture of all of us. I could never do the entertaining without Allan's help. You and Lauren are so funny. Hope 2008 is another great year for you and your family. (I still can't do the heart thing, but sure do love you guys ; )

tonya: Your little Blake will just love those dances in a like 10 years!!! (Believe me those 10 years will fly by ; ) We have a harvest ball for everyone in Oct. and this one New Years Eve. I will get to my goals eventually. The senior discount is a definite plus.

locky: We did have a great time. You know we would have had more here if we hadn't had so much going on for days.

All those trips around the sun are taking their toll on my body!!! You bet I take advantage of those discounts whenever they're offered!!!

ashley: We had a great day. I didn't watch any football either--like you, it's very unusual for us not to see a game or two. I didn't even watch The Rose Parade!!!

You're so right about the numbers changing--I remember when I was 14 and someone I knew turned 25, I thought they were soooooooo old. I mean, goodness that was a quarter of a century!!!

justrandi: Anytime you're up this way, I'll throw a party!!!!

chel: Your new years sounded great. This was the first year we've had the ribs, and I'm so glad we did them.

Oh the goals, I've got to get busy writing them down! Like you, I don't want to be overwhelmed--I just want to come up with some that are meaningful and will help me become a better person.

LOL at the Rockband comment--we continue to have a blast!

Melissa said...

Only 20? ONLY?? I'm wondering what kind of mess I've gotten myself into inviting 11 kids ages 8-10 to our home on Saturday! You are the party queen my friend!! :D

Lauren said...

Heidi's shirt is way cute!

Yvonne said...

melissa: I think you're very brave to have 11 kids to your home for a party.

lauren: I'll tell Heidi. I thought she looked adorable.