Monday, January 21, 2008


As I mentioned recently, part of the reason I began blogging was as a bit of a journal. Since I didn't begin blogging until July 2007, I wanted to do a recap of the first 6 months of last year.

January: We had our usual New Years Day party--great fun. The highlight of the month happened on MY BIRTHDAY!!! No, not because it was my birthday, but because that was the day Brent returned from his mission.
We decided to fly into Salt Lake City, so he could see the family there. We flew into Salt Lake that morning and I was such a wreck worrying that the plane was going to be delayed and we wouldn't be there when he came down the escalators. All worked out. So great to have him home!!! He had no trouble adjusting to normal everyday life ; ) Heidi was so happy to have her brother home.

When we returned back home, we celebrated Christmas--I had kept one of the trees up a couple of extra weeks--it was PRETTY DEAD!!! Brent didn't care.

February: I was in California when February started because I flew to take care of Stephen and Daphne's kids while they went to Oregon for a business meeting. They took me out one night to introduce me to suishi. I had a ball with them--until the night Drew got sick in bed, followed by me getting the flu, then Hannah, and Brandon. Lucky Kiah didn't get sick. (Come to think of it, she didn't go with us to get the suishi. Stephen and Daphne didn't get sick either and they had the sushi so that wasn't what made us sick ; ) When they called home I didn't want to tell them about everyone being sick, but felt I had to--I was glad they didn't shorten their trip.

March: Allan's meetings in Arizona were earlier than usual, but as always it was great to be there away from the cold temperatures. We ate Mexican food and enjoyed the sunshine. We managed to find the little Mexican restaurant/stand where Brent ate lots of meals while on his mission. Because the trip was in conjunction with our Spring Break, I didn't want to leave the boys any longer than a few days, so I didn't go with Allan when he headed off to Utah for Conference.

April: Besides not wanting to be away from the boys too long, I needed to be here for our NCAA Championship Party. Our winner this year was Miss Hannah--Stephen laughs and says one day he'll win, and not someone in his family!!! Gotta love Kyle doing the Gator cheer. By the way the prize if you win--bragging rights and a little "plaque"

Over Easter Weekend, we also had our big 2007 ordinances at the Temple. It turned out to be a fabulous weekend. Kyle had his 16th Birthday the day the youth headed to Saskatoon for a big Youth Conference. In celebration of his birthday we went to Red Lobster or his usual steak and lobster. It was great to have Brent here when Kyle was ordained a Priest. The end of the month Brent headed off to Utah to go to LDS Business College. It has been such a wonderful experience for him and we are so happy that he is enjoying it.

Kyle also played League Volleyball which was a lot of fun. Gosh the kid can jump!!!

Our newest little Grandson, Garrett James, was born on April 18th. It was so great to get the news that he was born and mom and baby were doing just fine. Unfortunately, he had a tough few weeks and Garrett had to stay in the hospital a couple of extra days. Macy ended up having a C-section so I was glad her family was in Boston to help when she and Garrett returned home from the hospital.

May: We went to Boston for Garrett's blessing. It was wonderful to have a few days there. Grandma, Gerry, and Bev flew in for the blessing as well. Macy's family was there, too. They had been there since before the birth. Everyone left and I was able to stay a few extra days, and I loved having the alone time with Neal, Macy and Garrett.

Chris and Heather were graduating from University of North Texas, and it was silly for me to go home and then fly on to Texas, so I just flew from Boston to Texas. I arrived a few hours before Neal, Macy, and Garrett so Chris came to pick me up. I had some alone time with he and Heather. So great to see them. The graduation was wonderful. Brent flew in from Salt Lake. He hadn't seen many of them since he returned from his mission, so it was great for everyone to see him. The graduation was great and I was so proud of my "little" grandson and Heather.

We left Texas on Mother's Day and had a layover in Salt Lake so spent some time with Heidi who came to pick us up from the airport--so I spent Mother's Day with Neal, Heidi, Brent, and came home and saw Kyle. (A pretty fabulous Mother's Day!!!)

June: The month began with our Seminary Breakfast--held on the last day of Seminary. I had one student graduating. Kyle participated in the Manitoba Provincial track championships and did very well in the long jump and the triple jump. (Like I mentioned before--he can jump!!!)

We had our Seminary Honors Night. One of my very good friends, Mary K. from Toronto came for a visit. It was so wonderful to have her here for a few days. She happened to pick the weekend we had our big Women's Conference. Our Stake Pres. had made arrangements to have a special speaker--we were so blessed to have Sheri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson come and speak. It was fabulous. They also spoke to the Young Single Adults at a fireside on Sunday night and Mary, Allan and I were able to attend that as well. It was an incredible weekend!!!

For Kyle June 19th was a long awaited day--he got his braces off!!! On the 22nd Kyle and I attended the West Winnipeg Athletic Conference Scholar Athlete Luncheon. Then on the 25th Allan, Kyle and I attended the school Athletic Awards night where Kyle received several awards. He was so surprised when he was named Most Valuable Player for Outdoor Track and Field.

Sidenote: No exercise for me today--I'm sitting on a heating pad. My back is out ; ( Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.


JustRandi said...

Oh man! No wonder your back is out! It's trying to keep up with your first 6 months of the year.

Hope you feel better!

Chel said...

That was so awesome! I love the way you document your life and everything in it.
Thanks for offering me a glimpse! I loved your recap.
I hope you feel better soon. So sorry about your back.
I loved the pictures in this post. I especially love newborn baby pictures. priceless.

Holly said...

Although I don't know the exact problem with your back, I can offer this advice: don't stay on the heat for more than 20 minutes at a time. It actually makes things worse to stay on it continually. It's even better to alternate between hot and cold!

I hope you're better soon.

Ashley said...

Oh wow Yvonne you do travel ALOT. It is wonderful you can visit your family so often. I bet they are so grateful and they are definitely blessed. I hope your back is feeling better. Ditto to what Holly said. Our husbands are in the same profession you know.

Magirk said...

That looks like a fantastic half a year! So many things going on, and many with family. :) Doesn't get much better than that!

Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it feels better quickly.

annie said...

I love how you have journaled these months so well! I think your life sounds so blessed!

Tonya said...

I am tired just reading about your busy life..whew! :o)

Isn't it nice that you have all this recorded to go over and remember someday and for your posterity. Very neat!

Lauren said...

Is it just me, or does Brent look insanely like Jim from the Office? I think he does. Say "aye" if you agree everyone!

Yvonne, this was an awesome post, I loved it. Are you coming down to Arizona this year? If so, my mom and I want to meet you...what say you?

Yes, Kyle can jump!

Nancy Face said...

Yvonne, I loved reading this and seeing all the pictures!

How wonderful that Brent returned on your birthday! I love that you left a mostly dead Christmas tree up for him! Ty returned from his mission in Canada on January 4th, and not only did we leave the tree up for him, but we also postponed opening all our we had Christmas together as soon as we got home...well, after he opened all his birthday gifts :)

I'm so sorry about your back pain...I'm hoping it improves very quickly! :(

Like Lauren said, We'd LOVE to meet you and Allan...and chow down on Mexican food! :D

Peter said...

are you sure that you don't have the energizer bunny in your pants! I'd be exausted and need some major recoup time if I tryed even 1/2 of what you did, Yvonne.
It was wonderful to see you this last week, you don't look a day over 30! No, seriously!!


Tori :) said...

I LOVE recaps!!! I love your blog!! I hope 2008 is extra super for you!
!!!!!! for good measure. ;)

Corrine said...

Sorry about your back!

I am amazed at how much you remember and how much detail you were able to share from the year past.

Thanks for sharing and I loved all the pictures! Congrats on a wonderful year! Lots of fun things! and life changes

PJ said...

I love reading your "life and travels"!

What a great 1st half:)

Alice Wills Gold said...

Thanks for reading my story...glad you enjoyed...I will be back to read more of your blog..i don't have time tonight...i am sure that you have many things i would like to read about...but i have to warn you (from your blog description up top) I hate to read about other people's travels....I am a jealous woman and I never get to to anywhere...anyway, i am sure that you blog about other things besides your travels...and i will read those other things...and who knows, you may convert me to traveling vicariously through other people.

Alice Wills Gold said...

PS I love Harry Potter and selfhelp books maybe we can be new blogging friends...i will be back

Alice Wills Gold said...

I don't know if you've noticed this, but the picture of your gator lover is backed by an amazing library as well as the a different library where Garrett had his blessing photo.

I just thought it would be fun to point out that a mother's love for reading is passed on to her progeny

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You had a busy 2007 and your 2008 is probably going to be just as busy. I love how well you journal. Your kids will always enjoy going back and reading all that you've documented on this blog.

Yvonne said...

justrandi: It was a crazy year. My back is doing better.

chel: Thanks it was fun. The back is better. I love newborn pictures, too.

holly: Thanks for the advice--I did what you said, and didn't stay on the pad. I hate putting cold on it.

ashley: We are so blessed that we get to visit family as often as we do--I'm not sure what I would do if I couldn't.

My back is better--thanks for the advice.

magirk: It was a fun year, and you're so right--it doesn't get better than that.

The back is doing better.

annie: I know the mind will go so I want things written down. I am truly blessed.

tonya: I am so glad that I have so many things recorded. It's very important to me.

lauren: Yeah, I've heard that about Brent. He gets told the same thing. I say--yes, let's get together.

nancyface: It was so fun to have him come home on that day. It's a birthday I'll NEVER forget. There was NO WAY IN THE WORLD Kyle was going to postpone opening his presents--and I knew Brent wouldn't mind.

Mexican food sounds like a plan.

carolynne: The first 6 months of last year was kind of crazy, but I think this year may top it!!! Great to see you, too. Ha, ha, ha.

tori: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

corrine The back is better. The pictures I take help me to remember. It's so fun to post them.

pj: Thanks--I love putting these things together. It's so fun for me.

alice wills gold: I'm so glad gina referred me to your blog. I apreciated your post so much and am glad you came by. We have been very blessed to be able to travel and I love to tell others about the places we've seen.

Didn't make the connection between the gator picture and the blessing picture--thanks for pointing that out.

gina: Thanks. I hope one day the kids will enjoy the memories.