Monday, January 28, 2008


My sister, Linda, is a waitress in California. Back in October she had an accident. While she was serving a table, someone had their purse on the floor and when she brought their food to the table, she tripped over the women's purse, tried to regain her balance, and slammed head first into the wall and then the floor and passed out. After a visit to the emergency room, this was the result.

My sister has a great sense of humor and has said she is going to go to the White House to have signed into law "Linda's Law", which will assure that every woman who carries a purse into a restaurant will be required to either hang it on her chair or check it!!! It will NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE LEFT ON THE FLOOR!!!

All kidding aside, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. It has been a long recovery for her. I am now very conscious of never leaving my purse on the floor.


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! That is so sad! I never leave mine on the floor for two reasons:

1. I am afraid someone will yoink it! (steal it)

2. I am afraid I will be stupid and walk out without my purse.

I never even thought about the waitress tripping. That is horrible!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Linda, I just want you to know, that I always put my purse on an empty chair or hang it on my knee.

Get well soon!

annie said...

I NEVER leave my purse on the floor for one simple reason. People walk on that floor, they walk into the bathroom and walk back to their tables. I don't want my purse to travel where those feet have gone!!! I'm a germ phobe. I admit it.
Your poor sister! That looks incredibly painful! I would definitely sign her "Linda Law."

aurora said...

Oh my goodness!! That is so horrible!

Send along our best wishes for a speedy recovery!

txmommy said...

oh my gosh! That's horribe!

Jimmy said...

That's just so wrong. No one should suffer like that due to someone else's stupidity. I hope she feels better soon!

Geez, that's awful

JustRandi said...

I agree with Annie, and never ever leave my purse on the floor. I'd rather have it on my lap the whole time.
SO sorry about your sis!

Tori :) said...

That's horrible!!! Please tell your sister I always have my purse UNDER the table or sitting on the booth beside me. And tell her I hope she gets to feeling 100%!

Thorny Tree Lady said...

I always loop it around my ankle and keep it under the table. Keeps people from tripping on it, and from stealing it.

You said you missed Glenn Beck's tribute to GBH. Here's a link to it: It's beautiful. Take a look.

PJ said...

OUCH! Your poor sis.

I don't put mine on the floor because that is where all the crumbs go, and I'm afraid of leaving it.

All purses up off the floor..gottcha!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh!!! Your poor sister :( I never have had/will have my purse on the floor where the waitress could trip over it! I always have it beside me on the bench, or sitting in between my feet, on them (it doesn't even touch the floor!). I'm so paranoid about my purse, and one reason I don't have it in the aisle is so that no one will trip over it!
Absurd person who was the floor on the purse culprit.

Amber said...

Here is to a speedy recovery. The poor woman!

Nancy Face said...

EEE-OUCH! That is so awful! :0

I always hang my purse on my's clean, out of the way, safe from being yoinked, and I don't forget it! :)

Nancy Face said...

What I want to know is...did the customer leave a great tip that day? ;)

Melissa said...

Oh - ouch!! I don't think I've ever put my purse on the floor... for the same reasons that lauren listed... I usually set it in my lap or on the table...

Yvonne said...

lauren: Those are great reasons for not leaving it on the floor.

gina: I'll pass your kind words on to Linda--she'll be glad you always kept your purse off the floor. Thanks.

annie: You are so right. I'll let her know you'd sign her "law". Thanks.

aurora: Thanks for your best wishes for her.

txmommy: Thanks.

jimmy: You're right--it isn't very bright to leave a purse on the floor.

justrandi: Thanks.

tori: Thanks--I'll tell her you're doing the right thing

thorny: I'm glad you're already obeying "Linda's law".

Thanks for the link--you are so right. It was beautiful.

pj: Thanks, pj.

whitney: Good for you never leaving it on the floor--I never thought of it causing someone to trip. Believe me--I NEVER LEAVE it on the floor anymore ; )

amber: Thanks.

nancyface: Those are great reasons for not leaving your purse on the floor.

Not sure if the woman even left a tip--I know my sister would have liked to have LEFT SOMETHING FOR HER.

melissa: Glad you always kept your purse off the floor.

Ashley said...

Ou-wee! all from a purse. I always keep mine on the seat next to me or between my feet. Hope that heals well and fast.

Magirk said...

Oooooh! Ouch!!!

I'm so sorry that happened to her!!

I always keep my purse on my lap or between my legs or right next to me - I'm afraid of it being stolen!

But I will take your message to heart and make sure I never leave my purse on the floor!!

(Hope she's recovering okay...) :(

mindyluwho said...

Ouch! Duly noted...will not leave purse on floor.

Tonya said...

Oh wow, I will never leave my purse on the floor again. That just looks so painful.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Poor thing...I don't hang my purse over a chair because that makes it very easy for those purse snatchers.

I always put my purse between my ankles; it's the best option I think...or I just leave it in the trunk,then I don't have to worry at all.